12 Best Home Builders in Alaska [Ranked in 2024]

Home Builders in Alaska

Putting up a house is a major accomplishment for many individuals. Depending on the preferences of the buyer, builders may alter the floor plan, paint the walls a certain color, and add other amenities.

Moreover, when you construct anything brand-new, you won’t have to fret about using antiquated equipment or inefficient energy strategies.

There are many builders in Alaska that can make your dream house. So, without further ado, let’s jump into knowing some of the best home builders in Alaska.

1. Homan Inc.

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Homan, Inc. is one of the best home builders in Alaska

Homan has been constructing homes across Anchorage, Chugiak, and Eagle River villages since 1978. It is the best home builder in Alaska. Charles Homan II is responsible for the business’s daily operations and building projects.

Homan holds several credentials, including Graduate Master Remodeler (GMR), Accredited Graduate Remodeler (GCR), Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), and Certified Green Professional. He now serves on the Alaska State Home Construction Association (ASHBA) (CGP).

2. Michael Quinn Construction

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Michael Quinn Construction

Over the past 3 decades, Michael Quinn Construction has constructed and sold more than 600 houses in Anchorage and Eagle River, creating an astounding portfolio. The capacity of Quinn’s to locate and oversee hundreds of subcontractors and vendors allowed the company to meticulously develop the portfolio’s contents.

The firm has received several honors, including the Governor’s Award and the Golden Hammer, which attest to its standing as one of the best contractors in the state.

3. Michelson & Daughter Construction

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For over 40 years, Paul Michelson has been developing houses in the Anchorage region. His wife, Karen Kassik-Michelson, took over the company while he was semi-retired. Being the only female builder in Anchorage & the head of the Anchorage home builders in Alaska Association, Karen is a legend in her own right (AHBA).

Since she began her career as a house builder in 1987, Karen has handled a variety of project-related tasks, ranging from design to business operations.

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4. North Country Builders

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North Country Builders

North Country Builders has provided Mat Su Valley services for over 20 years. Under Tom Smith’s direction, the company has finished both new constructions and remodels over those years. Tom has held the position of chairman of the National Organization of Home Builders for several years and is a leader in his field.

The adage “”home is where the heart is”” is one that North Country wholeheartedly embraces. All of its endeavors are clear examples of that idea.

5. Sound Contracting

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James Glover, the principal of Sound Contracting LLC, has been offering a comprehensive variety of construction services to Girdwood, Anchorage, and the neighboring communities for over 20 years. James Glover assumes command of the business’s activities. Associations like the home builders in Alaska and the Girdwood Chamber of Commerce have praised the firm under his direction.

6. Heritage General Contracting

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Heritage General Contracting is one of the most productive home builders in Alaska on our list, with a diverse portfolio encompassing aviation, public works, and military projects.

Although Heritage has a foot in many other businesses, its expertise in contracting and home building gives them the most credibility. To add to its extensive list of successes, Heritage has received the State of Alaska’s Residential Contractor Endorsement.

A cottage near Birch Lake is just one example of how professional the company is working on residential projects.

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7. Sterling Custom Homes

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Since 1983, the Kenai Peninsula has benefited from Sterling Custom Homes’ excellent house construction services. Many of David Bunts’ team’s skilled artisans have over 20 years of expertise in the field.

Sterling Custom Homes attracts clients for its design-build services because of its competitive pricing. The company’s appeal is further explained by its portfolio of excellently built bespoke houses in various architectural styles.

8. Hawkinson Construction

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Anchorage-based For more than 50 years, Hawkinson Construction has worked in the building sector. This family-owned business specializes in building opulent bespoke houses. The company is now run by the eldest son of the company, Jon Hawkinson. He intends to hand over the administration to his son, Sean, following retirement.

The residences in Hawkinson have several modern and contemporary features. For instance, The Hobbit House incorporates modern design features into more traditional Alaskan-Ranch home builders in Alaska.

9. JDL Homes

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Since 1993, JDL Homes has provided both residential & commercial establishments with exceptional service and artistry. In the autumn of 2015, JDL received Parade of Homes honors for Best Main Suite, Best Layout, Overall Best Workmanship, and Best Kitchen. These qualities represent the company’s wide-ranging building experience and knowledgeable house development approach.

10. Master’s Way Construction

Master’s Way Construction was founded by Samuel Shelton to offer specific and customized projects to home & business home builders in Alaska. Master’s Way provides a wide range of services, including design, building, and woodworking. Thanks to its thorough design-build methodology, the firm has a solid track record of producing well-designed, professionally constructed houses.

Master’s Way completes special projects primarily composed of stone and wood while maximizing its Alaskan history and skilled craftsmanship.

11. Willowridge Construction LLC

The President of WillowRidge, Josh Sundstrom, is a man who genuinely enjoys what he does. Carpenters have been in his family for generations, going all the way back to his great-great-grandfather “Pa” Stark, who was a shipbuilder and timberframer in Sweden. Carpentry runs rampant in the family roots.

Josh has spent the better part of his life working in the crafts, which has given him experience in a wide range of fields, including metalworking, boatbuilding, timberframing, and virtually every other activity imaginable. He has gained a broad exposure to these fields as a result.

12. Falcon Alaska, LLC

Falcon has more than 25 years of experience serving the Palmer, Alaska area, and the company specializes in the construction of excellent quality structural concrete structures, curated everlasting homes, and unique commercial buildings. It  will be there for you every step of the way, from the moment you break ground until the very last detail is completed.

Good news for anyone thinking in constructing a sustainable house in this state! The best Alaska house builders that can develop your ideal home are highlighted in this article, so you don’t have to go anywhere else.

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