17 Charming Small Towns in Georgia [Update 2024]


Looking for a domestic getaway? I recommend Georgia, which has some enchanting places to explore. In fact, from southern charm to rich history, Georgia is one of the best states that has it all.

With my research, I have found that the best places to visit in Georgia are its small towns, which are beautiful little gems that you cannot help but be charmed by.

So, here is a list of charming small towns in Georgia.

1. Greensboro

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Greensboro’s best-selling point is Lake Oconee with its sparkling majesty. Situated between Augusta and Atlanta, this town has several water bodies that give you a range of opportunities to go kayaking, boating, paddle-boarding and more. Established in 1786, the town houses plenty of antebellum mansions, penal structures and historic churches.

2. Blue Ridge

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Blue Ridge is one of the most Charming Small Towns in Georgia

Brimming with scenic views, Blue Ridge is a quaint mountain town. With its high altitude escapades, this town lacks no wonder. Filled with opportunities for outdoor pursuits, you can hike through the Chattahoochee National Forest or enjoy rafting in the Ocoee River.

To explore the historic structure, hop aboard the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. You will also find local craft breweries that were founded long back, or you can just visit the Blue Ridge Community Theater.

3. Senoia

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Crisp air and serene beauty awaits in Senoia. This picturesque town has been the backdrop of many blockbusters, including The Walking Dead. The antique shops, friendly locals, family-run eateries and unhurried town life are the key features of the town which welcomes visitors.

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4. Helen

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Helen is a quaint town with enchanting architecture and several popular highlights. The town is a Bavarian-inspired village with breweries, vineyards and other attractions.

The alpine charm of the town has Germanic roots. Moreover, the wonderful shops attract travelers all year round. For nature lovers, the town offers 53 acres of preserved forested trails which include a lake and several campsites.

5. Madison

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Madison is one of the aristocratic towns in the state. The culture and history of the town is rich, and the antebellum homes and old style buildings lure and fascinate visitors all the time. Also, the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center is one of the highlights of the town that you cannot miss.

6. Covington

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With a pastoral charm, Covington is a beautiful town void of the hustle and bustle. As it was the location of great Hollywood movies like Sweet Magnolias, The Dukes of Hazzard and more, the town is known as “Hollywood of the South”. The most iconic attraction of the town is the Newton County Courthouse.

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7. Thomasville

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Thomasville is a town of fragrant blooms for which it gained the nickname of “Rose City”. Annually, in April, the Thomasville Rose Show & Festival is one of the most celebrated events of the town.

If you plan to visit it, then April is the best time to visit when the town is decorated, shops offer a variety of special options and the dining destinations are the best. More attractions are also here, including the Pebble Hill Plantation and a giant historic oak tree.

8. Darien

An idyllic town in the coastal of Savannah, Georgia, Darien is a sleepy town. The mellow and laid back atmosphere of the town is the perfect place for a relaxing weekend. Fishing, bird watching, biking and other leisure activities are enjoyed by most visitors.

Also, the stunning scenic beauty around the town adds the best backdrop for your lazy days. Under the shade of the big ancient oak tree, you can enjoy blissful days.

9. Ellijay

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Georgia’s Ellijay is a town full of orchards. The fertile soil and suitable weather of the town makes it the best place to grow and harvest juicy fruits. Every year, the town hosts the Georgia Apple Festival in October.

You can enjoy outdoor activities such as sightseeing, exploring the markets, and more. For more activities, you can go to the farms, visit the Carters Lake or Cartecay River Brewing Co.

10. Washington

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With a population of 3,971, Washington is a town that houses abundant historic architecture. The ancient churches and antebellum homes are still standing to awestruck the visitors.

Moreover, you can explore the 3,000-acre Callaway Plantation and you will be appalled how well it is preserved to let the visitors know about the past. Also, touring around the Kettle Creek Battlefield is one of the must-do activities when visiting the town.

11. St. Mary’s

If you visit Cumberland Island in Georgia, you must visit St. Mary’s. This seaside gem is found after traveling for a few hours on a ferry. With a picturesque waterfront, the town has a cluster of eateries and shops that all visitors love visiting and purchasing things and foods.

The crab cakes of the local restaurants are the most popular foods among residents and visitors. For a trip through marine photography and memorabilia, you must visit the St. Mary’s Submarine Museum.

12. Brunswick

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Brunswick overflows with maritime charms. This town is the ideal idyllic seaside place where you would want to spend your idle days and take in the sun. The Golden Isles is the mainland post of Georgia which is located in this town.

Moreover, the huge Lover’s Oak and Mary Ross Waterfront Park are two of the other highlights of the town which are must-visits. The town is actually known for its heartwarming local hospitality.

13. Dahlonega

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If you are in for a good time exploring the former gold rush mecca, there is no other place than Dahlonega. This town has a great glided history of the mines. Here, the Dahlonega Gold Museum is a great place to visit and have fun. And, for nature lovers, the trails in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains is the ultimate highlight of this town.

14. Plains

For a summer vacation, Plains is a town of wonders. The town is full of greenery and bloomed gardens; the rural life of the town enchants the visitors, and you can meditate to calm your mind in the fresh atmosphere.

Interestingly, the town is known for being the home and birthplace of the 39th President of the United States, Jimmy Carter. This agrarian town has gone through different infrastructural development, and you will enjoy this town of beauty and nature.

15. Jekyll Island

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Jekyll Island is the ideal location for you to jump into a slower and more natural place to enjoy your holidays. This small beach destination is packed with history in all corners of the 5,500 acres area.

Overall, the island is a quiet barrier and has been the main attraction for nobility like Vanderbilts and Rockefellers. If you are in for a pleasant and relaxing time, then this island is perfect for you.

16. Duluth

In Duluth, Georgia, the motto of this small town is “Pride in Old and New” with big city amenities, This town has an historic downtown area. You can view the old charm display of the area. For those who love the aesthetics of an old town, this town is a must-visit for them.

17. St. Simons Island

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Off the coast of Georgia, St. Simons Island is one of the famous Golden Isles of the state. With its natural beaches and many parks, you can explore the abundant wildlife. Along with it, you will come across the historic sites and monuments of the state. This island is one of the oldest ones which is surrounded by the historic Southern Oaks.

Whether it be the lazy afternoon time, or the bright daylight zone, Georgia does not disappoint visitors at any time or day. When you visit any of the listed small towns in Georgia, you can dive straight into the state’s charm, and at the same time your travel fantasies will also come true.

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