Top 12 American 3D Printer Brands [Update 2024]


There are several amazing 3D printers on the market. Still, it may not be easy to find the right one for your needs since there are so many models out there already.

Some 3D printers are better than others at certain jobs. A 3D printer’s suitability for a certain user’s skill level and the cost is the key to identifying the suitable one.

That is why I have come up with a list of some top American 3D printer brands that are leading the market right now.

1. Monoprice Voxel

Monoprice Voxel is one of the best American 3D Printer Brands

Monoprice Voxel 3D printer is the best American 3D printer brand if you want to begin 3D printing since it gives higher prints without spending a lot. Additionally, the front of the print bed can be pushed out, making it easy to remove prints.

Voxel’s enclosure is crucial if you wish to use 3D printing in your home or school environment. It’s hard to believe how well the prints reproduced features and caught natural, seamless lines when put to the test. You may encounter some small problems during the setup process.

Still, once it’s fully operational, the MP Voxel will use the ideal 3D printer for anyone who wishes to try their hand at 3D printing.

2. Formlabs Form 3

Formlabs Form 3

Formlabs has created the new Form 3 3D printer, better than its past versions and the second top American 3D printer brand. A little bigger print area is included in this updated iteration. Still, the most significant modification is Form 3’s improved optical engine.

As a result, enclosed packaging protects the laser and optics, making the printer more dependable since it prevents the laser from being blocked by dust. In its first launch, Form 3 costs $3,499, making it far from a budget choice. Formlabs offers reconditioned Form 2 for roughly $1,000 cheaper than new, so you save some cash and time.

3. Monoprice Delta Mini V2

The Monoprice Delta Mini V2 is a great way to begin 3D printing for very little more than $200. It’s a low-cost printer with many useful features and good print quality, making it the third top American 3d printer brand.

Even compared to other inexpensive 3D printers, like the da Vinci Nano, you’ll have to make certain concessions, like a smaller build volume. However, the Monoprice Delta Mini V2 supports many materials, including PLA, ABS, and more.

Also, the Monoprice Delta Mini V2 offers exceptional value, particularly for those just starting in 3D printing.

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4. Photon Mono X

Photon Mono X

The Form 3 is a great product, but it has a hefty price tag. However, the Photon Mono X provides even lower beginning prices than the now-sold-out Peopoly Phenom printer. In addition to that, the outcomes have been rather spectacular.

Ignoring printing errors, Photon Mono X produces high-quality SLA prints rapidly. There is a 331 cubic inch printing space, which will appeal to 3D printing enthusiasts. Since the Photon Mono X is just 18 inches high and even a little over 11 inches in width, it may easily be used in a small workshop or relative location. Using Photon Mono X, you can reduce the price of this procedure without sacrificing quality.

5. FlashForge Adventurer 4

The FlashForge Adventurer 4 3D printer is the next step up from entry-level 3D printers. It’s a printer that’s easy to use and doesn’t have too many quirks. The Adventurer 4 has interchangeable print nozzles that allow you to fine-tune your creations’ film thickness and heat.

Moreover, the Adventurer 4 can handle a broad range of materials in terms of printing. It’s print rates are typical for a 3D printer of this sort, but the accuracy of its prints is great. With a price of less than $1,000, you may acquire a very professional-looking printer without spending a fortune.

6. LulzBot Mini 2

With its new LulzBot Mini, the company hasn’t missed a beat when it comes to making an excellent 3D printer. Again here, if you’re able to shift from models intended for novices, you have a printer that is versatile enough to handle varied elements at a reasonable price.

In contrast, the LulzBot Mini 2 has a bigger print surface and an improved print head that can handle more materials than its predecessor. The Mini 2 prints quicker than the original, without sacrificing quality. Actually, LulzBot Mini 2 is in low supply; thus, acquiring one at a price close to its initial $1,500 cost could be difficult.

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7. XYZ da Vinci Nano

The new XYZprinting da Vinci Nano 3D printer can no longer claim to be the greatest value for money 3D printer offered. But if you can get your hands on the da Vinci Nano for around $200, it’s a steal.

Although the da Vinci is a bread maker in size, it has an impressively large construction surface of 4.7 inches on all four sides. A door may be opened to isolate the printing area and reduce printing noise; however, this does not halt the printing process.

Even though the da Vinci Nano isn’t the fastest 3D printer on the market, it could generate high-quality prints. The software that comes with the da Vinci Nano 3D printer is extremely simple to use, so we suggest it for classroom usage.

8. 3Doodler Create Plus

I suggest the 3Doodler Create Plus if you desire to experiment with 3D printing at home. Using a regular pen and paper, you can make 3D creations using this pen, making it one of the top American 3D printer brands.

In addition to being comfortable in hand, the 3Doodler Create Plus allows a wide range of materials. Additionally, 3Doodler offers a wide variety of stencils that may be used to create anything from toys and animals to design concepts. More nozzles are included in the kit that allow you to alter your creation’s thickness and complexity.

The 3Doodler Create Plus is a good fit for children because of its small size and easy controls. You’ll have to keep refilling the pen since the 3Doodler Create Plus utilizes shorter strands, but it’s an excellent tool for folks who want a fun method to create small items.

9. Toybox 3D Printer

The Toybox 3D Printer isn’t the only 3D printer on the market. For those just starting in the world of 3D printing, this gadget is a great entry point. This is a win-win situation for all parties! If you want to make little toys with the Toybox 3D Printer, your prints will be restricted to about 3 inches on every side.

Using this, you may download various free toy designs that you can utilize as a starting point. Contributing to the flame of inspiration that this printer might ignite is the option to edit or even submit your unique designs.

10. Stratasys Fortus 450MC

In the world of industrial 3D printing, the brand Stratasys is extremely well, and the Fortus 450MC has been there for a time. The complete 406 x 355 x 406 mm printing space of this $100K+ printer can consistently manufacture carbon fiber, nylon, carbon fiber-infused nylon, and innovative resin-based materials at any time, even if it isn’t the newest 3D printer on the market.

By manufacturing strong components with precise tolerances for industrial usage, this printer is an excellent choice for prototyping you plan to utilize rather than merely display.

11. GE

The GE Additive team specializes in hardware, software and consulting services for 3D-printed metal parts. Utilizing direct metal laser melting and electron beam melting processes, the company’s additive machine hardware melt and layer metal powders to build custom part solutions. GE Additive products have created parts for use in orthopedic implants, aircrafts, automobiles and industrial manufacturing tools.

12. 3D Fortify

3D Fortify relies on a magnetic system that arranges reinforcement fibers with a digital light processor. By arranging the fibers in the object, 3D Fortify can create high-strength tools for engineers. So far, the company’s products include FLUX printers, materials, software and applications.

3D printers may be used in various settings, from schools to creative studios. However, there is a big variation between the printer you’d use to design variables and the one you’d need daily. I really hope this article will help you find the right one!

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