12 Wonderful Waterfalls in Arkansas [Update 2024]


Arkansas is called ‘The Natural State’ for its serene natural beauty. Once you visit Arkansas, you will be awed by the natural beauty of its forests, natural parks, mountains and more. One of the highlights is the wonderful waterfalls in Arkansas.

The gushing water from the waterfalls and their surrounding greenery areas will definitely connect your heart to nature. Here is the list of waterfalls from which you can choose the places to visit.

1. Mirror Lake Falls

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Mirror Lake Falls is one of the best waterfalls in Arkansas

Are you searching for a picture like waterfall for your eyes to appreciate the wonders of waterfalls?  Mirror Lake Falls is the perfect choice. The enchanting area resembles a painting.

The lake was created as a CCC project in the 1930s and further became an exceptional infrastructure of America. It is best to enjoy fresh fish like trout. There is also a massive cavern of overhanging rocks to explore this place. There are several terraces in the falls, so you can walk across the lake.

2. Little Missouri Falls

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Little Missouri Falls is situated in the Ouachita National Forest southwest of Little Rock. It is a cascading waterfall near the park’s popular camping areas.

You can reach the falls from the Albert Pike Camping area. Although the route can be slick and full of thrill, it will take at most 20 minutes to reach the spot. There are different trails to choose from and all of them are exemplary of their splendor.

3. Kings Bluff Falls

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Kings Bluff Falls

One of the tallest waterfalls in Arkansas is Kings Bluff Falls with a height of 120 feet. It is a place of caverns, amazing rock formations, exciting peaks and grottoes.

The falls are located in the Ozark National Forest, which is accessible through the Kings Bluff Loop Trail. You can have an unforgettable experience from the top of the falls. However, be careful to watch your step while enjoying the natural beauty, as the trail is often slippery with greenish algae.

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4. Natural Falls State Park

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Falling Water Falls

Have you watched movies where you were fascinated by the cerulean waters? Falling Water Falls is the gorgeous waterfall on Falling Water Creek where you can swim in the cerulean pool.

The best time to visit is during summer, when you can swim in the swimming hole of this place. It is located in the Richland Creek Wilderness Area and is accessible to all. This is ideal for picnics, meditation time and swimming in this wonderful area.

5. Hemmed-in Hollow Falls

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Have you wondered how breathtaking the experience will be when you drop from a nearly 210 feet tall fall? Well, for the fearless, Hemmed-in Hollow Falls is the best place to jump without any tiers or cascades to halt their drop.

It is a part of the U. S. National Park System, so you can enjoy the picturesque view as well as visit this wonderful waterfall. It is best if you visit during the spring in order to enjoy the captivating beauty of nature and a swim. There are several trail routes to reach the peak, You can even canoe or kayak to reach the creek.

6. Haw Creek Falls

Another wonder located in the Ozark National Forest is the Haw Creek Falls. It is tucked away amid an isolated part of the park, but do not worry, you can easily reach the spot from your nearby campsite.

In Arkansas, this fall is ideal for families due to the easy accessibility, near camping areas and options for recreational activity. You can swim, fish and camp all at once in the remote part of the Haw Creek.

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7. Eden Falls

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Cascading from the rocky mountain, Eden Falls is located in the Lost Valley near Ponca. This one on the list can be counted as the ideal waterfall for those who want to get soaked in a shower. It towers 35-foot, and you can easily reach it through a short hike along the trailhead.

You can park your vehicle at the end of the road and follow the trail to enjoy the flowery and serene beauty of the walk to the waterfall. If you visit the Buffalo River, then this site is a must because of its attractive waterfall hidden 200 m inside the cave.

8. High Bank Twin Falls

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Another unique waterfall in the area of the Ozark National Forest is the High Bank Twin Falls. With the minimum flow and calm surroundings, you can have a relaxing time when you visit this waterfall. It is located in the Boston Mountain area, so you can hike and reach the top.

The fall cascades into a landscape of layered rocks and divided pools to enjoy a dip. However, you might face the hassle of parking your vehicle. You can easily walk half a mile to enjoy the easy trail to reach the waterfall.

9. Magnolia Falls

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This might seem peculiar on the list, but for a raw experience of a powerful waterfall, Natural Dam is one of a kind place. Located in the Ozark National Forest, Natural Dam is a massive waterfall nearly 200 feet wide across Mountain Fork Creek.

You can have the chance to go fishing and swimming in the waterfall during the summer and spring seasons. But keep in mind that the water flow varies from time to time, so before you set the time to visit this wonderful waterfall, be sure to check with the local weather of the area and the water flow of the waterfall.

10. Cedar Falls

Situated at the peak of Petit Jean Mountain near Morrilton is Cedar Falls. The 95-foot waterfall is at the heart of the Petit Jean State Park. You will be fascinated by the rectangular shape of the creek. Imagine the sight of rainbows and gushing waterfalls on this site.

Through the Cedar Falls Trail, you can reach the top. You will need a 2.25-mile round trip to reach the top and come back to the base. You can freely park your vehicle at the base of the trail and enjoy the less tenacious visit to the waterfall.

11. Forked Mountain Falls

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Incredible Forked Mountain Falls are the fall of two unique waterfalls located in the shadows of Forked Mountain. It has an elevation of 1350 feet, and you can enjoy a magnificent view from the waterfalls.

After a trail of a mile from the South Fourche Campground, you can come across the creek and at the base, you can swim in the large pool where the waterfall flows into. Downstream and across the stream, Twist Cascade is the second waterfall to visit at once.

12. Cougar Falls

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For a secluded experience, you can visit the Cougar Falls hidden amid the Ozarks National Forest. Make a short journey across the borders of the Leatherwood Wilderness, you will come across this exceptional waterfall. It is well known for its exciting hikes and beautiful views.

You can park your vehicle on Raand Road and take a hike of 1.2 miles. Even if the creek is small at the bottom, you can reach the top and have the option of visiting three other waterfalls at a short distance. They are the Little Glory Hole, Crosscut Falls and China Falls.

13. Natural Dam

Magnolia Falls is best known for its scenic beauty of large rocks and high bluffs. It is located in the Ozark National Forest across the Upper Buffalo Wilderness. It is a 26-foot tall waterfall that cascades into a mini pool where the water falls into. It is ideal to visit this spot during winter or spring due to the substantial amount of rainfall flowing across the waterfall. During winter, you can enjoy the spectacular view of the icicle formations in the waterfall ices.

14. Hardy Falls

When you want to visit a waterfall for its serenity rather than for its height, Hardy Falls is one of the unique ones where you will surely be impressed with the natural view. You will be appalled by the culvert of the waterfall area. It was designed by James W.Hardy around the 1930s.

This unique handcrafted culvert lines with the breathtaking beauty of the waterfall. Thus, for a romantic getaway or a relaxing me-time, this waterfall is indeed a great choice.

15. Marble Falls

Located on the Scenic Ark 7 Byway, Marble Falls is known as the “drive-by” waterfall. When you drive past the byway, you can pull off the road and view the magnificent waterfall. Dating back to 1840, this waterfall is alive by a spring that once powered a mill.

You can even walk to the Mystic Caverns, 2 miles from the waterfall. A fascinating part of this waterfall is the historical stone marker near the waterfall that acknowledges the use of Arkansas marble for the Washington Monument construction.

Waterfalls are truly a magnificent gift from nature. Not just for amazing shots, getting drenched in the waterfall can add to your wonderful experiences of life. So, if you are planning to visit Arkansas, you have got to try to visit any of the mentioned waterfalls in Arkansas to enjoy the splendid natural beauty.

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