12 Cheap Car Insurance in Alabama with Quotes [Update 2024]

Cheap Car Insurance

If you live in Alabama and possess a car, auto insurance is a must. Obtaining vehicle insurance rates in Alabama can be challenging, especially if you are unfamiliar with the state’s regulations. We’ll walk you through the state’s minimal requirements, average rates, and recommended providers so that you can find a cheap car insurance in Alabama within this post.

The lowest auto insurance in Alabama is determined by a variety of criteria, including your driving record and vehicle make, as well as your age, credit history, and gender. Although comparing quotes is a good place to start when looking for inexpensive insurance, you could discover that an insurer with a little higher average rate offers numerous discounts that you qualify for.

As a result, it’s a good idea to think about and compare policies with similar levels of coverage to discover who offers the best overall insurance for your requirements.

In this article, I will mainly talk about Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Alabama.

1. GEICO ($1,081)

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One of the most well-known insurance companies in the United States is GEICO. It is an appealing alternative because of its low auto insurance prices, user-friendly tools, and strong financial standing. While the firm may give savings, rates for high-risk drivers may be higher. If you have a traffic violation on your record, you should browse about and compare rates to get a more cheap auto insurance coverage.  It offers $1,081 annually which is the second cheap car insurance in Alabama state.

2. Nationwide ($1,138)

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Nationwide is one of the country’s major insurance companies, with over 90 years of expertise in the industry. While Nationwide is best known for vehicle insurance, it now provides a variety of other insurance options. Basic insurance, numerous upgrades, many unique features, and multiple discount choices are all part of the Nationwide auto insurance portfolio. Before making a purchase, the discriminating consumer should read about the benefits and drawbacks of Nationwide auto insurance and compare options.

3. USAA ($1,194)

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USAA is one of the Cheap Car Insurance in Alabama

The United Services Automobile Association (USAA) offers a wide range of services to its members, including insurance, banking, investments, retirement savings, home loans, and more. The main disadvantage is that USAA’s goods are only available to active military personnel and their families, as well as veterans and cadets. If you fall into one of the aforementioned categories, USAA may be the best option for you.

Many rating agencies consider USAA’s casualty insurance, which includes vehicle insurance, to be best-in-class. From 2010 through 2018, the Satmetrix Net Promoter Benchmark Study recognized USAA as a leader in the car insurance sector. For a full coverage premium car insurance policy, USAA provides the cheapest car insurance in Alabama. It is annually $1,194 only.

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4. Travelers ($1,259)

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Consumers may enjoy a wide range of benefits with Travelers auto insurance, but these perks come with certain downsides. The full coverage premium program starts from $1,259. While Travelers auto insurance is a fantastic alternative for clients looking for a financially strong carrier, it may not be the greatest option for those searching for reduced prices.

In the end, comparing vehicle insurance quotes is the best way to figure out which provider is best for you. However, customers may get full-coverage insurance plans from Travelers Car Insurance. These policies can be tailored to meet your unique requirements. If you want even more security, there are optional packages available.

5. Country Financial ($1,335)

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US Financial’s Auto Insurance is offered in 19 states around the country, including Alabama. The coverages and savings provided differ by area, but they are typically good, and the company’s customer satisfaction is exceptional. It’s excellent for people who reside in the coverage regions and appreciate convenience and customer service. Country Financial offers service and features that are equivalent to those offered by certain national insurers. It even goes beyond standard auto insurance coverages to provide less usual features such as savings plans and roadside help. It provides a full coverage premium of $1,335 annually.

6. Farmers ($1,385)

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Farmers Insurance has a large range of insurance products to choose from, as well as discounts and savings possibilities. Some of these advantages, though, come at a cost. The premium policy starts rather from a high rate of $1,385. Farmers’ prices are higher than those of other carriers, so those seeking a low-cost vehicle insurance alternative may be better off going with someone else.

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7. Auto-Owners ($1,394)

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Auto-Owners Insurance Company, based in Lansing, Michigan, has been providing insurance for over 100 years. Thousands of independent agents work with the firm, which is operating in 26 states. Auto-Owners Insurance, despite its name, offers a wide range of insurance products. According to JD Power, the company’s vehicle insurance products are routinely top-rated, and its home, life, and business insurance choices are consistently well-received.

Policyholders can anticipate a range of coverage options and a simple claims procedure thanks to Auto-Owners’ reputation as one of the best auto insurance companies in terms of customer satisfaction. The premium full coverage starts from $1394. Liability, collision, comprehensive, uninsured/underinsured motorist, medical costs, and personal injury protection are among the usual coverages offered by the firm (PIP).

8. State Farm ($1,435)

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State Farm car insurance might be an ideal provider if you’re searching for a firm with a wide choice of vehicle insurance alternatives, solid financial stability, and appealing discounts for safe drivers. The premium policy has a high starting rate of $1,235. However, the company’s customer service ratings are mediocre, so if you want a carrier with excellent customer service, you may need to check offers from other carriers.

State Farm offers a variety of online assistance tools and policy account management frameworks for reporting claims, paying bills, and calculating insurance rates in order to effectively fulfil client demands. In addition to working with an agent to handle your policy, you may use the State Farm app or go online to access all available options.

9. Progressive ($1,478)

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Progressive insures approximately 20 million drivers across the United States and provides a wide range of insurance services. While Progressive auto insurance may be a smart choice for tech-savvy and high-risk drivers, user evaluations are mixed. It starts from $1288. Progressive auto insurance might be a suitable option for you if you’re searching for a large, respected insurance company with cutting-edge features. Those looking for a more affordable alternative with excellent customer service may be better suited elsewhere.

It’s critical to consider coverage options and special features while looking for auto insurance to choose what’s best for you. Progressive offers a variety of coverage options and services, such as the Snapshot program, which promotes good drivers, free bundled pet injury coverage, and a variety of quotation alternatives, including an innovative Name Your Price tool.

10. Cal Casualty ($1,481)

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Cal Casualty provides a wide range of coverage options and benefits to qualified consumers, but the firm has a terrible reputation for customer service. However, only individuals who work in the fields of education, nursing, law enforcement, or as the first responder are eligible. The firm seeks to give exceptional advantages and benefits to its clients that would not otherwise be available due to its limited scope. The premium full coverage starts from $1481. 

11. MetLife ($1,484)

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While MetLife’s house insurance is well regarded, it’s difficult to suggest their vehicle insurance choices without specific circumstances. The company’s uneven customer experience ratings from area to region is a notable drawback. On the other hand, MetLife has a number of unique benefits that are difficult to come across with other insurers. The full coverage premium starts from $1484.  If you desire particular features or qualify for affinity or employer discounts, look into MetLife vehicle insurance packages.

You might be interested in some of Nationwide’s advanced choices while shopping for auto insurance. The complete premium coverage starts at $1814. These include a sophisticated online purchasing and claims experience, as well as their unique SmartRide and SmartMiles savings schemes. They also provide policyholders with a wealth of services, including a comprehensive learning centre and real-time repair information.

3. Allstate ($1,494)

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Allstate provides a variety of cutting-edge coverage options and online capabilities. The full coverage premium car insurance starts from $846. You may find a part called “Bumper-to-Bumper Basics” on their website, which is an interactive online guide to automobile insurance. To receive the greatest coverage at a reasonable price, you should compare auto insurance quotes from several companies.

On its website, Allstate provides useful tools including a rate calculator, mobile app, bill payment, and claim reporting.

It’s essential to compare numerous vehicle insurance rates before making a selection to obtain the best deal. We recommend buying greater coverage than is needed by state law, but buyers should weigh the added protection against the higher rates associated with buying additional coverage. 

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