US Crime Rate by States [Report 2021]

Criminal activities are a common factor in US citizen’s daily life. As a powerful and large nation, the US has high crime rates. The average crime rate may decrease significantly in the last 25 years; it is still 2,475 per 100,000 people. The crime rate is divided into two categories: Homicide rate and Firearms death rate.  The firearm death rate is much more than Homicide as there is no gun control. Because of this crime rate is still high.

Data of US Crime Rate by States

Need to mention that, despite being a US territory I have included the District of Columbia in this list because of its significant rate of crime. The US states by crime rate per 100,000 population are given below:

1. District of Columbia5,416.09
2. New Mexico3,944.96
3. Alaska3,777.89
4. Louisiana3,711.29
5. South Carolina3,451.58
6. Arkansas3,442. 67
7. Oklahoma3,277.08
8. Tennessee3,247.83
9. Alabama3,185.26
10. Missouri3,133.66
11. Hawaii3,126.7
12. Oregon3,015.01
13. Washington2,975. 76
14. Colorado2,971.61
15. Arizona2,895.83
16. Nevada2,815.93
17. Texas2,809.63
18. California2,772.42
19. North Carolina2,729.11
20. Kansas2,725.28
21. Georgia2,716.47
22. Delaware2,674.78
23. Mississippi2,653.73
24. Montana2,598.11
25. Florida2,524.08
26. Utah2,404.87
27. Maryland2,404.31
28. Ohio2,348.85
29. Indiana2,341.87
30. Nebraska2,340.25
31. Minnesota2,315.19
32. North Dakota2,261.63
33. Illinois2,253.39
34. South Dakota2,169.99
35. Kentucky2,114.52
36. Michigan2,022.48
37. Iowa2,000.24
38. West Virginia1,899.96
39. Virginia1,850.69
40. Wyoming1,788.48
41. Wisconsin1,764.59
42. Rhode Island1,755.87
43. New York1,731.91
44. Pennsylvania1,709.84
45. Vermont1,626.63
46. Connecticut1,610.19
47. New Jersey1,542.55
48. Massachusetts1,507.36
49. Idaho1,443.32
50. New Hampshire1,361.76
51. Maine1,360.72

Maine has the least crime rate among the US states, and the District of Columbia has the highest one. The crime rates data include murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft.

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