12 Top Rated Nursing Schools in Arkansas [Update 2024]


Nursing is one of the most honorable professions. Nursing requires being efficient with many skills, including patient care and more.

In Arkansas, nursing programs are well-designed to ensure the best education for future nurses. The nurses get to graduate from the state-approved nursing institutions with a well recognized degree in nursing.

If you want to study nursing in Arkansas, here is the list of the best nursing schools in Arkansas.

1. Harding University

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Harding University is one of the best nursing schools in Arkansas

First on the list is Harding University in Arkansas. It was established in 1975 and their graduate nurses are presently working in different countries worldwide.

A great advantage of applying for this institution’s program is that the students get the opportunity to join the Healthcare Missions program and acquire international experience.

2. University of Arkansas

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University of Arkansas

With consistent excellent results, University of Arkansas is second on the list. This institution offers a curriculum for nursing students that promotes research for nursing practices.

They have RN and BSN programs, so you can start with a Bachelor’s degree in science. You will surely receive many opportunities to practice professional nursing to improve health.

3. Phillips Community College

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Located in Bentonville, Phillips Community College, it is a community college for nursing students. You can join the RN program if you are not from a nursing background. The RN program of this institution is divided into three options for different clinical training programs.

You can join the LN program if you want to accelerate your graduation with vigorous courses. You can choose the program which suits you best.

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4. University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

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University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

If you are interested in the field of nursing with multiple skills, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, situated in Little Rock, is a great option. They provide a range of nursing programs with registered nursing degrees. Some interesting programs are Family Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nursing, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and more.

5. University of Central Arkansas

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Number five on the list is University of Central Arkansas located in Conway, Arkansas. It is best for the BSN program, which was founded in 1967 and is currently one of the best programs for nurses.

Presently, they offer other nursing programs also, such as MSN, NECS and so on. You can have the chance to study in the top Masters program through joining this institution.

6. Arkansas Northeastern College

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When it comes to pursuing nursing in the field of direct patient care, Arkansas Northeastern College is a notable choice for AR programs. You can complete the two-year AR program and join the nursing workforce as fast as you want. The programs are designed to ensure general education acute for nursing.

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7. Southern Arkansas University Main Campus

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The registered nursing school situated in Magnolia, Arkansas, Southern Arkansas University is an excellent choice for nursing students.

They are consistently known for their nursing students with high placement rates at various healthcare facilities. You can work in outpatient units, specialty hospitals and other facilities in the region.

8. Henderson State University 

Henderson State University is an institute with nursing programs that are well-designed to ensure high grades of up-to 95%. It is located in Arkadelphia. You can complete your associate degree and Bachelor’s degree in nursing from this institution.

9. North Arkansas College

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The associate degree in Applied Science in Nursing degree at North Arkansas College is one of the best designed programs for nursing. You can join the entry-level yet manage to perform well through their intensive coursework. They strongly discourage employment during the period of studying. Rather, they train the students professionally before any interning sessions.

10. Arkansas State University

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Situated in Mountain Home, Arkansas State University is the last yet one of the best nursing on the list. You can complete the 60-credit LPN program and enter with high on-demand certificates. You can enjoy the blend of on-campus and online learning facilities. You can have a credit transfer and get BSN degrees from other institutions in Arkansas.

11. University of Arkansas Community College, Batesville

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When a student completes an associate’s degree at the Institution of Arkansas Community College – Batesville, they should have no trouble transferring those credits to a bachelor’s degree program at a four-year university. College students may choose from more than 60 “2+2” associate degrees in areas including business economics, criminology, and strategic communications.

12. Arkansas State University, Beebe

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Arkansas State University – Beebe has more than three-hundred distinct majors and concentrations from which students may choose to earn certifications and associate degrees that will prepare them for professions in sectors as diverse as early childhood teaching and law enforcement.

Nursing is a highly demanded and lucrative profession. To pursue this career, you have to achieve efficiency practically and acquire proper knowledge as others’ lives depend on nurses. So, you can choose any institution from the list of the best nursing schools in Arkansas and pursue a nursing career with passion.

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