Top 10 Public Hunting Lands in Delaware [Update 2024]


Delaware, situated on the Atlantic Coastal Plain, has a public ownership percentage of only 7%. (88,000 acres). Moreover, hunting is part of its heritage and is one of America’s well-known states for hunting.

If you enjoy hunting and are looking for public hunting lands in Delaware, you can find it on the list given below.

1. Milford Neck Wildlife Area

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At Milford Neck Wildlife Area, hunters pay yearly for hunting licenses which go towards taking care of the property. Moreover, the grass is chest high and the hunting has drastically dropped since the deer and other Game can just hide in plain site.

2. Marshy Hope Wildlife Area

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Marshy Hope Wildlife Area is a state wildlife area located in Sussex County, Delaware, near the town of Bridgeville, Delaware, and along the Maryland and Delaware border and along the Delaware side of the Marshyhope Creek. It is made up of three land tracts totaling 1,079 acres.

3. Assawoman Wildlife Area

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Assawoman Wildlife Area offers thousands of acres of protected land for rare plants & animals, with a self-guided auto tour. It is a state wildlife area located in Sussex County, Delaware located near Frankfort, Delaware and Little Assawoman Bay. Duck and deer hunting is very popular here.

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4. Blackbird State Forest

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Blackbird State Forest is full of trails used for biking, hiking and horseback riding. There are lots to do here, and its always clean with a beautiful scenery . Popular activities to do range from having a picnic, walking or biking the trails, camping, fishing & horseback alongside hunting.

5. Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge

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Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge was officially established in 1963 and is for use as an inviolate sanctuary, or for any other management purpose, for migratory birds. It is one of the best public hunting lands in Delaware.

6. Marshtown Hunting Preserve

Marshtown Hunting Preserve is located in Dover, Delaware. The property is mostly covered with timberland, wetland, forest, grassy upland, and it is near Clayton. It offers a great relaxing environment in a rustic farm house.

Animals that you can hunt – turkey, duck, exotics, whitetail deer.

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7. Trap Pond State Park

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Trap Pond State Park is a wetland forest with cypress trees features a nature center, trails & a pond for boating & fishing. The available animals are – whitetail deer, turkey, duck, predator, and exotics. This state park offers a two-in-one experience in terms of both hunting and sightseeing.

8. Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

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Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge is a tidal salt marsh & birding destination with trails, observation towers & a 12-mile wildlife drive. It is one of the best public hunting land in the small state of Delaware, featuring a wide variety of species.

9. Redden State Forest

The Redden State Forest is a forest featuring a historical lodge that was once a hunting retreat for railroad executives. This is a great forest for walking dogs and enjoying nature in rural Delaware or hunting animals or trekking. It is a forest that offers hunters many other facilities and amenities.

10. Little Creek Wildlife Area

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Little Creek Wildlife Area is another wildlife area that is located in the city of Dover.

The total hunting area of this hunting property is 3,130 acres. It offers amazing hunting opportunities for hunters who want to hunt whitetail deer, turkey, duck, exotics.

Whenever hunting areas pop up, I clarify that Delaware hunters can go public land hunting. Still, I stress that not all public property is available to predation. Also, there are a slew of rules and restrictions to adhere to, so plan beforehand.

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