Top 18 Famous Landmarks in Delaware [Update 2024]


Delaware is a small Mid-Atlantic U.S. State. Despite its small space, it packs great history and an abundance of diversity. It is one of the rising fortunes of America’s economy.

Starting from the Delaware Art Museum to the finest beaches of the Atlantic coasts, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of this state.

To help you discover the interesting places and attractions, here is the list of the famous landmarks in Delaware.

1. Dover International Speedway

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Dover International Speedway is one of the most famous landmarks in Delaware

Do you enjoy the thrill of fast rides? In Delaware, for thrill enthusiasts, Dover International Speedway is the right place. It offers you the opportunity to experience the NASCAR excitement. The track tours are open, and you can even watch the racing as the schedules are posted regularly.

You can get the season tickets and, if you are lucky, you might be able to get ones from premium offers and packages. If you take your family along, there is also on-site camping available for you and your family to have fun all the way.

2. Cape Henlopen State Park

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Cape Henlopen State Park

Delaware is well known for its beaches. Cape Henlopen State Park is the perfect beach for you to bask in the sun and enjoy the splashy waters. There are several nature trails, best for wandering and connecting with nature. You can camp at any of the 150 sites from the campground.

These spots are pine-covered dunes and the best part is that the sites have water and electric hookups for you to enjoy and relax for as long as you want. You can park in the seaside nature center, and visit the Delaware Bay and other spectacular nearby places. For nature lovers, this place will provide the ultimate getaway.

3. Funland

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Rehoboth Beach is an iconic beach in Delaware You can find Funland when you visit this small beach. Funland is the perfect beachside amusement park with tons of attractions to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Arcade games, rides, attractions- they have it all for the adventurous guests, including many rides for children. You can wander along the boardwalk or enjoy a delicious meal in the food court area of the park at the crazy rides.

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4. Lums Pond State Park

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Built around the largest freshwater pond in Delaware, Lums Pond State Park is a must-visit place when you are in Delaware. The park encompasses 1,790-acre land of natural beauty and a vast place for other recreational activities.

You can go hiking, fishing, swimming, paddling, or simply take a walk through the forests of the park. It is the best place to observe the natural wildlife of Delaware You can even have a raw camping experience in the campgrounds of the park.

5. Air Mobility Command Museum

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Air Mobility Command Museum is a museum dedicated to the military airlift of america. You will be awed when you enter the museum and see the huge plans exhibited. All the aircraft are preserved, and you can even see the ancient models.

There are picture booths to give you a glimpse of how you would look in a pilot uniform.  It has the largest and most complete collection of fully restored U.S. military cargo. You can also see tankers, aircraft models and many more artifacts of the USAF.

6. Brandywine Creek State Park

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One of the easiest places to visit without having to plan ahead in Delaware is the Brandywine Creek State Park. It is so massive and easy to reach from the airport, that you can easily navigate your way through. It presents a spectacular view during the summer days, and you can enjoy doing many activities as well.

Starting from golfing to hiking, you won’t run out of activities to do. The state park also offers attractive programs for recreational purposes for visitors. The 5k cross-country course adds to the wonders of the park.

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7. Midway Speedway Park 

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Another attraction in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is the Midway Speedway Park. This place will be the ultimate fun adventure for your family. There are golf courses, water parks, and more.

For an affordable price, you can enjoy the attractive packages of the park and even get to roam around the wildlife area of the park. It is open 7 days a week and every day many visitors come and have a blast!

8. Hagley Museum

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Want to visit the place which is well known for its roots in gunpowder in the early 1800s? Visit the Hagley Museum to witness it all. You can visit the site and see the gunpowder mills which were built by E.I. DuPont. The museum and library span over 230 acres of land across the Brandywine Creek.

You can visit the ancestral homes, ancient gardens, look at the records and see the other historic industrial materials of America. The museum also showcases a few famous patent models and exhibits the historic powder yard.

9. Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library

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Located in northern Delaware, the Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library is one of the kind attractions in the state. It was originally a private property of Henry Francis du Pont, who lived there in the late 1800s. The property hosts a massive collection of historic artifacts and artworks. The initial owner was an antique collector and horticulturist, so you can imagine the exquisite collection.

Every year, hundreds of visitors visit the museum for educational and recreational programs which are arranged in winter, called the Sledding Sundays. You can roam around the garden and see the diverse species of plants as well on your way out.

