Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Alaska [Update 2021]

Skyscrapers have historically been thought one of humanity’s most significant contributions to civilization. The fact that the few of them are situated in Anchorage, most populous city of Alaska.

The majority of the world’s tallest structures are corporate, residential, and commercial complexes. Here is a listing of the tallest buildings in Alaska, ranked from highest to lowest. 

1. Conoco-Phillips Building

Conoco-Phillips Building is one of the tallest buildings in Alaska

The Conoco-Phillips Building is a 22-story building. It is the tallest building in Alaska. The 90.2 m (296 ft.) office building started in 1981. It was completed in 1983 as the ARCO Building. 

This building was designed by the Luckman Partnership of Los Angeles, association with local architects Harold Wirum and Associates. This building is more like a complex. It is composed of an atrium and connected with a small office tower.

The main tower consists of the Alaska regional corporate headquarters of ConocoPhillips. The smaller building has the local branches of major companies such as the KPMG, Alaska gym club, and New York Life Insurance Company. 

The sky-lit atrium is open to all. It has a small food court and a water fountain. Many public events are held in this spot, such as the annual summer Wild Salmon.

2. Hilton Anchorage East Tower

Hilton Anchorage East Tower

Let’s introduce another tallest building in Alaska – Hilton Anchorage East Tower! This building is also known as Anchorage Westward East Tower. The height of this building is 69.95 m, and the height of the main roof is 62.94 m. It has a total of 21 floors. 

Durham, Anderson, and Freed designed this building. The construction of this high-rise building ended in 1971. It is mainly used as a hotel. 

3. Robert B. Atwood Building

Robert B. Atwood Building

The alternative name of Robert B. Atwood Building is Hunt Tower. Harold Wirum and Associates designed this high-rise building. The building has a whole of 20 floors. The height(architectural) of the Robert B. Atwood Building is 81 m. It was completed in 1983. This building is used for commercial offices.

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4. JL Tower

JL Tower

JL Tower is another tallest building in Alaska and is used as a commercial office. RIM Architects designed this 14-story building. The construction was started in 2006 and ended in 2008. It almost took two years to complete the entire installation. This high-rise building has a height (architectural) of 68.88 m.

5. Anchorage Marriott Downtown

Anchorage Marriott Downtown

Anchorage Marriott Downtown is also known as Columbia Sussex Hotel and has a good of being one of tallest building in Alaska. It is mainly used as a hotel. The modern architectural design of Anchorage Marriott Downtown makes it more elegant and classy.

The height (architectural) is 66.90 m, and the size of the roof is 66.90 m, where the main roof height is 59.89 m. It has a total of 21 floors and six elevators. The construction of this high-rise building ended in 2000.

6. Denali Towers North

The construction of Denali Towers North was started in 1978 and completed in 1979. The total cost of the building was $11,400,000. This high-rise building is mainly used as a commercial office, and its side usage is parking.

The total number of floors of this building is 16. The height (architectural) is 66.14 m, and the height (roof) is 66.14 m. The size of the main roof is 60.66 m.

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7. Frontier Building

Frontier Building is made of concrete, and its façade material is glass. This modern architecture style building is mainly used for commercial offices. The height (architectural) is 58.22 m, the size (roof) is 58.22 m, and the size of the main roof is 52.58 m. The 14-story building was completed in 1982. It took $35,000,000 to complete the structure.

8. Hotel Captain Cook East

Hotel Captain Cook East is also known as Tower III. It is situated in Anchorage, Alaska. The height (architectural) is 55.17 m, the height (roof) is 55.17 m, and the main roof’s height is 50.29 m. It has a total of 18 floors. Construction of Hotel Captain Cook East ended in 1978. It is mainly used as a hotel.

9. Sheraton Anchorage Hotel

The Sheraton Anchorage Hotel is in Anchorage. This high-architectural rise’s height is 53.34 m, and it is a 16-story hotel building.

It is a great place for tourists and kids. The Alaska Law Enforcement Museum, the Anchorage Alaska Public Lands Information Center and are all nearby. The Alaska Museum and Point Woronzof are worth a visit with 371 suites, a golf club, an exercising facility, and tennis courts nearby. It was instituted in 1979 and restored in 2001

10. BP Exploration Building

It is also known as the SOHIO Alaska Petroleum Building, designed by HOK’s San Francisco branch. This building also houses offices. The 13-story structure is 53.34 m tall. The project began in 1982 and ended in 1985. A three-story glass atrium connects the building’s two-story portion to the high-rise.

The 13-story skyscraper features tiered roofs with north and south sides. The building is clad with pink granite and precast concrete. The granite occupies the diagonals and the concrete in the orthogonal planes.

The history of these tallest buildings wee created before we even knew what would they have created in future. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Alaska, this article might help you to go for a place which will make you feel the preciousness and historical importance of Alaska.

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