US Crime Rate by States [Report 2024]

Crime Rate by States

Violence and other forms of criminality are an everyday reality for Americans. Crime rates are relatively high in the United States because of the country’s size and economic might. Despite a likely substantial decline in the recent quarter century, the average crime rate is still 2,475 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Homicides and deaths caused by firearms are two distinct components of the overall crime rate. Due to the lack of gun regulation, the death toll from firearms far outweighs that from homicide. The high crime rate is a result of this.

Data of US Crime Rate by States

Need to mention that, despite being a US territory I have included the District of Columbia in this list because of its significant rate of crime.

The US states by crime rate based on crime index is given below.

1. District of Columbia3,747
2. South Carolina2,253
3. New Mexico2,241
4. Tennessee2,194
5. Nevada2,180
6. Louisiana2,167
7. Florida2,095
8. Arkansas2,065
9. Arizona2,025
10. Alaska1,986
11. Delaware1,974
12. Oregon1,962
13. Alabama1,941
14. Colorado1,938
15. Oklahoma1,911
16. Hawaii1,884
17. Texas1,869
18. California1,858
19. North Carolina1,855
20. Kansas1,828
21. Georgia1,803
22. Washington1,757
23. Mississippi1,707
24. Montana1,670
25. Missouri1,485
26. Utah1,435
27. Maryland1,405
28. Ohio1,387
29. Indiana1,369
30. Nebraska1,367
31. Minnesota1,335
32. Massachusetts1,305
33. Illinois1,298
34. New Jersey1,285
35. Kentucky1,277
36. Michigan1,263
37. Iowa1,254
38. West Virginia1,223
39. Virginia1,203
40. Wyoming1,194
41. Wisconsin1,180
42. Rhode Island1,180
43. New York1,171
44. Pennsylvania1,136
45. Connecticut1,125
46. Idaho1,068
47. South Dakota1,042
48. Maine1,017
49. North Dakota985
50. New Hampshire956
51. Vermont950

Maine has the least crime rate among the US states, and the District of Columbia has the highest one. The crime rates data include murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft.

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