Top 10 Safest Cities in Arkansas [Update 2022]

Arkansas, like many other states in the Southern part of the country, has a terrorism problem. A study by SafeWise finds that Arkansas has the nation’s fourth-highest violent crime rate per 1,000 people.

All yet, that does not mean that Arkansas lacks safe neighborhoods. That is why I will be discussing the top safest cities in Arkansas for people’s better lives.

1. Cave Springs

Cave Springs is a convenient starting place for trips to other cities. The population of 5,580 people makes it the safest city in Arkansas. There were just a few crimes in the region that were recorded. Only three severe crimes were committed in a year, compared to 20 real estate offenses.

In total, the region had a rate of violent crime of 412 crimes per 1,00,000 people. It is the safest and most secure of any community hub in Arkansas. 

2. Greenbrier

According to SafeWise ranking for 2021, Greenbrier, Arkansas, will be the second safest city in Arkansas to live in. This little Arkansas town, located in the north of Little Rock, has a powerful community spirit. That is why this little town, home to 5,660 people, really creates a good life.

Greenbrier has consistently been in the top five because of its many shining characteristics, such as zero criminal activity, high concentration of intelligent adults, and increased overall health and security regulations.

3. Austin

Austin, a very small city in Arkansas, has a population of fewer than 5,500 people. Austin is the 140th most populous town in the state of Arkansas and is split between two neighborhoods.

According to the FBI, the chances of being a victim of a crime in Austin vary from one in every 32 in the east side neighborhoods to 1 in every 67 in the southern communities.

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4. Greenwood

Greenwood is one of the safest cities in Arkansas

Authentic Arkansas charm and small-town appeal combine to make Greenwood a wonderful destination for visitors seeking a reliable experience.

You are free to leave your toddlers alone in this location without fearing. Consequently, it is one of the factors contributing to the city’s continued ranking as the fourth safest city in Arkansas.¬†

In Greenwood, there is a thriving housing bubble, a growing business community, and a reasonable cost of living. Every aspect of this little town emanates a profound sense of togetherness.

Because this region is stable, there is no crime in this neighborhood. There are, on the other hand, numerous shooters in the area.

5. Bella Vista

Bella Vista

Bella Vista, one of the safest cities in Arkansas, is a long way ahead of the next closest competitor in this category. The resort’s many facilities, including golf courses, pools, and sports fields, are appreciated by residents and tourists.

A direct consequence of this is that the city’s violent crime rate, 8.54 per 1,000 inhabitants, is 32 percent poorer than the rate in the next worst place.

6. Vilonia

With a safety rating of 76%, Vilonia is among the safest cities globally, with just 24 percent of cities being safer. Compared to other American cities, Vilonia seems to have a lower murder rate of 70%.

In Vilonia’s northern part, the victimization rate is 1 in every 47 people, while the victimization rate in the city’s southern part is one in every 61 people.

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7. Gentry

Comparatively speaking, Gentry has a reduced crime rate than the rest of Arkansas. It ranks lower than the national standard in terms of safety.

The murder rate in Gentry is lower than the rate in the neighboring communities. When it comes to crime, it’s much more hazardous than other comparably-sized cities in the region. Every 1 day and 5 hours, Gentry witnessed a crime in progress.

8. Pottsville

Residents that commute to the town may find that Pottsville is the ideal location to call home. Pottsville’s yearly rate of crime is 39.33 per 1,000 inhabitants.

Pottsville residents believe that the northern end of town is safer. There are 1 in 23 people at risk of being a crime victim in Pottsville’s south sections and 1 in 46 people inside the city’s northern side.

9. White Hall

According to SafeWise, White Hall, located in Jefferson County, has one of the biggest average family earnings in the state and is rated ninth in terms of the safest city in Arkansas.

This town takes pride in being safe and friendly to all residents, especially families. You may buy stuff, dine, and play sports in their parks, which provide a secure and enjoyable setting for people of all ages to spend their time in.

10. Centerton

Centerton, a residential town in Benton County, has experienced a significant increase in its population in recent decades. It is currently ranked as the 10th safest city in Arkansas.

Flourishing businesses and a laid-back environment in Centerton, where the incidence of crime is 8.79 per 1,000 inhabitants, less than one-third of the state standard, attract visitors and locals to live in Northwestern Arkansas.

It is not like only safe cities can provide a better lifestyle. It is also not impossible that you won’t face any single crime in these above cities for good. So, think twice before making any decision for you and your family. 

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