Top 8 Amusement Parks in Alaska [Update 2024]


An amusement park in Alaska provides facilities and entertainment more than elsewhere in the nation simply due to various unique settings. They represent the history of the state and its distinct countryside, animals, and atmosphere.

Thousands of visitors travel to these fantastic parks for exciting rides, stunning performances, and connections to their families and friends. I have prepared a list of top amusement parks in Alaska from which you can select your must-visit place. 

1. H2Oasis Indoor Waterpark

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H2Oasis Indoor Waterpark is one of the top  Amusement Parks in Alaska

H2Oasis Indoor Waterpark is an indoor water park of 56,000 square feet situated in Anchorage. It’s a sultry island at the final border. H2Oasis is an entertainment venue for a group. Possibly in the wintertime in Anchorage, children may adore the tide at H2Oasis Indoor Waterpark.

The water park is an excellent destination for school excursions, sports teams, karate groups, business parties, family meetings, and much more. It provides a unique location for people who love having family fun in the Alaskan setting. Their water park has an open-air orange roller coaster, a green slide, a pool for pirates, a lazy river, water cannons, water coasters, and an Alaskan swirl.

They feature an open flume slide that whirls guests from 43 meters above. At H2Oasis, visitors may hang out in the park’s wave pool or relax on its 575-foot-long lazy river. 

2. Pioneer Park

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Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is a historic settlement with original buildings relocated from central Fairbanks, museums, and a street in the Gold Rush. Constructed on 44 acres, the park showcases Fairbanks’ history via various museums and outdoor recreational spaces. It is called by many attractions, including the Bear Art Gallery, the ancient sternwheel, a carousel, mini-golf course, a remarkable narrow-gage operable train by the Tanana Valley Railroad Museum, artifacts from the Gold Rush period, and much more.

The Pioneer Park offers free daily Gazebo Nights from when musicians and singers perform freely for the public at 7 pm during summertime. You would not want to avoid the Alaska salmon bake and banquet that goes from May to September. The park is open year-round, so there are many things to enjoy at Pioneer Park, and you can easily spend a perfect day here.

3. Roadrunner Amusement Park

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Roadrunner Amusement Park

The Amusement Pack Roadrunner is situated between the Able Body Shop Southside and Total Truck Accessories Center, South Anchorage. It is a pleasant location to enjoy the day with family and friends and give children of all ages an enjoyable atmosphere. 

Roadrunner Amusement Park is ideal for your vacation days to enjoy thrilling tours and sights. The park is decked with 32 go-carts, Bumper boats, a miniature 9-hole golf course, and recreation for the whole family. Here you may repose and enjoy your family and friends with their adventuresome desire.

You might also like to visit these national parks in Alaska.

4. Mukluk Land

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Mukluk Land

If you visit Alaska and want to experience an actual amusement park, visit Mukluk Land. George and Beth Jacobs founded Mukluk Land in 1985, and till now, it holds George’s many quirky possessions.

Mukluk Land is a junkyard built as an amusement park including a mishmash of fireworks and snowmobiles, a Santa-Claus rocket boat, a whack-a-mole ship, cotton sweets, a gigantic mosquito, a trampoline snowman, a gold pantry, an outhouse collection, and skeeball paths. It features all sorts of Alaska decoration, a log cabin, a bunching house outdoors, tetherball, mini-golf, and classical park foods, such as cotton candy and the world’s biggest mukluk. So you can guess that it is hard to miss this place!

5. Get Air Trampoline Park

Get Air is one of the world’s biggest trampoline parks combining fun and fitness in its vast indoor trampoline park. There are thousands of square feet of side-by-side trampolines on the central court. There are indeed basketball courts, ball dodge, ninja courses, slack nets, battle beams, and trampolines. Get Air also comprises a foam pit, which lets you settle safely. Children may exercise the slackline over a coiled area. This is excellent for birthday celebrations for children or team movements.

6. Rainforest Ropes & Zipline

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Rainforest Ropes & Zipline

Be prepared to spend your time at the port in the rainforest of Alaska when your sail ship arrives in Ketchikan. It’s an informal lakefront tour with a difference that’s going to make your spirit work. You’ll go through a huge jungle gym on eight separate canopy ropes and seven distinct ziplines near the skyline on a thrilling cover excursion.

Upon arriving at the Outdoor Adventure Center, you will be equipped with modern safety equipment by your experienced guides. Then you will get a thorough safety briefing and guidance on the route and how the canopy is securely managed.

7. Aurora Ice Museum

The Aurora Ice Museum, located in Chena Hot Springs Resort, is the world’s largest ice environment that is open year-round. Conceived by Steve Brice, a champion carver, the museum features rooms made entirely out of ice.

8. Kawanti Adventures

In Juneau, Kawanti Adventures provides a treetop adventure that comprises five different zip lines, the longest of which is 600 feet in length. Your guides will provide you with a number of opportunities to shoot photographs among the treetops, and they will take the time to respond to any questions you may have regarding the local flora and wildlife.

There are many breathtaking and heart-racing amusement parks across the United States, but Alaska is home to the finest of the bunch. I’m hoping that one day you’ll be ready to pack your stuff once again and go on your new vacation for thrill-seeking rides.

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