Top 10 Largest Hospitals in Hawaii [Update 2024]


Due to its vast population and several big cities, it’s no surprise that America has a significant number of large hospitals. Because the United States is a medical research and training powerhouse with world-class facilities, thousands of students and trainees may take advantage of these huge medical centers each year.

The hospitals on this list are considered to be among the largest hospitals in Hawaii.

1. The Queen’s Medical Center (650 beds)

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The Queen's Medical Center is one of the best largest hospitals in Hawaii.

In both Honolulu and Hawaii, this hospital is a regional leader and the largest private non-profit hospital. In no adult or child specialty does it have a national ranking, but in eight adult specialities, including orthopedics, aging and nephrology, it does very well. Five adult operations, such as heart bypass surgery or heart failure, are also among the best in the industry.

2. Kuakini Medical Center (357 beds)

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Kuakini Medical Center

An eleemosynary acute care hospital recognized by the Joint Commission, Kuakini Medical Center (KMC) is a non-profit corporation and the second-largest hospital in Hawaii.

Ambulatory Care, Cardiovascular Services, Emergency Services, Executive Health Program, Gastroenterology Services, Oncology Treatments, Orthopedic and Spine Treatments and Surgery, Pulmonary Treatments, Rehabilitation Treatments and Sleep Center are just a few of the services that Kuakini offers to the community in order to keep them healthy.

3. Kaiser Permanente Moanalua Medical Center ( 295 beds)

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Kaiser Permanente Moanalua Medical Center is the third-largest hospital in Hawaii. COPD and heart failure are two of the most common ailments in which this hospital excels, and it is a general medical and surgical center as well.

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4. Hilo Medical Center (276 beds)

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Hilo Medical Center

The medical and surgical services provided by this hospital are of a broad nature. Those who work at the hospital are well regarded for their skills as physicians, nurses, medical assistants, and other members of the support staff.

5. Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women & Children (253 beds)

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A nationally acclaimed, non-profit hospital, Kapi’olani is largely regarded as Hawaii’s leader in the treatment of mothers, babies and children. The Joint Commission, an independent nonprofit organization that certifies health care organizations and services in Hawaii, has fully certified Kapi’olani Medical Center, which employs over 1,500 people and has 630 doctors on staff.

Hawaii and the Pacific region are served by a wide range of specialized services: special attention for infants and young children’s needs, 24-hour pediatric emergency service, infertility treatment during pregnancy, perinatal treatment with a high risk of complications, services for women’s health, such as the Kapiolani Women’s Center and the Kapiolani Women’s Cancer Center etc.

6. Tripler Army Medical Center (220 beds)

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There are 220 beds at Tripler Army Medical Center, which is the biggest military treatment facility (MTF) on the Pacific Rim. Throughout Hawaii, it supports more than 260,000 people, and it also serves 170,000 people in the area.

The thousands of people employed by Tripler include active duty officers, enlisted men, civilians, and contractors. Moreover, this hospital has also received positive feedback from its past patients.

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7. Maui Memorial Medical Center (219 beds)

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Maui Memorial Medical Center is the Valley Isle’s sole acute care facility. A hospital in Wailuku, Hawaii, has been ranked among the best in the state for four different adult operations and ailments. As a medical and surgical center, it serves the local community.

8. Wahiawa General Hospital (150 beds)

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The North Shore and Central Oahu are well-served by Wahiawa General Hospital. As a result of the Pearl Harbor incident, their hospital was established in 1944 and has served as the community’s most comprehensive healthcare center ever since.

9. Hawaii State Hospital (144 beds)

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Hawaii State Hospital is the ninth-largest hospital in Hawaii, and it is situated at 45-710 Keaahala Road, Kaneohe. Psychiatry is the specialty of the medical staff at the Hawaii State Hospital.

10. Kula Hospital (123 beds)

Kula Hospital in Kula, Hawaii, has a 5-star overall patient satisfaction rating and a 5-star long-term care rating. It is a medium-sized institution with 123 beds that is owned by a charity and a business entity.

Your health is vital, and you should get only the best medical care. It is suggested that you choose among the hospitals from the list as they offer the highest quality of care and facilities.

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