10 Dumbest States in the US [Update 2021]

There are so many factors that you need to consider while making a list of dumbest or smartest states. This might seem hilarious at times considering a state to be dumb or smart. However, it is also important to present your methodology for tagging a particular state as the dumbest state in the US. Mostly, the lists are made on the basic of the academic achievements or the level of education the citizens of the state has got.

Not just on the educational grounds, studies have shown that states with more graduates and educated people tend to have less number of people living below the poverty line. This continues as a spiral method as that leads to more jobs and opportunities in the state and more people realizing the importance of education. Here goes a list of the dumbest states in the US:

1. West Virginia

The “most idiotic” state you can think about has a middle pay that is the third least in the nation. Regardless of this, the city of Morgantown, home to West Virginia University, was positioned by Forbes as one of the 10 best little urban areas in which to work together in 2010. The state’s once powerful coal industry has endured a shot as the business faces expanded rivalry from other fuel sources and harder guidelines. The average SAT scores and people with Bachelor’s degree is also very less. Hence, this is considered as the dumbest state in the US.

2. Mississippi


Mississippi is mostly not considered to be of the current generation we are in. Before the Civil War, Mississippi’s rural economy – and dependence on slave work – made it the fifth wealthiest state in the nation. Anyway as of now it is close to the base in generally financial and instructive measures. It is said to have the highest poverty rate due to it’s economic condition. Hence, this also tops the list of dumbest state in the US.

3. Arkansas


Arkansas is home to four Fortune 500 organizations including the world’s biggest retailer you love – Walmart. Former President Bill Clinton is likewise a local child of the state. The state positions fourth in the nation in wood creation because of the Arkansas Timberlands. The state has the second most reduced expense of working together as per a CNBC concentrate with the fifth least typical cost for basic items in the nation. However, the unemployment rate here is still high. The number of people not graduating is still high. Overall, this again falls under the list of dumbest states in the US.

4. Nevada


This is another dumbest state in the US which depends on mining and cows farming as monetary drivers. Billions of dollars in gold is mined each year: 79% of all the gold mined in the nation comes from Nevada, representing 8.9% of the world’s creation. But the poverty rate seems to be never ending and ever increasing. The average SAT score of the citizens and the number of people getting degrees are also very depressing.

5. Louisiana


Louisiana is the biggest crayfish maker on the planet, representing 90% of the world’s gracefully. The fish business supplies 16,000 positions to the state’s occupants. The location at the mouth of the Mississippi River Delta is fundamental to its economy with the Port of South Louisiana being the biggest delivery port in the Western Hemisphere by volume. After all these, there are significant people living below the poverty line and going on without education and jobs.

6. Kentucky


Kentucky’s horticultural and animals businesses are perfectly healthy. The state positions fifth in goat cultivating, eighth in hamburger steers creation and fourteenth in corn creation. Kentucky positions fourth in the nation in the quantity of vehicles and trucks collected in the state. Yet again, this hits the list of dumbest states in the US because of its poverty line.

7. Alabama


Most of Alabama’s labor force is in the public sector balancing the best five managers in the state. The state’s middle family pay is the third most minimal in the nation and the high poverty rate has made the state among the dumbest ones in the US.

8. Indiana


Indiana’s economy is driven by assembling with the Calumet locale speaking to the biggest steel creating region in the U.S. The state’s biggest city, Indianapolis, is home to the global central command of drug organization. The state brags the second most noteworthy bio pharmaceutical related positions in the nation. Notwithstanding the solid biotech presence in pockets of the express, Indiana’s economy lays on the shoulders of semi-gifted work. Again, the poverty rate here drags the state to one of the dumbest states in the US.

9. Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s economy is driven by the energy business, with aeronautics and food handling likewise offering work openings in the state. Many of them work for the public sector while the transportation and utilities area also have many people in them. Amidst all these, the average people getting a Bachelor’s degree and the SAT scores are minimum compared to the population. There are many who are still living below the poverty line.

10. Tennessee


Tennessee’s economy is fixated on materials, animals, and electrical force, occupations that don’t need progressed instructive degrees. There are many booming workplaces here yet the state has made to this list. It has low numbers of people getting a Bachelor’s degree and a significant number of people living below the poverty line.

These are the dumbest states in the US to take into consideration when you are making a comparative study for the smartest and dumbest states to be found.

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