Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Arkansas [Update 2024]


Arkansas is one of the most natural states in the United States and is renowned for its state parks, mountainous terrain, wilderness areas and hot springs. This Southern American state is known for its incredible natural landscapes and areas, and usually attracts visitors looking for a calm and relaxing gateway.

However, the state is also home to some incredibly tall, and well-built massive skyscrapers that are nothing but a delight to your eyes. These buildings are important landmarks that play an immense role in Arkansas’s economy and history.

The tallest buildings in Arkansas are listed below.

1. Simmons Tower (166m)

Simmons Tower is one of the best Tallest Buildings in Arkansas

Simmons Tower is the tallest building in Arkansas, and has been the tallest building in the state since 1986. Situated in the heart of Little Rock, the capital of Arkansas, this 40-story building has been the most iconic building in the state for the last 30-plus years.

It is a commercial building that consists of offices, retail stores and restaurants. Moreover, the cost of constructing this building was $72 million in 1984, and it was nicknamed as “The Capitol Tower” after its construction.

2. Regions Center (138m)

Regions Center

Regions Center, the tallest building in Arkansas for over 10 years from 1975 to 1986, is located in the center of Little Rock, on West Capitol Avenue. It is a commercial building that has 30 floors, and features office spaces, retail stores and restaurants.

This building was constructed and designed in 1975 by Wittenberg, Delony & Davidson Architects. This iconic skyscraper in Arkansas’s capital is still the second-tallest building in the state, 47 years after its construction.

3. Bank of America Plaza (114m)

Located in Little Rock, Bank of America Plaza is a commercial building that was built in 1970, and was the tallest building in Arkansas for 5 years after its construction.

It has 23 floors, most of which are used for office space, and also features other commercial spaces. Additionally, this huge skyscraper consists of 8 elevators as well.

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4. Stephens Building (111m)

Stephens Building

Stephens Building was constructed in 1985, and is still one of the best-looking buildings in the state. It is a 25-story skyscraper that is located at 111 Center Street, Little Rock.

This is a commercial building that was built in the Modernism architectural style. Furthermore, Stephens Building is also known as Rogers Office Building.

5. One Union National Plaza (101m)

Constructed in 1968, One Union National Plaza was the tallest building in Arkansas for two years, from 1968 to 1970. It is a class A commercial building that is primarily used for office spaces.

With 22 floors and 436 parking spaces, it is a beautiful-looking skyscraper in the center of Little Rock, Capitol Avenue.

6. Tower Building (91m)

Tower Building is the oldest commercial building on this list, constructed in 1960. It was the tallest building in the state of Arkansas after the completion of its construction, and it stayed that way until 1968.

Moreover, this commercial building consists of 18 floors, and was listed as a national historical place in 2011. If you visit the capital of Arkansas, then the Tower Building is definitely a must-visit site.

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7. River Market Tower (73m)

Built in 2009, River Market Tower is the most newly-constructed building on this list. It is a 20-storied building located in Little Rock, Arkansas. It is mainly a residential building that features apartments and condos.

However, it also has hotel and shopping spaces as well, making it one of the most complete residential buildings to live in Arkansas. Additionally, there are also spaces for music, art and dining in River Market Tower.

8. Arkansas State Capitol (70m)

Known as “The Capitol Building”, Arkansas State Capitol is an incredible building that is over 100 years old. Constructed in 1916, it is home to the General Assembly of Arkansas.

Being one of the most historic buildings in Arkansas, this building was built in the Classical Revival architectural style. Moreover, it is also the seat of Arkansas state government, and is located at 500 Woodlane Street, Little Rock.

9. Cathedral of St. Andrew (67m)

Cathedral of St. Andrew is the tallest religious building in Arkansas, and was constructed in 1881, making it the oldest building on this list.

Moreover, it is also the oldest place of continuing worship in the city of Little Rock, Arkansas’s capital, and is the seat of Roman Catholic Diocese of the city. The Cathedral of St. Andrew was designed by Thomas Harding, following the Gothic Revival style of architecture.

10. 300 Third Tower (66m)

300 Third Tower is a luxurious residential building that features apartments and condos, which offer stunning views of the Arkansas River. Constructed in 2007, this relatively newly-built residential building consists of 18 floors, which are full of incredibly modern living spaces.

Additionally, 300 Third Tower also provides its residents with exercise facilities, on-premise parking spaces, high-speed passenger elevators, a bakery and a coffee shop. It is located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The tallest buildings in the state of Arkansas are mostly located in its capital, Little Rock. Moreover, the majority of these buildings are office spaces of some of the biggest and most well-known companies in the state. Some buildings on this list are also viewed as iconic historic landmarks in the state.

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