US Economic Growth by States [Report 2023]

Economic Growth by States

Economic growth is an increase in products and services through time. Profits raise stock prices. This allows corporations to hire more workers and invest.

GDP measures economic growth best. It measures output. GDP includes exports but not imports. US economic growth is affected by its economic policy. However, debt promotes consumer and military spending, boosting short-term growth.

Here is a list of US Economic Growth by States.

Data of Economic Growth by States

Let’s see the 50 states economic growth:

1. Tennessee8.6%
2. New Hampshire8.5%
3. California7.8%
4. Nevada7.1%
5. Florida6.9%
6. Indiana6.9%
7. Montana6.7%
8. North Carolina6.7%
9. Utah6.7%
10. Washington6.7%
11. Missouri6.4%
12. Nebraska6.4%
13. Idaho5.8%
14. Arkansas5.8%
15. Mississippi5.4%
16. Ohio5.2%
17. Alabama4.7%
18. New Jersey4.4%
19. Connecticut4.1%
20. Massachusetts3.8%
21. Georgia3.7%
22. Virginia3.5%
23. Minnesota3.3%
24. Colorado3.1%
25. South Carolina2.9%
26. Arizona2.9%
27. Kentucky2.9%
28. Iowa2.9%
29. Kansas2.7%
30. Hawaii2.7%
31. Michigan2.7%
32. Delaware2.6%
33. Pennsylvania2.6%
34. New York2.6%
35. Vermont2.6%
36. Maryland2.6%
37. Oregon2.5%
38. South Dakota2.5%
39. Illinois2.5%
40. Tennessee2.5%
41. Rhode Island2.5%
42. Texas2.4%
43. Maine2.4%
44. Wisconsin2.4%
45. New Mexico2.4%
46. Louisiana2.4%
47. Oklahoma2.2%
48. North Dakota2.1% 
49. Wyoming1.1%
50. Alaska0.3%

Economic growth is the most-watched economic indicator. The more positive economic growth, the more a country rises, the more jobs are created, and income rises. Thus, the consumers have more money to buy additional products and services, and these purchase let a country have higher economic growth.

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