All 50 US States Ranked by GDP [Report 2024]

States Ranked by GDP

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the summation of all the money spent by consumers, businesses, and government in a given period. It indicates a nation’s economy is growing or not, whether the country is facing inflation or deflation!

Recently, the US crossed the landmark of GDP with over 21 trillion USD. According to the Statista Research department, California contributes the most to US GDP among all other states. 

Here is the list of 50 US states ranked by GDP in USD.

State NameGDP (in USD)
1. California3,120.38 billion
2. Texas1,772.13 billion
3. New York1,705.12 billion
4. Florida1,111.61 billion
5.  Illinois875.67 billion
6. Pennsylvania813.51 billion
7. Ohio698.46 billion
8. New Jersey644.84 billion
9. Georgia616.33 billion
10. Washington599.61 billion
11. Massachusetts595.56 billion
12. North Carolina587.71 billion
13. Virginia554.21 billion
14. Michigan541.55 billion
15. Maryland428.34 billion
16. Colorado390.28 billion
17. Minnesota380.85 billion
18. Tennessee380.14 billion
19. Indiana377.10 billion
20. Arizona366.19 billion
21. Wisconsin347.31 billion
22. Missouri332.08 billion
23. Connecticut285.64 billion
24. Louisiana263.86 billion
25. Oregon251.6 billion
26. South Carolina246.31 billion
27. Alabama230.97 billion
28. Kentucky214.67 billion
29. Oklahoma206.06 billion
30. Iowa194.79 billion
31. Utah188.5 billion
32. Nevada177.61 billion
33. Kansas173.14 billion
34. District of Columbia146.19 billion
35. Arkansas133.18 billion
36. Nebraska127.04 billion
37. Mississippi118.78 billion
38. New Mexico104 billion
39. Hawaii97.28 billion
40. New Hampshire88.6 billion
41. Idaho80.91 billion
42. West Virginia78.19 billion
43. Delaware75.42 billion
44. Maine67.52 billion
45. Rhode Island63.54 billion
46. North Dakota57.04 billion
47. Alaska55.41 billion
48. South Dakota53.31 billion
49. Montana52.17 billion
50. Wyoming39.65 billion

Compared to China, Japan, Germany, and other developed countries, the US has the world’s largest GDP. Abundant natural resources, well-developed infrastructure and high productivity, are the reasons that the US managed to achieve such a position in GDP ranking. It spends mostly in health care, old age facilities, education & security sectors.

Apart from California, Texas and New York, other states are also growing gradually and contributing to US GDP.

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