11 Major Mountains in Delaware [Update 2024]


The Delaware Mountains are a beautiful mountain range that has plenty of mountains spanning part of Culberson County. With an elevation of 5888 feet above sea level, the Delaware Benchmark is the highest point in the range in the state. In Delaware, there are many outstanding mountains and exploring them will make you feel exhilarated.

For you to find the top ones, here is a list of the major mountains in Delaware.

1. Iron Hill

Iron Hill is one of the most major Mountains in Delaware

Iron Hill is the most prominent geographical feature of Newark, Delaware. It is the highest hill in the state with a peak elevation of 328 feet. Even though it is not the highest point in Delaware, the view from the hill is unforgettable.

Due to its iron deposits, the hill is named such. Besides, because of the hill’s high elevation, it stands out from the coastal plain. The fantastic trail leading to the summit is also perfect to hike in summer and autumn.

2. Ebright Azimuth

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Ebright Azimuth

Ebright Azimuth is popularly known as the highest benchmark monument elevation in Delaware. In the state, it has the highest peak with an elevation of 447.85 feet above sea level.

For its natural role, it is marked with a geodetic benchmark monument. Once you reach the summit, you will feel like a king in Delaware from where you can enjoy the scenic beauty.

3. Horseshoe Hill

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Horseshoe Hill has an elevation of 130 meters and the climb can be challenging. On your way to the top of the hill, you will catch the sight of serene greenery and an incredible range of birds. You can allot some time for bird-watching when you plan your trip.

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4. Drummond Hill

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Drummond Hill is also a hill in the Appalachian Mountains, Delaware. With an elevation of 289 feet, you will be thrilled with the wonderful sight from the hill.

Snow Goose Connector is the name of the popular and incredible trail that will lead you to the summit. Also, the natural beauty is abundant, so don’t forget to get some shots of the surrounding wonders.

5. Sandy Bray

Sandy Bray is one of the fantastic hills of the Appalachian Mountains. 171 feet above sea level, this hill is prominent for its thrilling hiking trail and enchanting beauty. You can visit the hill any time of the year and enjoy its incredible sights.

6. Chestnut Hill

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With a prominence of 131 feet, Chestnut Hill is an incredible hill situated in the Appalachian Mountains in Delaware. You can hike to the peak using the trail that leads to the summit.

While making it to the top, you will be enchanted by the charming sights from the hill. In fact, you can view the natural beauty of Delaware from the hill.

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7. Easter Hill

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Easter Hills is 46 feet above sea level. It is situated on the Piedmont-Southeast Coast in Delaware, US. For explorers, this hill is the go-to place. You can enjoy making your way to the top; at the same time the challenging trail with incredible views will also motivate you to explore the forestry surroundings.

8. Wilson Hill

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If you are looking for a hilly area to go and relax in your vacation, Wilson Hill is the ideal choice. There are several resorts and rest houses near the hill. Staying in one of these, you can wake up and see the serene views of the hill from your window. You can also hike to explore the view from the summit through the trail.

9. Sand Hill

Sand Hill is situated on the Piedmont-Southeast Coast. Unlike what you have seen, this hill with an elevation of 43 feet has incredible sights to behold. In the state, it is one of the doable hills anyone can visit because of its comparatively low height. You can visit with your family and hike through the trail leading to the peak of this wonderful hill.

10. Bottom Hills

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With 16 feet above sea level, Bottom Hills is a prominent hill on the Piedmont-Southeast Coast. In the state, it is one of the popular hills for visiting trips for people of all ages. If you are looking for both an easy hike and wonderful sights, this is the right one for you.

11. Lehigh Gorge State Park and Hickory Ridge State Park

Lehigh Gorge State Park and Hickory Run State Park are about 30 minutes apart, and each one offers unique adventures. Hickory run features waterfalls and a glacial boulder field, while Lehigh Gorge offers biking and hiking through the gorge as well as the stunning Glen Okono Falls.

The breathtaking beauty of the mountains in Delaware will give you an ecstatic feeling, so don’t forget to make the most of it and visit the mountains listed.

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