Top 15 Safest Cities in Iowa [Update 2024]

safest cities in Iowa

When you think of moving to a new city, what are the aspects of that city that you consider? Median income, average price of houses, institutions and surely crime rates, right?

Well, security is one of the most important aspects people think about when moving to a new city. Regardless of high income rates and great institutions, if a city doesn’t have low crime rates, it will not be an attractive destination to move to for people.

So, if you are looking for safe cities in Iowa to move to, then check out our list of the safest cities in Iowa.

1. Sioux Center

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Sioux Center is one of the safest cities in Iowa

Sioux Center, a city in Iowa with a modest population of just over 7,500 people. This city is the safest city in Iowa in terms of violent and property crime rates. The city recorded violent crime rates of 0.4 over the last 2 years, while its property crime rate is 2.2 as of 2022. The city has an average annual income of $74,000.

2. Asbury

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Asbury has a population of just close to 6,000, and is a small suburban city with affluent communities. The median income in Asbury is the most on this list at $100,000, meaning it offers great income opportunities alongside top-notch security. The city recorded a violent crime rate of 0.7 this year, and its property crime rate is 3.4.

3. Decorah

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Keeping up with the trend of this list so far, Decorah is yet another small city in Iowa with good living standards. If you want to live in a city with tranquil surroundings that gives a small-town vibe, then Decorah is the city for you. It is also the third-safest city in Iowa boasting a violent crime rate of 0.3 and a property crime rate of 5.6.

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4. Eldridge

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Eldridge has always been one of the safest cities in Iowa, and despite a slight rise in its crime rates over the years, the city still ranks among the top five safest cities in the state. The violent crime rate in Eldridge is 0.4, whereas the property crime rate is 5.1. The median income in Eldridge is $71,000, displaying its affluent nature.

5. Orange City

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Orange City

Orange City is one of the least populated cities on this list, and is also one of the most peaceful ones as well. This small city of just over 6,000 residents has a growing median rate which is more than $72,000 right now. The violent crime rate in this city is quite low at 1.1, while the property crime rate isn’t too bad at 6.8.

6. Denison

One of the smallest cities in this list, Denison has a population of approximately 8,234 people and is considered to be a city. It is incredible to see a city with such a massive population that is still managing to keep its crime rates far lower than the average for the state. Both the rate of violent crime in Denison, which is 1.2, and the rate of property crime, which is 6.7, are relatively low when compared to the population of the city.

7. Waukee

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Waukee is one of the most well-known cities in Iowa boasting a sizeable population of 25,590. Moreover, the annual median income here is $94,580 and features a blend of affluent and low-income households. The violent crime rate in Waukee is 0.9, which is amazing for just a well-recognized city. However, the property crime rate has seen a sharp increase to 9.3 during the past year.

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8. Johnston

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Johnston is a city that’s quite similar to Waukee, being home to 23,252 residents who mostly live in affluent communities. The median income in Johnston is just over $96,000 and the city has very low violent crime rates, which have even been on a decreasing trajectory over the years. The violent crime rate of this city is 0.8 and the property crime rate is 9.9.

9. Urbandale

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Urbandale is home to around 45,000 people and is one of the biggest cities in this city. It’s astonishing to see a city with a such huge population be able to maintain its crime rates well below the state average. The violent crime rate in Urbandale is 1.0 and the property crime rate is 10.2, both quite low when you consider its population.

10. Carroll

With a little more than 9,800 people, the city of Carroll is considered to be a sizeable one in Iowa. One of the things that makes Carroll one of the most desirable places to live is the fact that the city has one of the highest median incomes on this list: $47,534. This city has a very low crime rate, with only 0.8 reported cases of violent crime per 100,000 residents and 11.7 reported cases of property crime per 100,000 residents.

11. Ankeny

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Ankeny is the largest city on this list, and is one of the most populated cities in Iowa. With such a huge population, it’s normal to expect the city to have high crime rates. However, the city has done really well at maintaining its crime rates low, and the median income high at $86,486. The violent crime rate in Ankeny is 1.7 and the property crime rate is 11.5.

12. Bettendorf

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Bettendorf, named after an inventor who had more than 100 patents, is a riverfront city with an industrial history. The city is home to 36,214 residents, who live here in peaceful and safe conditions. The city boasts low crime rates, with the violent crime rate being 1.0 and the property crime being 15.5.

13. North Liberty

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North Liberty is a moderate-sized city in Iowa with a population of just over 20,000. The median income in North Liberty is $83,949, one of the highest on this list, and is one of its most attractive features. Another attractive feature of this city is its low crime rates and safety, with the violent crime rate at 3.0 and property crime rates at 5.9.

14. Clive

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Clive used to be one of the safest cities in Iowa, ranking among its top five throughout the years, but has recently seen a rapid increase in its crime rates. The violent crime rate at 1.0, still good, used to be lower while property crime rates have increased significantly to 16.4. However, despite the rise in crime rates, Clive still ranks among Iowa’s safest cities.

15. Pleasant Hill

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Pleasant Hill is a suburban city located close to the state capital, Des Moines. The city consists of mainly affluent communities and has experienced massive privatization over the years. The population of this city is 10,158, and the violent crime rate is 0.7, which is quite low for such a big city. But, the property crime rate, which stands at 19.5 right now, needs to be improved.

The list above was compiled based on a mix of violent and property crime rates. The cities listed above have the lowest blend of violent and property crime rates in Iowa, boasting safe neighborhoods and affluent communities. Safety is one of the main preconditions people have while selecting a city to reside in, and the ones mentioned above are all great choices.

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