12 Most Expensive Cities in Indiana [Update 2024]


Indiana is a classic American state, enriched with monuments and heritage. The state is the 17th-most populated city in the United States, and is home to Indianapolis, its capital.

Indianapolis is one of the most important metro areas in the United States, while Bloomington is one of the best cities to live in this country. With so many economically, educationally and politically reasons to move to the Hoosier State, the prices of homes in some of its cities are incredibly high.

Based on listings of median house prices on homes.com, I have compiled a list of the most expensive cities in Indiana for you.

1. Zionsville ($596,175)

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Zionsville is one of the Most Expensive Cities in Indiana

North of Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana, is an urban city named Zionsville. Based on estimates from 2019, there are about 28,357 residents. The median price of homes in Zionsville is $614,184, and it features a stunning village-themed downtown area that consists of retail stores, boutiques and restaurants.

2. Carmel ($525,174)

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A suburban city in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area, Carmel is located just to the north of the capital. This city, which has a population of 100,777, is 130 square kilometers in size. 

Despite having one of Indiana’s earliest electronic controlled stoplights, Carmel has built 140 intersections since 1998, garnering the title of “Roundabout Capital of the U.S.” The median price of homes in Carmel is $502,512.

3. Westfield ($444,366)

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A city located in Hamilton County, Westfield had 46,410 residents based on the 2020 census. Westfield, which was established in 1834, is located in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area and is one of the most expensive cities in the state. The median home price in Westfield is a staggering 444,366.

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4. Fishers ($442,494)

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Fishers is one of the most well-known cities in Indiana, and it is also one of the most expensive ones as well. The average price of houses in Fishers is $401,994, making it a very expensive place to live in. The city has a huge population of just over 93,000 and is renowned for its distinct “old-town” feel.

5. Granger ($441,907)

Located in Indiana’s St. Joseph County, is the city of Granger. There are 30,465 people living in this city that is renowned for its schools. Additionally, school systems in the region are primarily maintained by Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation. The average price of homes in Granger is $441,907.

6. Bloomington ($434,366)

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Situated South of Indianapolis is the city of Bloomington, one of the largest and most expensive cities in Indiana. In addition to bugs and reptiles, the WonderLab science museum in the city offers interactive children’s exhibits.

Drawings, sculptors and fine art from various cultures are on display at the Eskenazi Museum of Art. The average price of houses in Bloomington is $357,853.

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7. Saint John ($433,124)

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With a median home price of $433,124, Saint John is the seventh-most expensive city in Indiana. This lovely suburban city has a modest population of just over 3,000, making it one of the least populated cities on our list. The city is a perfect blend of suburban and rural, with both rural and urban amenities and residences available.

8. Westfield ($432,366)

A section of the northern Indianapolis neighborhoods sitting on the White River, Westfield is a suburban city in Indiana. The estimated population for the 2019 census is approximately 64,000, ranking it as the 14th largest city in Indiana. The average price of homes in Westfield is $432,366.

9. Chesterton ($421,796)

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The average price of homes in Chesterton is $421,796, making it one of the most expensive cities in Indiana. This is due to the tranquil surroundings and great living standards provided by this wonderful city that has 13,884 residents. It is known as a beach town, and is one of the must-visit summer vacation destinations for you and your family.

10. Brownsburg ($409,930)

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Brownsburg is a city in Hendricks County with a moderate population of around 27,000. Founded in 1824, this almost 200-year-old city in Indiana offers stunning residences for living. However, these residences also cost a hefty amount of sums. The average price of homes in Brownsburg is $409,930.

11. Valparaiso ($406,500)

With an average house price of $406,500, this lovely city makes our list. Valparaiso, also known as Valpo, is home to 34,151 based on the 2020 census. Additionally, Valparaiso serves as the official county seat of Porter County, and is the birthplace of the highly-rated Valparaiso University. Moreover, the average yearly income in this city is just under $60,000, which is also fairly respectable.

12. Millersburg ( $379,934)

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Millersburg is a city in Tippecanoe County, which is located 65 miles away from the Indianapolis metro area. Millersburg, along with the nearby city of Lafayette, is renowned for the trademark “Hoosier hospitality” of Indiana. The most renowned institution in Millersburg is Purdue University. Moreover, the median price of homes in Millersburg is around  $379,934.

The prices of houses in the cities mentioned above dictate the demographic of these areas. The majority of residents in the most expensive cities in Indiana, as highlighted above, house Indiana’s wealthiest communities, with proper security, accessibility to utilities and top-class services.

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