Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Florida [Update 2024]

Tallest Buildings in Florida

Florida has one of the largest economies in the world and the fourth-largest economy in the United States, just behind California, Texas and New York. Additionally, one of the biggest drivers of Florida’s economy is tourism.

Being one of America’s most multicultural states, Florida offers its tourists a unique experience, unlike any other. So, it is home to massive hotels and gigantic skyscrapers.

In fact, Florida has 37 buildings right now that are 550 feet tall or more. Interestingly, unlike most other states in the US, most of Florida’s tallest buildings are hotels and residential buildings due to its incredible tourism numbers. So, these are the tallest buildings in Florida.

1. Panorama Tower (Height: 868 feet)

Panorama Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Florida

Panorama Tower is the tallest building in Florida and is a mixed-use building constructed in 2018. Built in a modernism architecture style, this 85-story building had a construction cost of around $800 million dollars.

Moreover, Panorama Tower was developed by Florida East Coast Realty and encompasses a massive floor area of 2,600,000 sq. feet. Situated in Downtown Miami, this huge skyscraper consists of a hotel, residential apartments and office spaces. It is also the 55th-tallest building in the country.

2. Aston Martin Residences (Height: 817 feet)

Aston Martin Residences is the tallest residential building in Florida and the second-tallest building in the state. This massive 66-story skyscraper consists of 391 residential condominiums and its construction will be fully completed in 2022.

Located in Downtown Miami, Aston Martin Residences is one of the best residential buildings in the state in terms of the location and services offered. Additionally, it is nestled close to the stunning Biscayne Bay and offers its residents incredible scenic views.

3. Four Seasons Hotel Miami (Height: 789 feet)

Four Seasons Hotel Miami

Commonly referred to as the Millennium Tower, Four Seasons Hotel Miami is one of the most iconic high-rise skyscrapers in Florida. This gigantic 70-story building is a mixed-use building which consists of residential condos, office space and a world-class hotel.

Four Seasons Hotel Miami was designed by Handel Architects and had a construction cost of $280 million dollars. Furthermore, this building completed its construction in 2003 and was the tallest building in Florida at that time.

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4. Southeast Financial Center (Height: 764 feet)

Southeast Financial Center

Constructed in 1984, Southeast Financial Center was the tallest building in Florida for around 20 years before it was surpassed by Four Seasons Hotel Miami. Located in Miami, Southeast Financial Center is one of the busiest buildings in the state.

This commercial office building consists of 55 floors and was previously called the First Union Financial Center. It was originally constructed to be the headquarters of Southeast Bank and had a construction cost of $180 million dollars at the time.

5. Brickell Flatiron (Height: 734 feet)

A 65-story top-class residential building, Brickell Flatiron is one of the tallest buildings in the state. It is a luxury condominium building which was constructed in 2019. Moreover, it was named Brickell Flatiron because of the triangular lot it is constructed on.

Brickell Flatiron consists of 549 condos and is one of the tallest condominium buildings situated south of New York City. Brickell Flatiron was constructed by the CMC group for around $236 million dollars.

6. One Thousand Museum (Height: 709 feet)

Located on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami, One Thousand Museum is named after the renowned Museum Park in Downtown Miami. Constructed in 2019, One Thousand Museum is a massive 62-story residential building.

Additionally, this beautiful skyscraper consists of 84 residences, including townhouses and full-floor residences. Furthermore, there is swimming at the top of this building, and it was constructed by Plaza Construction.

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7. Marquis Residences (Height: 703 feet)

Marquis Residences is an amazing residential and hotel skyscraper that is situated along the wonderful Biscayne Bay. Built in 2009, Marquis Residences was one of the tallest buildings in Florida at the time.

Furthermore, it is located close to the One Thousand Museum and across the famed Museum Park. Marquis Residences consists of 67 floors that include condos, residences and a hotel and was designed by Arquitectonica.

8. Paramount Miami Worldcenter (Height: 700 feet)

Paramount Miami Worldcenter is a top-notch residential and hotel building that offers a wide range of features and facilities. Firstly, this incredible high-rise skyscraper contains 569 residences and extensive amenities that include an array of entertainment facilities.

Some of the most popular amenities offered by Paramount Miami Worldcenter include an outdoor soccer field, boxing studio, bungalows, swimming pools, golf simulators and many more. Moreover, this 55-story skyscraper was developed by Paramount Ventures in 2019.

9. 900 Biscayne Bay (Height: 650 feet)

Named after the stunning Biscayne Bay, 900 Biscayne Bay is one of the tallest buildings in Downtown Miami. Constructed in 2008, this huge 63-story skyscraper consists of 13 elevators and 800 parking spaces.

Additionally, this world-class residential building features 516 residential units that come with an array of fantastic facilities. 900 Biscayne Bay was designed by Revuelta Vega Leon and is one of the most well-designed buildings in Florida.

10. Muse Residences (Height: 649 feet)

Situated on the beautiful Sunny Isles Beach, Muse Residences is a massive residential building which was constructed in 2018. It is the tallest building in Florida, located outside of Miami.

Moreover, Muse Residences consists of 68 units of residences, most of which are apartments and condos. This 47-story building was designed by Carlos Ott.

Apart from one, all the other buildings on this list are located in the city of Miami, one of Florida’s largest city. This is no surprise considering the fact that Miami is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the US and has plays an immense role in Florida’s economy. Hence, most of the tallest buildings in Florida are large hotels or residential buildings.

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