Top 15 Largest Football Stadiums in the US [Update 2024]


If you are a huge fan of any sport like football, your best dream is probably to watch a match of your favorite players in the biggest and coolest stadiums, taking place in its ground.

Sitting in a massive football stadium with popcorns and enjoying it with your friends may appear in your imagination, but there are so many football stadiums in the world, waiting for the audiences like you to watch and explore in US, Afterall US is the dominating country in the list!

Thus, I bring you the largest football stadiums in the US which will arrest your attention to learn about the fascinating places with some amazing facts.

1. Michigan Stadium

Michigan Stadium is one of the largest football stadiums in the US

Michigan Stadium is the largest football stadium in the US which is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, claimed and worked by the University of Michigan. This humongous arena has a limit of 107,601, making it the second biggest stadium on the planet.

The arena was worked somewhere in the range of 1926 and 1927 for $ 950,000 (expansion adapted to $ 13.1 million) and was formally initiated on October 1, 1927. It was subsequently redesigned in 2010 at the expense of $ 226 million.

The record participation was set at Michigan Stadium on September 3, 2013, with 115,109 participants. The arena has facilitated numerous significant occasions, including a few NFL games.

2. Beaver Stadium

Beaver Stadium

The Beaver Stadium becomes an outdoor soccer arena located on University Park of the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. The arena has the second-greatest stadium in North America and the third-greatest in the world, with a seating capacity of 106,572.

However, the record attendance is 110,753 groups in 2002 when the Pennsylvania State sports. The arena is named after previous Pennsylvania Governor James A. Beaver, Chair of Pennsylvania State University.

The development of Beaver Stadium started in 1959 and was finished in 1960 at $ 1.6 million ($ 13 million with expansion changed).

3. Ohio Stadium

Ohio Stadium

It is a football stadium located on the campus of the University of Ohio in Columbus, Ohio. The arena is possessed by The Ohio State University and oversaw by the college’s Athletics Department. Ohio Stadium is the 3rd-largest in North America and the USA, including a containing capacity of 104,944 fans.

On November 26, 2016, the arena was gone to 110,045, which set a precedent. The plan of the Ohio Stadium was propelled by the Pantheon in Rome and given it the moniker “The Horseshoe”.

Development of the arena started on August 3, 1921, and finished on October 7, 1922, at the expense of $ 1.34 million ($ 19.2 million with expansion changed).

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4. Kyle Field

Kyle Field

Kyle Field, Texas is located on the campus of A&M University College. The football stadium is the fourth largest in both the United States and North America, with a seating capacity of 102,733, and Kyle Field is the fifth largest non-racing stadium in the world.

Kyle Field was built between May 1927 and September 1927, with the stadium opening on September 24, 1927. However, it undertook expansion works to reach its current capacity, with the last being completed in 2015 at the cost of $ 484 million.

5. Tiger Stadium

Tiger Stadium

Tiger Stadium reaches the fifth largest school soccer stadium in the USA, including 102,321,1924 fans. The arena was underlying 2015 and has an uproarious sound, which makes it remarkable and lovely. It is situated in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Tiger Stadium is known as the “Demise Valley” because the arena can be extremely loud once the match begins, making rival groups awkward and surprisingly more irritating for rival groups.

6. Neyland Stadium

Neyland Stadium

It is a lovely American arena with a limit of 102,455 seats. It was constructed/set up in the year 1921. The arena is situated in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. Neyland Stadium.

This arena is positioned fourth in the rundown of the biggest football arenas in the USA. The arena recorded record participation of 109,061 on 18 September 2004.

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7. Bryant Denny Stadium

Bryant Denny Stadium

This arena was fabricated and opened in 1929 and is situated in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The arena is home to the Alabama Crimson Tide soccer group and has special high dividers and seats.

The arena has enrolled record participation of 101,821. The arena is called later the previous leader of the University of Alabama who contributed George H. strict between 1912 and 1932.

8. Darrell K Royal. Texas Memorial Stadium

Darrell K Royal. Texas Memorial Stadium

In the past known as War Memorial Stadium, Texas Memorial Stadium is the eighth biggest school football arena in the USA.

It is probably the biggest game office of its sort in the southwest with a limit of 100,119. It was constructed and opened in 1924 and is situated at the University of Texas at Austin.

9. Stanford Stadium

Stanford Stadium

Stanford Stadium is a football stadium that hosts competitions located at Stanford University; the United States can accommodate 50.424 spectators. The cornerstone of the stadium was laid on June 1, 1921.

It opened the stadium on October 1, 1921. It was renovated in 1985. In this stadium was demolished. The cost to construct the stadium was $ 90 million (2006), $ 200,000 (1921).

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10. Rose Bowl Stadium

Rose Bowl Stadium

Rose Bowl Stadium is a multi-use sports stadium in Pasadena, California. The stadium was established in 1922 and had a capacity of about 40,000. After expanding in the 1990s, the number of spectators reached 92,542,000.

This stadium is of historical importance and was included in the National Register of Historic Places in the United States and is 251 meters above sea level (825 feet).

11. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

This popular stadium is situated on the banks of Gainesville, Florida, and be the life of playground in the University of Florida Soccer. It was implicit 1930 with a limit of 88,548 seats.

Known as the “Bog,” the arena is the eleventh biggest school football arena in the USA and has been extended, restored, and improved a few times throughout the long term.

12. Jordan-Hare Stadium

Jordan - Hare Stadium

This football arena holds 87,451 seats and is situated on the grounds in Auburn, Alabama in the USA.

The arena is the principal setting for the Auburn Tigers University football crew Jordan Hare facilitated its first match on November 10, 1939, between the Auburn soccer group and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

13. Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

It is a football stadium around the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma. It’s soon as the home of the Oklahoma football team.

Remade before the beginning of the 2019 season, the arena has an authority seating limit of 80,126, making it the 23rd biggest arena on the planet, the fifteenth biggest college in the USA, and the second biggest in the United States.

14. Memorial Stadium

Memorial Stadium

Memorial Stadium, prominently known as the “Red Sea”, was implicit in 1923, with a limit of 85,458 seats. In Nebraska, the American Football arena is arranged on the playgrounds of the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.

The arena fills in as a chief scene for the Nebraska Cornhuskers football crew and an assortment of other college and state exercises.

15. Frank Howard Field at Clemson Memorial Stadium

Frank Howard Field at Clemson Memorial Stadium

Frank Howard Field has a limit of 81,500 seats and is situated in Clemson, S. It is prevalently known as “Death Valley” and was implicit 1941-1942. The arena is as of now the biggest arena in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

This school football arena has seen developments throughout the long term and is the home of the Clemson Tiger, an NCAA Division I FBS football crew situated in Clemson, South Carolina.

The need for better and larger stadiums for football has resulted in some iconic infrastructural results, most of which have become the best stadiums in the world. The stadiums above are some which you should visit once in a lifetime if you are a dying fan of Football.

The USA becomes home to some of the greatest stadiums in the world, with the five largest stadiums holding 100,000 people and the love for stadium is always dazzling to someone who is attracted towards the sport.

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