10 Cheap Dental Insurance in Alabama with Quotes [Update 2024]

Cheap Dental Insurance

A regular dental visit can cost over $100. And even a tiny cavity can triple the cost at a minimum.You might require dental insurance to be added to your health insurance, and it can sometimes be bought along with your health insurance.

Suppose your health insurance plan doesn’t offer dental coverage or only offers it as an add-on. In that case, you’ll need an affordable resolution. Several companies in Alabama provide cheap dental insurance. I have listed below few cheap dental insurance in Alabama, which will stand out to help you in the crowd.

1. Nationwide

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Nationwide is one of the Cheap Dental Insurance in Alabama

Nationwide is known for providing complete insurance services. For example, the company’s Multiflex Dental Insurance plan offers guaranteed approval for you and your qualified family members.

The Classic Plan presents a maximum calendar year benefit of $1,500, and the Select Plus plan caps the use at $2,000. In addition, it covers particular preventive, primary, and significant services.

2. Delta Dental

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Delta Dental carries a mixture of dental insurance plans, including a PPO and an HMO plan, so you can decide the coverage that best suits your requirements and budget. The PPO plan emphasizes no-cost cleanings and the freedom to visit any of the 500 dentists across Alabama.

A basic plan covers fillings and tooth extractions after six months if you’d focus your coverage on preventive care instead. You’ll pay a $50 yearly deductible with no-cost precautionary care. It includes sanitation, exams, and X-rays at a little over $13 per month for personal coverage.

3. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

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Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Alabama offers excellent opportunities for oral surgeries done with general anesthesia. Whether inside or outside of the system, the cost cuts in 50/50 can make paying for dental surgeries more accessible and more affordable.

You’ll find that there’s a 365-day waiting period for primary services to go into effect. It’s $50 per registered member per calendar year, so BCBS takes the pain out of spending for high-cost dental operations.

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4. Ameritas

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Ameritas is a solid option for not expensive root canals or crowns. Ameritas offers a plan covering one check-up and sanitation per year. It is an excellent opportunity if you care for your teeth. Ameritas’ Dental Rewards program could also preserve your money. Dental insurance plans from Ameritas charge between $21.81-$313.76 per month, depending on your needs.

If you don’t use Ameritas’ coverage over a year, it uses any dollars you would have given in the following year. For example, let’s say you had an exceptional dental check-up this year, but you discover that you need a root canal next year. Ameritas will cover more for you because it’ll carry over the thrifts from the previous year. 

5. DentalPlans

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DeltaPlans does a great job of caring for those small teeth. Coverage includes precautionary care and X-rays. You can also add on the range for braces if your child wants them.

Dental Plans.com might also cover other helpful oral cleanliness tools such as sealants. DentalPlans also offers programs on state and government-backed insurance trades, so it’s easy to find the range that meets your needs and funds.

6. UnitedHealthcare

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As the most significant health insurance provider network, it’s no surprise that UnitedHealth is also a leading dental insurance provider. While among the more low-end choices for dental insurance, UnitedHealth does come with some potential disadvantages.

Some services have long waiting times for coverage ability, sometimes up to 6 months. Some preexisting stipulations may not be covered.

A variety of plans available through UnitedHealth include lower-cost plans with copays for routine visits to more general goals, including 100% preventive care dental appointments. Demand a $50 per person deductible, which caps at $150 per family, making UnitedHealth worth a more solid look if you have a large family that requires coverage.

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7. Humana

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Humana is among the better values when shopping for affordable dental insurance coverage. One standout feature is that Humana gives coverage that grows over time. Humana Basic Rx Plan premiums vary from $19.70 to $45.00 per month, depending on your state or region. The plan’s annual deductible is $445.

This annual increase uses in both maximum coverage limits and the percentage paid for particular dental plans. As with all insurers, be sure to read the fine print before buying coverage.

Some of Humana’s plans don’t cover orthodontics, such as a significant consideration for a growing family.

8. Cigna

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If you need coverage for braces and live in Alabama, Cigna may be a good choice for you. This insurer gives partial coverage for orthodontics as well as 100% of preventive care. Prices per person, per month start from $35.

Coverage for fillings may not be as fair as with other providers. Still, significant investments, like root canals, are often covered with a more substantial percentage than many rivals.

Cigna’s website is easy to use and demonstrates the benefits of the company’s policies. Expect a smaller provider network than you’ll find with some competitors. Still, with over 85,000 participating dentists, you’ll likely find a Cigna dentist near you.

9. MetLife Dental

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MetLife Dental Insurance offers you various dental insurance plans. It has policies to suit several patients and provides better way to routine care and emergency assistance.

MetLife Dental offers a PPO plan finished within the Preferred Dentist Program. The program lets you save money on all services obtained from an in-network provider.

10. Smart Health Dental

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Smart Health Dental is a nationwide dental insurance provider with a chain of more than 200,000 dentists. It offers two insurance plans and a dental discount card, so you can decide what works best for your family.

The basic plan doesn’t cover major procedures, but its other insurance plan covers a broader range of functions. The dental deal isn’t insurance, but it offers upfront discounts on dental plans. This plan has the highest benefit of $750 per year. That means the most it will advance toward your dental care is $750 each year.

While Smart Health Dental offers programs with a range of benefits, you can’t obtain coverage online. To purchase a policy, you must call Smart Health Dental and speak to an agent.

These affordable deals will save you a lot of money for the future. Your choices for dental insurance plans will be a lot comparable to health insurance choices. Unlike health insurance programs, dental insurance plans usually have a cap on advantages. So Choose an individual dental insurance plan that can be a cost-saving measure and help make dental health costs more expected.

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