10. First State National Historical Park

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Located in New Castle, Delaware, First State National Historical Park is one of the most popular sites. It covers the colonial history of America and Delaware It was created in 2013 and the park extends to a vast area.

You can join the educational programs that you can find details on their website and enjoy knowing the history. You can look around the sheriff’s house, Dover Green and Beaver Valley and other fascinating places when you visit this place.

11. Nassau Valley Vineyards-Winery

Nassau Valley Vineyards-Winery is the first and only award-winning winery in Delaware. It is also the largest winery in the state. You can visit the place and see many artifacts and historic exhibits about winemaking and even get to taste some exclusive ones.

There is a separate tasting room which is occasionally opened to the public to get the true experience of wine tasting. There is also rental available for those who want to enjoy their wedding, or other get-togethers on the beautiful site.

12. Fenwick Island Lighthouse

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Located in the southern part of Delaware, a wonderful spot is the Fenwick Island Lighthouse, which dates back to the 1860s. It is a marvelous 87-foot light tower and when you are there, you have to visit the Gothic-style wood-framed keeper’s house. The entire place is well-preserved, and you can capture great shots of the sea from the lighthouse.

Every year, many visitors stand at the base of the tower and get awed at how old the lighthouse is. You can visit the gift shop to get a souvenir of this epic lighthouse. Fun fact: the lighthouse is considered a landmark that served as a mark for the front line of marine navigation.

13. John Dickinson Plantation

Just a short drive away from Dover, you can go and visit the John Dickinson Plantation. It is popularly known as the Poplar Hall, which is located on the southeastern outskirts of Dover. This spot is of one of the founding fathers of the state who was also a Revolutionary War-era statesman called Mr. Dickinson.

The plantation is well-preserved, and you can learn about the black slaves as well when you visit the area. It is best for those who already know some of the history of black slavery, and you can observe evidence of the past.

14. Fort Delaware State Park

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Tucked between the small town of Williamsburg and St Georges, you will come across Fort Delaware State Park. It is a fantastic spot that displays the fascinating history of America There is a Civil War-era defensive fort that is preserved well for others to see.

You can take boat rides to see around the area. There are several demonstrations and reenactments by costumed actors to show you how it looked back then. A major attraction is the Cannon firings that are performed regularly.

15. Charles W. Cullen Bridge

Also known as the Indian River Inlet Bridge, the Charles W. Cullen Bridge is an iconic landmark in Delaware. It is a 2600 feet bridge across the Indian River Inlet. T is 25 above the water, and it is a safe cable-stayed bridge. It was constructed in 2012 and its incredible structure makes people want to shoot great shots of the bridge.

It is usually not traffic packed because it has four large lanes, and you can reach the Delaware Seashore State Park by driving 1 mile from the bridge. You will get a spectacular view at night when the bridge is brilliantly lit up. You can even see the bridge from the shoreline.

16. Delaware Seashore State Park

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Delaware is popular for its beaches, and Seashore State Park completes your visit to the beaches by offering recreational opportunities. You can enjoy the finest sand activities as well as water activities.

Surfing, boating, swimming are the water sports and the park has ample space for you to hike, bike, camp and relax. The park encompasses a 2,825-acre area for you to enjoy all your activities with over 6 miles of waterfront beaches.

17. Fort Delaware State Park

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With an area encompassing 288-acre, Fort Delaware State Park is located in New Castle County, Delaware. Fort Delaware was erected during the Civil War and the government has repurposed it to showcase the history of america.

There are many natural features of the park. You can visit Pea Patch Island by taking a short ferry ride of half a mile from Delaware city. Once you reach the island, you can choose to have a mini picnic or explore the area leisurely.

18. Fenwick Island

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Fenwick Island is a quaint town on the southern border of Delaware. If you visit Ocean City, Maryland, you can reach this small town to get the true essence of beach towns nearby. It is one of the finest beaches for families to visit and enjoy the local communities.

You can try out the local seafood, roam around the romantic shops and go for more adventure. When it comes to activities, you can windsurf, sunbathe, fish, swim, hike and even golf. There are several water slides, ice cream parlors, and you can relax and refuel in the resort of the town.

You can visit the mentioned places at any time of the year. Delaware’s weather and welcoming community make it a great place to visit during your short getaways. So, be fearless and choose any of the famous landmarks in Delaware for your next trip.

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