12 Major Mountains in Florida [Update 2024]


While Florida is well-known for its beautiful weather, world-class beaches, and famous attractions, paranormal investigators are drawn to the area for its spooky underworld.

It’s hardly surprising that Florida is recognized for its hovering spirits, ghostly encounters, and strange happenings because of the state’s long history of war, pirates, and sunken ships. 

If you’re planning a scary road trip across Florida and want to see the creepiest spots, I recommend that you stop at one of these haunted places in Florida that are well-known for their paranormal activities.

1. Sugarloaf Mountain

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Sugarloaf Mountain is one of the major mountains in Florida

Sugarloaf Mountain, located in the heart of the state, is the major mountain in Florida. With a height of 312 feet (95 meters) above sea level, it is also one of the tallest hills in Florida. In the county of Lake, Clermont is home to this mountain that is worth seeing.

The summit of Sugarloaf Mountain gives a breathtaking view over the city that will cause you to lose focus on your task at hand. From the peak, you can view Christ the Redeemer and Copacabana, as well as other wonderful metropolitan sites.

2. Mount Trashmore

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Mount Trashmore is a 225-foot-tall trash heap controlled by Waste Management. Between mile marks 69 and 70 of the Florida Highway, it is situated near Coconut Creek and Deerfield Beach in northern Broward County, Florida.

Garbage and clean dirt were compacted to form the main mountain, Mount Trashmore, which stands 60 feet high and 800 feet long. This old landfill has a water-wise garden that contains xeriscaping, which uses very little water.

The park also includes Encore Hill, a smaller peak, and two lakes. Thalia Creek flows into Lake Windsor, which is nourished by saltwater.

On a daily basis, it receives approximately 3,500 tons of waste, although it can absorb 10,000 tons of garbage.

3. High Hill

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High Hill, which rises 323 feet above sea level, is the third highest peak in Florida, United States. Oak Hill, the state’s second-highest mountain at 331 feet, is just a few miles away and has a summit elevation of 331 feet. High Hill is located three miles north of Wausau and four miles southeast of Vernon on the Wisconsin side of the border.

If you go camping, you will be able to view a lovely rainbow peeking through the clouds through your specs. It is generally covered with lush greenery, and various animals may be seen roaming about.

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4. Chinsegut Hill

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Chinsegut Hill, with a height of 269 feet (82 meters), is one of the highest points in peninsular Florida, and it is the highest point in the state. Hernando County is situated north of Brooksville, and it is home to the city of Brooksville.

Chinsegut Hill is a cultural treasure of Florida. Its presence in Hernando County adds another incentive for visitors to come and see it for themselves.

5. Iron Mountain

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Iron Mountain

Florida’s Iron Mountain is one of the tallest mountains on the peninsula. On Lake Wales Ridge, it is a striking landmark. In the area north of Lake Wales, there’s a ridge. On the peak lies the Bok Tower Gardens tower, a popular travel destination.

The traditional gardens attract most visitors, who spend their time meandering through the bushes before emerging at the top of the hill to take in the expansive views of Polk County. Pine Ridge Route, a 3/4-mile nature trail, leads to the mountain’s crest and provides a fascinating look at the ridge’s ecological systems.

6. Munden Hill

Munden Hill is a hill in Florida that stands at an elevation of 80 meters and is the sixth major mountain in Florida.

Munden Hill is located adjacent to Hernando County Fire Station 21 and Mount Zion AME Church; both are situated closely.

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7. Falling Water Hill

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Falls Water Hill is a peak in Florida that rises to 97 feet above sea level and is the seventh major mountain in Florida. Falling Waters State Park and Blue Lake are within a few miles of Falling Waters Hill. 

8. Nursery Hill

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Nursery Hill, a peak in Florida with a height of 74 meters, is one of the highest points and major mountains in Florida. Nursery Hill is located close to LeHeup Hill and Dade City, and it is easily accessible.

9. Pleasant Ridge

Pleasant Ridge (91m/299ft above sea level) is a hill located in the Piedmont-Southeast Coast region of the United States. The height is 44m/144ft above sea level.

It is located southeast of Cosson Mill and west of Sconiers Mill, just on the outskirts of the town. It is famously known as one of the major mountains in Florida.

10. Mud Hill

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In the United States, Mud Hill is a peak that may be found in the county of Washington, Florida. The altitude above the water level is 87 meters. Mud Hill has ranked 9th out of 238 towns in Florida in terms of significance.

11. Hobe Mountain

Hobe Mountain once upon a time was submerged in the Atlantic Ocean. But as the sea fell and rose continuously, the mountain was formed by a combination of crashing ocean waves and strong winds.

As part of the Atlantic Coastal Ridge, Hobe Mountain has a series of hills and dunes.  These hills and dunes parallel the Southern Coastline of Florida.

12. Sand Mountain

Sand Mountain is located 250 feet (76 meters) above sea level. It is the 15th highest point in Florida. It is located in Washington County, Florida, at a spot close to a Florida town called Wausau.

Although Florida does not have many significant mountainous places, you will undoubtedly notice the tranquil beauty that these hills have to offer if you begin to seek them.

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