Top 17 Rainiest Cities in the US [Report 2024]


Are you one of those travelers who love sunny places where you can explore the area without any hindrance? Well, then you should look through this list of the rainiest cities in the US.

Then again, for those who love the coziness and overcast skies of rainy days, you should also look at this list.

check out these remarkable rainiest cities in the US for your next visit.

1. Hilo, HI

Hilo is one of the rainiest cities in the US

Did you expect a city in Hawaii to be at the very top of the list of the rainiest cities in the US? Well, many people know Hawaii for its sunshine and warmth. But this tropical area is extremely wet as well.

In Hilo, rain comes down even when it is a sunny day outside. On average, it rains for more than 200 days in Hilo yearly. Despite Hilo being the wettest city in the US, it is also a big Island city where there are plenty of things to do.

You can visit Wailuku River State Parks where you can see the mesmerizing Rainbow Falls. It is truly the best rainy city in the whole of America.

2. Sitka, AK


There are many cities in the state of Alaska where the rainfall is more than any other state. Due to its geographical position, Alaska has experienced the most rain. Among all the cities, Sitka sits at the very top with over 173 rainy days yearly. Until the 1860s, the city belonged to Russia.

So, the area is rich in history and diversity. Different recreational activities and cultural exploration are the prime features of the city.

The city boasts over 20 different mentions on the National Register of Historic Places. Besides its rich history, fishing and whale watching are the best pastimes in this small town.

3. Sequim, WA

When it comes to the rainiest cities in Washington, Sequim makes it to the top. This city is known as a hidden gem. For nature lovers, this city is located near both the Olympic Mountains and the Miller Peninsula State Park.

On average, 143 rainy days per year. So you can imagine how the greenery of the natural areas is glossed by the rain droplets. Through this city, you can also access the Pacific Ocean from Sequim Bay.

So Sequim calls out all outdoor adventure lovers to visit the forests and natural areas of the city and enjoy activities like kayaking, hiking and biking.

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4. West Palm Beach, FL

West Palm Beach

Florida is decorated with shiny beach cities and has wealthier, older neighborhoods. West Palm Beach is that gorgeous city in Florida where it rains the most. It rains more than 131 days per year. As it is situated in South Florida, on days when it does not rain, you can enjoy sunbath.

The city also experiences tropical storms. Because of the soft sand, exotic restaurants and cultural offerings, West Palm Beach has become the perfect place for wealthy Northerners to relocate and retire.

5. Dunkirk, NY

Sitting on the shores of Lake Erie, Dunkirk is a magnificent city. It rains heavily in this picturesque city for about 130 days yearly. Right outside the town, there are beautiful vineyards and massive golf courses to enjoy the soothing atmosphere of the city.

There is also an iconic lighthouse as the main attraction of the city. If you want to enjoy exquisite wine tasting while rain pitter-patters outside, this city is the perfect place to visit.

6. Summersville, WV

There is a tie on the list with the same number of rainy days per year. With 130 rainy days, Summersville is a city with a great history of the Civil War.

Ironically, even if the name Summersville suggests a place filled with sunshine on summer days, this city experiences heavy rainfall, making it one of the wettest cities. You can visit Summersville Lake, which is the largest lake in West Virginia.

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7. Seaside, FL

Seaside is one of the wettest coastal cities in the northwest. Located in Oregano, this city is a beach city with a foggy and cold atmosphere.

Even if you visit the beach of this city to get a nice tan, you will experience days with overcast skies. Dating back a century, the town’s promenade is the perfect place to take a walk. If you are lucky, you might get a chance to catch sight of the graceful gray whales on migration.

8. Conneaut, OH

For the outdoor visitors who want to enjoy bright days, Conneaut is not really a good choice for a vacation. With 123 days of rain per year, the city is mostly cast with gloomy clouds.

So, even if you visit this city, you have to make sure you have fixed transport as sudden rain will drench your plans. Want to know what is the main attraction of the city? The gorgeous Lake Erie, which is the saving grace of Conneaut.

9. Buffalo, WY

One of the charming cities in Wyoming is Buffalo. It is also one of the rainiest cities in the US. It is located between Wyoming’s plains and the Bighorn Mountains. You can see a mix of the Old West and a quaint mountain town in this beautiful city.

Many historical figures like “Buffalo Bill” Cody, Teddy Roosevelt, and others have lived and loved visiting Buffalo. Even if it rains about 123 days yearly, there are plenty of outdoor activities surrounding the town area. Some visit parks and diverse eateries.

10. Erie, PA

It is not a surprise that Erie is located on the shores of Lake Erie. Except the 122 rainy days, you can enjoy visiting the natural parks and beaches of the city. Popular go-to places are Presque Isle State Park and Waldameer Park & Water World.

Interestingly, Erie is one of the largest cities in Pennsylvania. There are plenty of places to visit in this large city, such as the Erie Art Museum and enjoying an escape room outing.

11. Idaho Springs, CO

Idaho Springs is known for being the most popular former mining town in Colorado. It rains more than 117 days per year in this small city. Even if it rains too much, you can take one of those mining tours.

Additionally, visiting the natural hot springs and hiking through innumerable hiking trails are great outdoor activities. St. Mary’s Glacier is one of the best places to visit. If you plan to visit during winter, you can relax in the hot springs to your heart’s content.

12. Driggs, ID

Driggs is a beautiful city in Idaho. With 116 rainy days, this city’s natural beauty is enhanced. You can enjoy the incredible Teton County. Another favorite place for visitors is the Grand Teton National Park.

In the Teton River, you can enjoy fishing and swimming to relieve your mind from stress. You can also visit the city during winters. Because of the rainy nature of the city, beautiful ski slopes are formed by the winter snows.

13. Ronan, MT

A rural town in Montana is Ronan. There are not more than 2000 inhabitants living in this small city. It is located on the Flathead Indian Reservation. For those who carve the slow-lifestyle of small and pretty cities, Ronan is the perfect city.

You might not find fast – paced entertainment there, but certainly you will be enchanted by the natural beauty. As it is near Flathead Lake and located within the Mission Mountains, the area is surrounded by greenery and thick forests.

On rainy days, enjoying the sound of raindrops from cabins is the perfect getaway dream.

14. Munising, MI

Another rural rainiest city on the list is Munising. Located in Michigan, this beautiful city is famous for being home to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. The huge stone formations are preserved in the area. You will be mesmerized by the jaw – dropping natural formations.

Even if it rains about 112 days of the year, visitors happily hop on boat tours to see the Pictured Rocks. If you are looking to explore, you can visit the shipwrecks around the lake.

15. Lead, SD

Located near South Dakota’s Northern Black Hills, Lead is the last rainiest city on the list. The city has the greenest part of the state with 107 rainy days yearly. You can guess that the rain water nourishes the area, and you will be in love with the natural beauty of the city.

You might not need a list of modern attractions of the city, because the majestic natural beauty is enough to attract plenty of visitors year-round.

16. Ronan, MT

Ronan is a sleepy rural hamlet with a population of fewer than 2,000 people. It can be found on the Flathead Indian Reservation. The natural beauty that it possesses more than makes up for the lack of fast-paced entertainment that it offers.

17. Frostburg, MD

The community may be found in the Georges Creek Valley and is an important stop along the route of the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. The winters can be quite chilly. When coupled with significant precipitation, this results in snow. A great deal of it.

You might be impressed with these magnificent rainiest cities in the US. Even though these cities get the most precipitation than other cities in the US, there are extensive areas to explore and enjoy several activities. So, choose any of these rainiest cities to plan a vacation where you can sing “Sing in the Rain,” and experience the euphoria of the blessed rains.

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