Top 11 Richest Person in Georgia [Update 2024]


When you hear the word billionaire, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? In this era, we have so many billionaires. Maybe some of them inherited their ancestors’ wealth, but there are so many of them who become billionaires on their own.

They are self-made and the path they chose, took them to that glorious position. In Georgia, there are many billionaires who live here. Today in my article I will try to describe some of them.

The following is a list of those that are considered as the richest person in Georgia:

1. James C. Kennedy – $7.8 Billion

James C. Kennedy is one of the Richest Person in Georgia

In 1972, Kennedy went on to work with Cox Enterprises, where he had a variety of media-related responsibilities. In the newspaper industry, he started with Cox Newspapers as a camera assistant, reporter, headline writer, marketing salesperson, head of marketing, and senior vice president manager in Atlanta, before continuing on to other chances. He has since left Cox.

The Kennedy Institute for Educational Achievement is housed at the Morgridge College of Education. Entrepreneurial and cost-effective techniques for boosting the academic success of at-risk kids are the core focus of this center. Kennedy’s personal fortune is $9.40 billion, an increase of roughly 24% over the previous year’s total.

2. Arthur Blank – $7.8 Billion

Arthur Blank

Arthur M. Blank was born in the Queens borough of New York City on July 25, 1903. In 1963, Blank graduated from Babson College in Massachusetts with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. After working for an accounting business for a number of years, he decided to join his father’s small pharmaceutical company.

Arthur Blank, a famous Atlanta entrepreneur and community leader, is a director of the Home Depot company and the owner of two major sports teams, the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC. Since 1995, the Arthur M. Blank Charitable Foundation has donated millions of dollars to local organizations, making him a well-known philanthropist.

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3. Trudy Cathy White – $7.1 Billion

Just like her father, Trudy Cathy, the daughter of Truett and Jeannette Cathy, is an accomplished leader, presenter, and entrepreneur who has earned the respect of her peers. True to her family’s tradition, Trudy began working for the company when she was only 19 years old.

Trudy Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-A, on the other hand, is the mother of just one daughter, Cathy White. Cathy White works as an “ambassador” for the business, attending new restaurant openings as well as other corporate events on a regular basis.

Trudy Cathy White, at 19 years old, took a break from college to become the world’s youngest Chick-fil-A franchisee, operating a shop in Birmingham, Alabama, while still in college.

4. Bubba and Dan Cathy – $7.1 Billion

Bubba and Dan Cathy

Truett Cathy’s sons, Bubba and Dan Cathy, co-founded and run Chick-fil-A, his father’s fried chicken chain. In 1995, he became executive vice president of the company, having worked his way up from a construction apprentice to that position.

When Bubba grew up in Georgia, he was a Chick-fil-A executive and now serves as vice president of A’s firm and president of the Dwarf House and Truett’s Grill restaurants.

Because of the company’s reputation for closing on Sundays, Dan’s role as chairman and CEO has come to be regarded as “the boss”. They are now worth $8.3 billion dollars in the present monetary system.

5. John Brown – $6.2 Billion

His previous position was as CEO of Stryker Corporation, which is a manufacturer of healthcare and surgical equipment. He has a net worth of $6.2 billion and ranks 539th on the list of the world’s richest people. He makes his home in Atlanta.

6. Gary Rollins – $6 Billion

Gary Rollins was born on the 30th of August 1944, in Los Angeles, California, USA. His parents were O. Wayne Rollins and Grace Crum Rollins. Rollins graduated from the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga in 1967 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Gary Rollins, on the other hand, is the CEO of Orkin, North America’s biggest pest control business by revenue. He and his brother, Randall Rollins, remained in charge of the company until Randall’s resignation in 2020.

As a result of the acquisition of many local radio stations by Rollins’ father and uncle, Rollins Broadcasting was born. It was made public in 1961. It wasn’t long until he became one of Georgia’s wealthiest men. In addition, he produced a large number of jobs in Georgia and his firm quickly established itself as a household name.

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7. Bernard Marcus – $5.38 Billion

Since 1991, Marcus has been a key contributor to the establishment of the Israel Democracy Institute, having contributed $5 million toward the construction of the institute’s headquarters in Jerusalem’s Talbiya neighborhood and making hundreds of millions of shekels in investments in the institute’s ongoing operations.

8. Ben Chestnut – $4 Billion

Ben Chestnut is a billionaire internet entrepreneur from the United States who has built a successful business on the internet. Currently, he serves as the CEO and co-founder of Mailchimp, which is a company that specializes in email marketing. Chestnut has dedicated the resources of his firm to providing pay for his staff.

As a result of his military father’s restricted economic opportunities when he was growing up, Chestnut has been driven to develop his firm philosophy.

9. Dan Kurzius – $4 Billion

Dan Kurzius is the co-founder and chief commercial officer of Mailchimp, and he is a multimillionaire businessman from the United States of America. Kurzius and Ben Chestnut began managing a web design business in 2001 when they founded Mailchimp, which they currently co-own and manage with their partner, David Cohen.

The company has never received outside investment and has always operated entirely on its own resources. Kurzius and his family live in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife and their two children.

10. Ted Turner – $2.4 Billion

He was the founder of CNN and the network that would later become TBS. The Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Braves were both formerly under his ownership, and actress Jane Fonda was formerly his wife. He has a net worth of $2.3 billion, which places him as the 1362nd richest person on the planet. He makes his home in Atlanta.

11. Joe Rogers Jr. – $1.7 Billion

Joe Rogers Jr. is an American businessman who serves as the president of Waffle House as well as a previous CEO of the company. Waffle House is a food business brand that was co-founded by Joe Rogers Sr.

There is no better way to become a billionaire than by following these people. They are the masterminds of their own economic success. By following their example, you may become one of them as well.

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