Top 13 Most Humid Cities in the US [Update 2024]


The amount of water vapor in the air, which originates from the absorption of liquid water from the planet’s surface, is what meteorologists call humidity.

Do you despise the way that perspiration makes your skin feel cold and clammy? As a result of the humidity. Many American communities now experience higher levels of humidity than others.

These are the most humid cities in the US.

1. New Orleans

Climate change has changed the climate conditions of New Orleans. The city was struck by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and wreaked havoc. Nighttime temperatures are rising at an alarming rate every year and even daytime temperatures are high.

These prolonged heat waves are causing great difficulty for the residents. With 75.9% humidity level, this high humidity poses a great threat to the city.

2. Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is the most populated metropolitan proper in Florida and will be the largest city in the continental United States in terms of land area as of the year 2020. It is situated on the Atlantic coast in the northeastern part of the state.

It was declared the county seat of Duval County in 1968, when the city government merged with that of the county. On top of all these attributes, the city is one of the most humid cities in the US with humidity level of 75.8%.

3. Houston

With an average relative humidity of 74.7%, Houston has been experiencing intense weather conditions. In 2017, the city survived the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. The official heat advisories of Houston have consistently put efforts to take measures to protect the public from the rising relative humidity.

As Houston is the energy capital of the US and being the headquarters of the energy sector, the officials are more aware of keeping the temperatures in check to avoid any disasters.

4. Tampa

The city of Tampa is located on Tampa Bay and the Gulf Coast of Florida. In addition to being a significant hub for business, it is also famous for the museums and other cultural activities that it provides. Busch Gardens is an entertainment park with an African theme that features both thrilling rides and spaces to watch animals. The city records humidity levels of 74.1%.

5. Orlando

Over a dozen amusement parks call the city of Orlando, which is located in the middle of Florida, home. The most well-known attraction in the area is Walt Disney World, which features not only traditional amusement parks but also water parks and other attractions including the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is located in both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, making it one of the most popular attractions of Universal Orlando, which is another prominent destination. The humidity level in Orlando is 74.1%.

6. San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most humid cities in the US

San Francisco is the most humid city in America. With an average relative humidity of 73.8%, you might sweat both indoors and outdoors. You can notice the iconic hovering clouds when you look outside because of this extra humidity in the atmosphere.

As it is a coastal city, excess humidity rises in the summer months. The muggy feeling in San Francisco’s climate is more due to the climate change conditions. Home to Silicon Valley and the Golden Gate Bridge, this city is at threat because of coastal flooding and a rise in sea levels.

7. Port Arthur

Port Arthur, a coastal city in Texas, has been subjected to frequent flooding, atoms, and coastal erosion over the decade. Experts point out that climate change is exposing this state to higher humidity.

In July 2021, the city recorded a heat index of 108 F. You can imagine how clammy the weather feels with its average relative humidity reaching 73.6%. Sabine Lake on the southeast side of the city also contributes to the high humidity of the city all year long.

8. Galveston


Texas’ island city off the coast, Galveston, experiences intense weather patterns. In 1990, this city experienced the worst hurricane in US history, known as the Great Galveston Storm. Although island cities are more likely to have more humidity in the city, the average relative humidity of Galveston reaches up to 73.4%, which is more than other island cities.

During summer months, the humidity reaches its highest, followed by thunderstorms. The city goes through transformations due to these natural forces every year.

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9. Lake Charles

Lake Charles

To experience Louisiana’s subtropical climate, Lake Charles is the city with the most heat waves coursing the city. The humidity hits the roof in this city because of the flowing of hot southern winds from the Gulf of Mexico. Residents of the city like fishing and doing relaxing outdoor activities to combat the heat.

Due to climate change, future environmental problems like excess flooding, storms can result in fish kills and harmful effects on residents, says the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

10. Olympia

Surrounded by lakes and forests of Washington, Olympia has been experiencing humid heat waves for the past several years. The blazing sun rays of summer months cause destructive wildfires across the West Coast. It results in great damage, power outages, evacuations and poor air quality.  

The average relative humidity rises up to 73.2%. Even during the evenings, the temperatures do not drop to cooler temperatures. So, in summers, the city announces a heat watch to inform people when the heat will increase.

11. Portland

Due to the geographical location of Portland, this city in Oregon is exposed to tropical moisture. From the Gulf of Mexico, the heat waves increase the temperature of Portland. In July 2021, the heat index heat raised the hot temperature to 108 F.

As the morning average humidity rose up to 73.2%, the media outlets warned the public to stay indoors and hydrated. Unfortunately, Portland continues to sink due to the ravaging effects of climate change across the coast.

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12. Grand Rapids

The atmosphere of Grand Rapids is heavy with an average relative humidity of 72.7%.

Even though the heat index of Grand Rapids does not typically rise above 100 F, the atmosphere of the city is high in humidity during the warmer months. In 2019, the city recorded the highest triple-digit temperatures for 12 days.

13. Rochester

In New York state, Rochester is a beautiful city along the Hudson River. Typically, of being located near a large water body, there is more humidity in the air of this city. Additionally, the city has high humidity levels of 72.6%.

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You might already know the science behind humidity and how it affects the weather of the day. If you live in any of the listed most humid cities in the US, you will have to take measures to combat the sticky feeling from humidity. Try using wet tissues to keep your skin refreshed and drinking plenty of water to stay well in these humid cities.

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