12 Facts About the American Flag that You Might Not Know!


Did you know that June 14 is Flag Day of the US, and they celebrate it enthusiastically? You have come across the American flag at least once in your life.

However, there are several interesting facts about the American flag that will fascinate and shock you. So, I have brought for you a list of some facts about the American flag that you might not know about, yet it will fascinate you!

1. Several versions of the flag

Flags symbolize the glory and spirit of a nation. The current American flag is not the only one that was designed to symbolize the US. There are a total of 27 versions of designs of the American flag.

In 1777, the first version was designed with 13 stars and stripes However, over the years, the design was redesigned.

2. Betsy Ross is rumored to ‘not’ be the one who sewed it

People knew Betsy Ross as the seamstress who sewed and selected the final version of the flag. Unfortunately, there is no real evidence that proves the claim that Betsy Ross was the one who made such an important decision.

3. The colors were chosen precisely

The American flag has Red, White and Blue that were chosen because of what they represented. Red for valor, white for purity and blue for perseverance.

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4. It took a long time to standardize the proportions of the flag

Although the flag was designed for the people in 1777, it was not until 1912 when the proportions and the arrangement of the stars were finalized. President Taft confirmed the six horizontal rows of eight stars and the accurate proportion of the flag.

5. The present flag is the sole version that lasted for 50 years

As mentioned before, there were many versions of the flag. But as many changes have occurred over the years, the current version has been the longest version since 1959.

6. Although the Flag Code is the law, you will not be penalized

Flags are an essential element of a country. It is the duty of every citizen to respect the flag. However, if you keep it upside down, you will not be punished by law even though it is thought to be illegal.

7. You can dispose of the flag in a “dignified manner.”

It is a myth that you will be penalized if you dispose of the flag. With time, the flag might wear out. You can burn or dispose of the flag with dignity.

8. There are 11 instructions mandatory for showing respect to the flag

In the U.S. Flag Code, there is an entire section written on how to show respect to the American flag that has to be abided by every citizen of the country.

Some mandatory rules: it cannot be used for advertising, or can be made into costumes and so on.

9. A total of 5 flags made it to the moon

Neil Armstrong was the first person to place the American flag on the moon. After him, 4 more astronauts placed the American flag on the moon and all the pictures are available at NASA to display the proud achievement.

10. Flag day is celebrated as a holiday

Bernard J. Cigrand came up with the idea of commemorating the 108th anniversary of the flag by declaring it as a holiday on June 14, 1885. Furthermore, in 1949, the declaration of Flag Day as a holiday took place all over the US.

11. You can still use the flag that touches the ground

Americans often believe the myth that one has to burn or dispose of the flag once it touches the ground. In reality, there is no such thing because even after touching the ground, you can display the flag. However, it would be best to wash and dry-clean the ground touched flag.

12. What about adding the 51st state?

As the flag went through many changes, there is a code that states that if the US adds a 51st state, then the update has to take place on the next fourth of July. Until the next independence, the flag cannot be updated.

The American flag is important to every person in the US. It symbolizes the glory and high spirit of America and Americans are proud of this flag. Hopefully, you had fun knowing the interesting facts about the American flag.

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