Top 12 Amusement Parks in Alabama [Update 2024]


A successful amusement park must be secured with memorable attractions that people want to ride or see over and over again. In this case, Alabama has so much to offer!

Check the list below to find out top amusement parks in Alabama which will amaze you in every way. 

1. Waterville USA, Gulf Shores

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Waterville USA, Gulf Shores

Waterville USA has been a fun spot for your complete family. It is generally known as Waterville. Located on a 20-acre land, the water park highlights include a wave pool, lazy river, 17 massive water slides, Wa-Wa World, Flowrider, and Shrimp Boat Village.

Since it opened, the park has added several amusement and water attractions for all to enjoy. The park attractions include:

  • Cannonball run roller coaster
  • Nacart go-carts
  • Fun depot kiddie rides
  • 36 holes of miniature golf
  • Trampoline thing
  • The Escape House.

It is an 81,000 square meters recreational and water park occupying almost 0.25 miles from the Mexican Gulf in Gulf Shores, Alabama, Alabama State Route 59. 

2. Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure, Bessemer

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Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure, Bessemer

Alabama/Splash Adventure is a famous amusement and water park that emphasizes exotic rides such as Rampage, Twister, Splash Island, and Yo-Yo for both adults and children.

Also, you can rent cabanas for the whole day and have a fabulous time with family and friends. You can have endless soft drinks, free sunscreen, and parking.

3. Point Mallard Park, Decatur

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Point Mallard Park, Decatur

Point Mallard Park lies in the Flint Creek shoreline. This park is administered by City of Decatur Parks and Recreation Board, and it is open all year round. The Park’s Blackburn Aquatic Center was designed after Gilmer Blackman, the Mayor of Decatur.

He saw embedded swimming pools in Germany and assumed that one could be a tourist fascination in the US. Then he worked with Austin Smith to develop the pool design. Located in Decatur, Alabama, it is close to the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge.

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4. Adventure Island, Orange Beach

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Adventure Island Orange Beach is the place that stars the best lifts and rides for the whole family. It is located at the core of Orange Beach over the street from Seaside Beach and Racquet. Some of the things add bumper boats ride go-karts, and play laser tag.

Moreover, you can also encounter boat rides, adventure golf, and kiddle rides. If you like miniature golf, you will relish this place!

5. OWA, Foley

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OWA, Foley

The park OWA is the Gulf Coast’s most extensive and unique amusement park, with 23 magnificent displays. The park has several rides to offer you the best fun of it. In contrast to other parks, it has all of the facilities in one property. OWA also stars a great choice of traditional Midway sports plus an interactive splash pad.

These wacky waters make this place very cool. Whether you want to view how loud you scream on the Rollin Thunder or stay protected on the Leap it Frog, you can experience everything. Proffering attractions suitable for all ages, you’ll always get a new way to treat yourself with every call.

6. Adventureland Theme Park, Dothan

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Adventureland Theme Park, Dothan

Open all day in a year, Adventureland is located in Dothan. It gives a mixture of affordable and entertaining activities for the whole family. One of the activities is the mini-fold which involves 18 holes. You can also enjoy the park’s bumper boats during summer.

If you love go-karts, then you’ll most likely appreciate climbing into the seat of Adventureland’s go-karts to chase your friends and family. In addition, it also has indoor tournaments such as an arcade that brings everybody despite their age.

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7. Magnolia Branch Wildlife Reserve, Atmore

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Magnolia Branch Wildlife Reserve, Atmore

The Magnolia Branch Wildlife Reserve is built on about 6,000 acres. The preserve offers families a fun and peaceful spot to spend time mutually playing outdoors and camping amidst enchanting surroundings with its lakes and natural forests.

Whether you want a calm walk in the woods, a tranquil night under the stars, or a little thrill via zip-lining, the reserve has everything for you. Last but not least, it’s very affordable.

8. Water World, Dothan

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Water World, Dothan

Water World Water Park is placed at Westgate Park, between the softball complex and Westgate Recreation Center. It highlights a giant wave pool, triple flume slide, great white slide, picnic area with grills, kiddie pool, and pavilion rental with restaurants for large groups. 

9. Hartselle Aquatic Center, Hartselle

Hartselle Aquatic Center, Hartselle

Hartselle Aquatic Center is located in Hartselle. It is a large and municipal-operated aquatic center starring slides, diving boards, lazy river features, spray toys, kiddie areas, and permissions.

This place is fantastic for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the more significant spread-out environment of Pointing Mallard. It is also maintained very well for families. 

10. Red Bay Water Park, Red Bay

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Red Bay Water Park, Red Bay

The Red Bay Fun Park is an excellent place for a family gathering, business trip, and other parties. The young and old ones can get together and enjoy the entire park. Pavilion for family dinners, skate park, playground, soccer fields, and the new Keeton Walking Trail are arranged here.

The water park stars two adult water slides and a giant swimming pool with shorter slides for young people. They have added an interactive splash pad. The park also has a field for the little ones, a covered gazebo for picnics and meetings, a skateboard park, and a quarter-mile-long walking trail. 

11. Spring Valley Beach, Blountsville

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Spring Valley Beach, Blountsville

Spring Valley Beach Waterpark is located in Blountsville, Alabama.Spring Valley Beach has nestled away on 25 acres making for a perfect adventure for the whole family. Spring Valley Beach has been acknowledged as an “Absolutely Alabama attraction” and a “Tennessee Valley Treasure.” Spring Valley Beach is a beautiful and family-owned water park.

It is the only waterpark in the Southeast to carry your picnic basket or grill. It also offers free suntan lotion and free parking. With over 20 pavilion areas, ten thrilling water slides, the Southeast’s largest pool, and a vast Kids water playground, Spring Valley Beach does present something for any occasion.

12. Cullman Wellness and Aquatics Center, Cullman

Cullman Wellness and Aquatics Center, Cullman

Opened in 2009, Cullman Wellness and Aquatics Center provide indoor and outdoor competition pools with low and high dives, water slides, children’s play feature, lazy river, hot tub, basketball, volleyball gymnasium, meeting and party rooms, and many more. 

Visiting amusing parks is excellent for bonding because you get to spend your whole time with people having so much fun. You also get to encourage people through fears of height, water, etc. which forms an unbreakable union. So, secure a deal with your close ones and make the best use of it in holidays.

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