13 Best Places to Surf in the US [Update 2024]

Best Places to Surf in the US

“Mountain or Beach lover?” polls are common. You probably like beaches for the water, waves, and peaceful sound. Surfing is a great way to experiment with the natural wave. Vacationers love it.

America’s beaches and surfing are world-class. If you’re seeking for the best spots to surf in the US, grab your passport and visa and zip up your costume—we’ve got some surprising yet congruous places for your unconventional holidays.

These are the Best Places to Surf in the US.

List of Best Places to Surf in the US

1. Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz is a perfect and legendary surfing spot in California. Known mainly as a “Surf City,” the location was established on September 25, 1791. Even if you are a beginner, this place will not chill you as the chilly water will already give you an electrifying shock in midday. With its dangerous shark waves, you will almost touch the sky…just kidding! Pleasure Point and Steamer Lane are both unique surf spots to visit. Make sure you come with solid preparations, and Santa Cruz will become your charming surfing spot. 

2. Haleiwa, Hawaii

Historically known as a hefty surfing spot, this surf town brings the surfers together from the world to enjoy the lucid, smacking blue water and sand. Haleiwa can be enjoyed mostly in winter for surfing, it gives you an accurate atmosphere to hone your surfing skills with outstanding sunset views. The king of the surfing spots is decorated with surfing shops across the place for all kinds of needs. 

3. Encinitas, California 

The place Encinitas personates the “surfy” spirit and is a sum of balanced waves and local friendly surfing activities on the ocean. The town is completely covered with surf paraphernalia and longboard-themed restaurants. Established on March 27, 1850, the mid to powerful pro waves will wake up your hidden surfing spirit of the town. There’s Seaside, Cardiff Reef, Swamis, and D Street, sometimes highly crowded, which are compatible and solid surfing spots, and you can do a lot of fun. 

4. Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu is best known for its crescent beaches, iconic waves, and crystalline water. Though the place is crowded with flocks of tourists, it is entirely roofed with endless epic waves and can also be suitable for beginners so you can have your own surfing time without any fear. Waikiki beach in Hawaii is very famous globally and can be enjoyed with mellow waves and warm temperatures. It was found in March 1959 and is still in good shape.  

5. Palm Beach, Florida

Palm Beach is a kind surfing spot that will take you on a surfing adventure, and the closest parking to Reef Road is a 2-mile away. The locals are very conscious of the site and take pride in surfing. Founded on April 30, 1909, it is a marvelous swell for surf enthusiasts. You can enjoy crystal clear water with warm and high waves. You are really going to love this place as it gets interesting amidst storms or hurricanes.

6. Rhode Island, New England 

New England for surfing? Typically, it is a no. But Rhode Island is a readily friendly and excellent place to visit for pleasant waves. The Rhode Island coastline with messy beaches and reef breaks gives leniency with safe conditions. It can be arresting with hurricanes when barreling waves will catch you startling. Some nice spots here are DickiesLighthouseNarragansett

7. Cocoa Beach, Florida

Perfectly perfect for beginners, Cocoa Beach is the home of famous surfer, Kelly Staler which explains why this place is something you do not refuse to. The peaceful waves of the beach are more than welcoming to beginners and longboarders with a few different spots. The famous Ron Jon shop is situated in Cocoa beach, a must-visit for surf lovers, and you will absolutely find no scarcity of places to surf in. 

8. La Jolla, California 

If you are an expert surfer and looking for energizing waves, this place is THE ONE for you. The area goes through heavy periodical changes. The different types of reefs and beaches in La Jolla provide a massive range of demands in relatively close areas to each other. It gets very challenging in winter as it has a lot exciting to offer to the crowd. Newbies can also come to La Jolla Shores. 

9. Huntington Beach, California 

Established on February 17, 1909, the beautiful Huntington Beach attracts 11 million visitors annually. It describes the very definition of surf city with the excellent tide and swells directions. It is a square spot if you are looking for classy beach vibes with surfing. It is famous for being Surf City USA and having the most consistent wave zone across Southern California, sometimes with occasional barrel otherwise safe waves annually. You can also have other outdoor activities here.

10. Cape Hatteras, NORTH Carolina 

Cape Hatteras experience some astonishing travel-capable hollow waves that can be seen to explode and run forever. Some storms and breaks bring great waves to this place. The water is warmer and transparent and can be visited in Summer or early Winter. It is the host to Hatteras lighthouse, which is functional till now. 

11. Malibu, California 

Malibu is brilliantly known for its mesmerizing beaches and one of the most recognizable surf locations in the world. With its over-popularization, it is not as calm as it used to be, but you can readily know the reason behind the crowd under the right conditions. Founded on March 28, 1991, Malibu is densely connected with Hollywood. But the waves can go double overheads in minimal spots. 

12. The North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii has multiple spots for surfing, but The North Shore is one of the famous surf spots here. It is notoriously known for its bigger and epic waves. The stretch of coastline is familiar to several notable surf breaks such as Pipeline (the most well-known spot in the region), Rocky Point, Waimea Bay, and Sunset Beach. Winter makes it quite dangerous, with consistent waves often surpassing 30-50 feet. So before getting in there, stay alert!

13. Rincon Point, Santa Barbara

Rincon Point, “The queen of Coast,” is a famed south California surf spot. The weather around here is temperate; the waves are accordant and decent, offering slower rides. But in winter, there are hollow waves, much suitable for you if you are looking for a world-class spot. 

We have only presented some of the entire information to get you covered, but the US actually has a lot more than this to offer. Even if this is your year-round or once-in-a-lifetime surfing plan, missing it will make you miss colossal fun and a lot of healthy activities, some fun towns, and enjoyable waves. To not miss the blissful experience on the earth, grab your board and start planning away to hit the big tank waves at the ocean. 

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