Top 10 Largest Ambulance Companies in the US [Report 2024]

Largest Ambulance Companies in the US

The eternal truth is that man is mortal. One of the dangers we face in our lives is road accidents. Ambulances are accessible vehicles that act as best friends in dangerous situations. Like all countries globally, US ambulances provide services in various emergencies and are always alert in times of danger.

In today’s article, I will let you know about the largest ambulance companies in the United States.

List of Largest Ambulance Companies in the US

1. American Medical Response (AMR)

American Medical Response is one of the largest ambulance companies in the US

American Medical Response is a clinical transportation organization in the United States that gives and works local area clinical transportation administrations, including crisis, non-crisis and oversees transportation, fixed-wing air rescue vehicle, and debacle reaction. In 1991 Paul Verrochi made a marketable strategy to normalize the sectioned emergency vehicle industry, following a comparable “packaging” methodology utilized by the executives.

The association was set up through the consolidation of region Ambulance (California, Contra Costa Counties, and Alameda), Vanguard Ambulance (California, Santa Clara County), and Buck Ambulance (Oregon, Portland). Laidlaw gained American Medical Response in 1997, after beforehand obtaining MedTrans, a San Diego-based great EMS supplier that works in California, Washington, Nevada, and Texas. Laidlaw proceeded to procure 138 different organizations and developed its income to more than $ 1 billion before obtaining AMR.

2. Rural/ Metro Corp

Rural Metro Corp, set up in 1948, is an American private nearby gathering of firemen that gives fire protection and emergency clinical advantages to particular home loan holders and business associations in unincorporated regions all through the United States, fundamentally under an enrollment-based model. Areas and fire locales similarly contract Rural Metro to give fire security, evasion, and emergency clinical advantages.

In 1948, the relation was made up by Lou Witzeman, a columnist, and later, he viewed a home fire in front of his house right outside the city’s farthest reaches of Phoenix, Arizona. There was no neighborhood gathering of firemen set up for space. So Witzeman, feeling something should be done, purchased a fire engine and kept on going door to door mentioning that occupants get tied up with the new fire organization by paying a yearly enlistment charge (instead of duties).

3. Acadian Ambulance Service Inc.

Acadian Ambulance is a private representative claimed rescue vehicle administration that entire most significant piece of one state in Tennessee and Mississippi with the dominant part of Louisiana, a large portion of Texas. In 1995 it was perceived as the most considerable exclusive emergency vehicle administration in the United States. Today the organization is reacting to both crisis, and non-crisis brings in Louisiana.

Southeast, Central, and Northern Texas; Jackson County, Mississippi, and Memphis, Tennessee. Notwithstanding crisis clinical benefits, Acadian offers airplane contract administration, individual clinical alarm administration, thief and alarm administration, mechanical clinical staff, fire and security professionals, clinical and modern preparing, just as charging programs.

4. National EMS Service

In the United States, crisis clinical benefits (EMS) give out-of-clinic intense clinical consideration and transport to complete review for those out of luck. They are controlled at the most fundamental level by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which sets the base principles that every one of states’ EMS suppliers should meet and directed all the more stringently by singular state governments, which frequently require better expectations administrations they regulate.

Stark contrasts in populace thickness, geology, and different conditions can call for various EMS frameworks; subsequently, there is a regular colossal variety between the Emergency Medical Services gave in one state and those gave in another.

5. Air Evac EMS, Inc.

Air Evac EMS, Inc., working as Air Evac Lifeteam (now known as Air Evac), is the most prominent organization inside Air Medical Group Holdings (AMGH). Air Evac is the biggest freely possessed and worked HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service), or air rescue vehicle provider. Air Evac presently works helicopters at 131 bases, containing the vast majority of the focal and southern part, the Service region. While principally a HEMS supplier, they do work two fixed-wing airplanes in Missouri and Kentucky. Initially situated in West Plains, Missouri, the central command, dispatch (CenComm), and a couple of different offices were moved to another office in O’Fallon, Missouri, in 2013.

6. Medstar Ambulance Service Inc.

Medstar Ambulance of Mendocino County Inc. is devoted to our central goal of giving the most extraordinary emergency ambulance administration to the occupants of Mendocino County. Established in 1937 as Ukiah Ambulance, we invest wholeheartedly in serving the networks we call home. Notwithstanding crisis and non-crisis ground emergency vehicle administrations, Medstar offers public preparation in CPR and emergency treatment. We are proceeding with instruction and entry-level positions for EMS experts and clinical reserve administrations for exceptional occasions. 

7. AMR Eagle EMS

AMR Eagle EMS is devoted to enabling logical aptitude in the excursion of propelling information, science, and innovation and making new answers for decidedly impact wellbeing in the 21st century. Through the advancement and front-line research, AMR Eagle EMS is focused on interpreting the revelations made in the scholarly community, private industry, and government offices into certifiable applications that give significant positive effects on their worldwide general wellbeing and regular habitat. AMR Eagle EMS is exceptionally dynamic in framing enduring unions with associations focused on assisting success locally and globally through science and training programs.

8. Rural/Metro Corporation

Rural/Metro Corporation is one of the significant suppliers of wellbeing and security administrations in the United States. The organization is a differentiated crisis administration organization giving “911” crisis emergency vehicle and general vehicle administrations, fire security and preparing administrations, and other wellbeing and medical care related administrations and hardware to metropolitan, private, business, and mechanical clients.

The organization is one of the just multi-state suppliers of both emergency vehicle and fire assurance administrations in the United States. It positions as one of the biggest private-area suppliers of the emergency vehicle and fire insurance administrations on the planet, serving more than 450 networks in 26 expresses, the District of Columbia.

9. American Medical Service (AMS)

The group at AMR has a solo mission, the effect focusing on individuals out of luck. They are guardians, above all else. They guarantee you is that they will treat their patients, clients, and groups with deference. By planning better approaches to convey medical services, regardless of whether in crisis circumstances or enhancing the home medical care associations, they are relentlessly tolerant centered and client-focused. Their responsibility as medical care suppliers is to stay informed concerning the most recent operations and practices for their patients and concoct new advances to help their clients meet their targets.

10. Air Methods Corporation

Air Methods Corporation is an American exclusive helicopter administrator. The clinical air division gives crisis clinical benefits to somewhere in the range of 70,000 and 100,000 patients consistently. It works in 48 states and Haiti, with air clinical as its essential business center. 

Its central corporate command is situated in the Denver Technological Center, Greenwood Village, Colorado, in the Denver metropolitan region. The organization was established by Roy Morgan and started air clinical activities in 1980. From 1991 to 2017, the organization was traded on an open market organization under the NASDAQ ticker “AIRM.” In 2017, it was gained by a private value firm. In 2012, the organization achieved its first helicopter visit activities, Sundance Helicopters, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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