5 Best Paintball Fields in the US [Update 2021]

Are you still wondering what a paintball field is or what exactly is a paintball? Paintball is one of the quickest developing exercises worldwide and all things considered, it is a great high-paced activity experience that furnishes players with an inclination that they are important for a group and appreciating a computer game, in actuality. The award of playing paintball is the excitement of the pursuit, and afterward there is the triumph of an extraordinary shot, and without a doubt nothing analyzes to the adrenaline surge.

Have you ever considered the best part of paintball fields? Well, wearing paintball clothing, preparing your paintball firearm and etc., in addition to there is the group contingent upon your abilities and procedures. In the United States, there are a portion of the world’s best paintball fields, highlighting fantastic concealing spots just as appropriate obstructions expected to change a standard game into something outrageous.Here goes a list of the best paintball fields in the US:

1. The Paintball Park

The Paintball Park

This is one of the best paintball fields in the US to offer the most bold paintball experience accessible on earth. The genuine army installation field is quite possibly the most famous for groups who plan and strategize their assaults down to the last detail. Members will evade and weave around armed force tanks, fuel fortifications and copers while killing their rivals. It is the ideal field to break out your camo clothing as this is one field where your aptitudes are put to an extreme test.

2. Paintball Explosion

Paintball Explosion

Six primary courses are important for the paintball experience at Paintball Explosion in Illinois. These can be utilized for airsoft, laser tag and paintball. The zones are themed such that each copy the plan and setting of a notable computer game. On the off chance that you’re a Call of Duty fan, at that point the Nuketown Field will undoubtedly get your creative mind moving, it is displayed by the Call of Duty map, and the course incorporates school transports and life sized models, which invites everybody into the zone of the most famous first-shooter computer game.

3. Skirmish


Albrightsville is the place where the best paintball field in Pennsylvania is based. Members will play to their deepest longing on 700 sections of land where more than 50 zones offer unlimited chances. Its playing paintball in the forested areas and this paintball field include posts, tanks and helicopters wonderful to appreciate incredible play with similarly invested colleagues.

Encounter likewise offer two manors and players can partake in a few yearly occasions, the most well known draws in 4,000 members and is known as The Invasion of Normandy. This occasion happens in the late spring, and it is one of the features for groups anxious to test their abilities and meet different groups. This is one of the best paintball fields you can find in the US.

4. Hollywood Sports

Hollywood Sports

This spot plainly has it all. Known as ‘the best park on earth’ at 28 sections of land with 7 situation fields and two story structures. Hollywood games has a full MOUT instructional class and genuine film sets from Godzilla, The Haunting, Starship Troopers and Saving private Ryan to give some examples. It’s quite possibly the most themed paintball parks on the planet and for a once in a day to day existence time experience it merits a visit. Thus, it is considered as one of the best paintball fields in the US.

5. CPX Chicago

CPX Chicago

The office ranges more than 143 sections of land and has the absolute most head paintball occasions on the planet, for example, Living Legends which brings more than 2,000 players from around the globe. With more than 20 fields where you should locate the brilliant symbol and The Town of Bedlam perhaps the most thrilling fields made. Once you are in the best paintball field in the US, you are in for a remarkable day of paintball.

These are some of the best paintball fields in the US to think about for recreational activities.

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