Top 10 Public Hunting Lands in Arizona [Update 2024]


For many people, hunting is more than just a hobby; it is a passion and a way of life. And Arizona hunters are well aware that their state has some of the best and most diversified hunting opportunities in the country.

Hunting in Arizona is an exciting and dynamic sport due to the variety of wildlife species. And even if you live in a bustling metropolis, you can hop in your car and be in the wilderness in minutes.

Here are some of the top public hunting lands in Arizona that you may want to consider.

1. Graham

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Graham is one of the best Public Hunting Lands in Arizona

The first one on this list is Graham, which is the State Wildlife Management Area’s public hunting land. With 500,000 acres, this is one of the largest hunting regions in the country. This outstanding hunting property is located near the village of Safford.

A broad range of wildlife can be found here, including mule deer, predators, doves, quail, and exotics. Archery, rifles, shotguns are popular choices among hunting weapons in this area.

2. Woolsey Peak Wilderness

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Woolsey Peak Wilderness, located a little over 30 miles from the heart of Phoenix, may be considered modest in terms of square acres at 64,000, but it is large in terms of potential game.

The place is home to mule deer and bighorn sheep, giving hunters the opportunity to capture an exceptional set of horns or antlers for their trophy wall. It is a short drive from Phoenix, making it one of the best options for a day trip hunting destination.

3. Navajo

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A total of 494,720 acres of woodlands, rivers, and slopes make up this wildlife reserve in the United States. Near Mount Trumbull, this is one of Arizona’s most stunning public hunting properties, and it is open to the public.

Mule deer, elk, and exotics are the most popular animal species on this wildlife site, with mule deer being the most popular of the three. It is common practice in this area to go bird shooting as well as prize hunting. They also allow archery and rifle hunting, among other things.

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4. Mohave

Mohave, Arizona, boasts a stunning 87,900-acre hunting land that is home to a broad range of animal critters. This is an additional public hunting property in the state of Arizona that is open to the public.

For hunting purposes, mule deer, turkey, duck, exotics, and predators are just a few of the most common types of animals that may be found in the wild. Aside from that, hunting in this region is permitted using firearms such as archery, rifles, and shotguns, among other things.

5. Apache

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Apache is without a doubt one of Arizona’s best hunting locations. This 540,160-acre public hunting land is managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Alpine’s hunting property, located just outside of town, is one of the town’s most popular tourist attractions.

Hunters in this area have access to a range of elk, mule deer, turkey, duck, and exotics. In addition, archery, rifles, shotguns, pistols, and muzzle loaders are popular hunting weapons in this area.

6. Maricopa

Maricopa, Arizona, is home to some of the most massive hunting grounds in the state, although it is only a short drive from Phoenix. The 60,100 acres of land in Maricopa County are home to a diverse range of exotic species and predators.

However, this site is most well-known for its deer hunting opportunities, and mule deer are the most well-known of the deer species found here. Rifles, shotguns, and archery are all available for you to use during a hunt if you want to get more creative with your hunting tactics.

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7. Santa Teresa Wilderness

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Santa Teresa Wilderness is one of the most remote, undeveloped regions in Arizona, making it ideal for experienced hunters seeking adventure. In southeast Arizona, approximately two to three hours from the metropolitan area, there are over 26,000 acres of harsh wilderness.

The dense vegetation and steep gorges make it difficult to explore, but provide the ideal habitat for black bears and mountain lions. There are multiple trails, but you should be well-prepared for an expert level of hunting.

8. Winslow

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This enormous tract of public land in Winslow County is a popular hunting spot for the locals who come here to hunt. Located on 2163 acres, this is one of Arizona’s most popular hunting grounds in Arizona. This wildlife refuge, which is located just outside of Holbrook and is managed by the Bureau of Land Management, is open to the public.

Elk, mule deer, turkey, and exotics are the most popular game animals in this perfect hunting zone, with elk being the most popular. Archery, rifles, shotguns, and handguns are all effective weapons for capturing them.

9. ‎Greenlee

There’s a reason why Greenlee County’s public hunting area is well-known for its Elk hunting opportunities; it’s one of the best in the state. This 2,754-acre hunting field in Silver City is known for its rare dove species, which may be found on the field’s 2,754 acres.

Because it is a National Wildlife Refuge, hunting with archery, rifles, shotguns, and muzzle loaders is authorized on this hunting territory. There are also plenty of fishing opportunities.

10. Santa Cruz

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For those interested in going hunting, there is a large public hunting area in Santa Cruz County with plenty of open space. With about 7,880 acres of land, it is one of the most productive hunting grounds in Arizona, administered by the State Wildlife Management Areas.

Hunting for deer, turkey, and exotics is possible in this area using archery, rifles, shotguns, and pistols, among other methods. These weapons can also be used to capture exotic animals.

Due to the obvious abundance of public land in Arizona, hunters are able to enjoy a wide variety of game species. Moreover, Arizona has more public land than any other state, making it the ideal area to go hunting in the United States. The best aspect is that anyone may go and hunt there if they have a license and follow the rules.

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