10 Steepest Roads in the US [Update 2024]

Steepest Roads in the US

Nature always reaches civilization. Men also interfered with nature. Forest ecosystems occupy many terrain. The Pacific Northwest has diverse landscapes.

Steep, fast flowing mountain streams flow into meandering river floodplains, volcanic peaks contrast with broad basins, and forested hillsides surround softly sloping Savannas. This geography has supported human civilisation. They built roads and homes to communicate. Steep and long routes are intriguing.

America has the steepest highways. California, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii have the steepest roads near the Pacific Northwest. These roads are steep. I found the steepest US roads after data analysis.

Here are the steepest roads in the US.

List of Steepest Roads in the US

1. Waipio Road in Honokaa, Hawaii

The first steepest road in the US is Waipio Road in Honokaa. The road is difficult and dangerous in the wet or dark or both together. The road is a 45% gradient. It is the short steep road on the northeast coast of Hawaii’s Bif Island. It is restricted for cars as it is steep enough to destroy brakes on the way down. 

About 900 feet down the valley floor much steep that it destroy brakes and stall engines on the way up. Only 4WD cars with low gear can make it down due to its forty-five angle of the roads. 

2. Canton Avenue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The second steepest road on our list is Canton Avenue in Pittsburgh. This road is known as intriguing and challenging for cyclists. With a maximum gradient of 37%, it has a 37-foot elevation gain for every 100 feet. 

In 1983, the Dirty Dozen bike race takes the cyclists to this challenging road. From then on it has become a challenge for every biker to finish the race on the steepest roads.  

3. Eldred Street in Los Angeles, California

Built-in 1912, Eldred Street is the third steepest road in the US. The maximum gradient is 33.30%. The road is dangerous enough to cause trucks to lose their cargo. The US postal service gave up and mail is delivered at the bottom of the street. 

Dead-end Eldred has 196 wooden steps to help pedestrians reach the cross street of Cross Avenue. This gave people to see the amazing view of Mount Baldy and San Gabriels. 

4. 28th Street in Los Angeles, California

California is the city of the steepest roads. 28th Street in San Pedro is the steepest road in the city with a 33% gradient. It is the fourth steepest road in the US. The buses can’t get up and drivers need to take precaution against it. 

5. Baxter Street in Los Angeles, California

Baxter Street is another steepest road in California. It is the fifth steepest road on our list. It was paved in 1872. The bust completely got stuck in the way up. However, this road is famous among the skaters. The maximum gradient is 32%. Baxter Street is also famous for providing ground for automobiles manufacturers as they showcase their vehicle’s power.  

6. Fargo St. in Los Angeles, California

With a gradient of 32%, Fargo Street is the sixth steepest street in the US. It is one of the important streets in Los Angeles, California. 

In the annual event participants accept challenges to go up on the top on a bike and if so how many times. Steve Gilmore is still holding the record since 2008 with 101 ascents

7. Maria Avenue in Spring Valley, California

If you want to ride a mount through cycling Maria Avenue is the road you are searching for. With a 32% gradient, a single street block is hiding many gnarly short climbs. To climb up you have to face the ten toughest blocks of paved road which is the only way to cycle up. 

8. Dornbush Street in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The eighth steepest road on our list is Dornbush Street in Pennsylvania. It has a gradient of 32.98%. If you combine steepness with cobblestones or slick brick or bad repairs this can make a given hill more difficult than one that is steeper.

9. 22nd Street in San Francisco, California

22nd Street in San Fransisco holds the title of the ninth steepest road in the country. It is one of the seven steepest hills in California. With a gradient of 31.5%, this street is a one way street between Church and Vicksburg Street. It is known as one of the legendary steep roads in San Fransisco. 

10. Filbert Street in San Francisco, California

East of Van Ness Avenue and Columbus Avenue, Filbert Street has the maximum gradient of 31.5% as its sister road 22nd Street. This is also the 2nd legendary steep road of San Fransisco. 

California, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii have the steepest roadways in the US. Some roads are prohibited to four-wheel-drive cars and walkers due to their steep grades. Tourists also take precautions. They’re hazardous, but they’re part of nature’s civilisation.

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