12 Least Windy Cities in the US [Update 2024]


“Weather demand” – who has not heard about it? These two words can bring sudden changes in anything. This is exactly how traveling and the weather are connected.

Having ideal weather on your perfect traveling day is everything you can desire. Inland areas, far from the coastline of huge lakes and close to or inside valleys, are some of the least windy locations. There are many windiest cities in America, but what about those with no wind at all?

There seem to be a lot of options if you’re looking for a wind-free setting. So, if you are planning to travel without any bad weather interruption, I present you with some of the least windy cities in the US. 

1. Catalina Foothills

Catalina Foothills is one of the least windy cities in the US

Catalina Foothills is the least windy city in the US which is located in Arizona, with a mean wind speed of approximately 7-8 miles per hour throughout the year.

Rainfall in this city is much lower than normal, at 38 inches per year. It also sees no snowfall each year. Catalina Foothills has 285 sunny days per year.

2. Tucson

The average annual wind speed in Tucson, Arizona, is 7.2-8 miles per hour. Tucson is one of the least windy cities in the US, which is located in Arizona. Tucson also has a pleasant climate that is warm, sunny, and gentle. In addition, its cost of living is lower on average.

Tucson, like the Catalina Foothills, gets 13 inches of rain every year on average. Every year, it receives around one inch of snow. Tucson has about 50 days of precipitation and 287 days of sunlight every year. It is 2,652 feet above sea level.

3. Casas Adobes

Casas Adobes

In Arizona, the city of Casas Adobes has one of the fewest gusts of the least windy cities in the United States.

It also has an annual airspeed of just 8 miles per hour in the mean. The lowest monthly mean temp is 51 degrees in December. June has the highest mean total temperature. This month’s average high temperature is 87 degrees.

Casas Adobes receives precipitation on around 48 days per year. It receives 12 inches of rain on average and no appreciable snowfall. Every year, there are about 285 days of sunlight in this city.

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4. Arivaca

Pima County, Arizona, in the United States, is home to an unincorporated village known as Arivaca. It is situated eleven miles to the north of the Mexican border and thirty-five miles to the northwest of the Nogales port of entry. Despite the fact that the current community wasn’t established until 1878, the European-American history of the region extends back to at least the year 1695.

5. Springfield

In Springfield, the average annual wind speed is around 8 miles per hour. Springfield is one of Oregon’s largest and least windy cities in the US; it is a popular destination to live and visit. Springfield also offers a beautiful, warm, sunny, and moderate climate.

Each year, Springfield and the Catalina Foothills get a mean of 45 inches of precipitation. A typical year sees 13 inches of snowfall in this area. Every year, Springfield receives roughly 50 days of precipitation and 210 days of sunshine.

6. Eugene

The wind speed in Eugene, Oregon, is around 8 miles per hour, making it one of the least windy cities in the US. November is the coolest month of each year, with a monthly mean temperature of 109 degrees. The month with the greatest mean total temperature is June.

The average high temperature for this month is 87 degrees. Around 151 days per year, Eugene receives precipitation. It receives47 inches of rain on average and 3 inches of snowfall. Every year, overnight lows in Eugene drop below freezing on roughly 3-5 days. Every year, there are around 155 days of sunlight in this city.

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7. Marysville

Marysville in Washington, is the least windy city in the US, with a mean wind speed of approximately 6-9 miles per hour throughout the year. This city receives 44 inches of rain each year, compared to 38 inches for the rest of the country.

It also gets 4 inches of snow every year, compared to 28 inches in the United States. Compared to the national average of 163 sunny days, Marysville has a larger number of sunny days per year.

8. Everett

With an average wind speed of roughly 3-5 mph, Everett, Washington, is tied for the lowest average wind speed. The average monthly temperature in December is 37 degrees. The month with the greatest mean total temperature is August.

The average high temperature for this month is 76 degrees. Around 171 days per year, Everett receives precipitation. It averages 42 inches of rain and 4.1 inches of snowfall. In this city, there are about 160 days of sunshine every year.

9. Issaquah Plateau

Issaquah, Washington, receives 53 inches of rain annually, with an average wind speed of 6.4 mph. Issaquah gets about 6 inches of snow each year on average. The average number of sunny days in Issaquah is 154 per year.

On average, Issaquah experiences precipitation 173 days out of the year. You should have at least .01 inches of water on the ground before determining the amount of rainfall.

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10. Sammamish

In the state of Washington, Sammamish is a city that is located in King County. At the time of the census in 2020, there were 67,455 people living there. The city sits atop a plateau, and the valley of Snoqualmie to its east and Lake Sammamish to its west serve as the city’s natural boundaries.

11. Redmond

With the least windy city in the US at roughly 6.6 mph, Redmond, Washington, receives 41 inches of rain each year. Snowfall in Redmond averages 4 inches per year.

During the day, Redmond receives approximately 155 sunny days. More than 160 days a year, Redmond experiences rainfall. Precipitation is defined as rain, snowfall, sleet, or hailstorm that settles on the land. To evaluate precipitation, at least.01 inches must be on the surface to begin.

12. Shoreline


Shoreline has a lot going for it: it’s the least windy city in the US, it’s where the University of Wisconsin is located, and it has a youthful, trendy atmosphere. Frank Lloyd Wright-designed it.

There are large, charming badger statues all around the place. What’s missing? It’s a nice day out there in terms of weather.

As far as I am concerned, it’s one of the most uncomfortable conditions. During our investigation, we discovered that inhabitants seldom had a single perfect day throughout the year.

Pleasant weather can make great things happen. If you can go out of the house and simply enjoy the lovely weather, these are the days you’ll want to make the most of it. Most of the time, it leads to travel plans. That is why warmer countries have more tourists than colder countries. So, be sure to check this article if you plan to enjoy your perfect time without pleasant weather.

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