Top 18 Tourist Attractions in Colorado [Update 2024]


Colorado is a state where natural beauty and modern infrastructure come together, creating stunning landscapes and cities. As a result, you will have tons of reasons to stay in Colorado and explore the state.

Today, I have brought for you the ultimate list of tourist attractions in Colorado that you must stop by while visiting the state. 

1. Rocky Mountain National Park

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Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the best Tourist Attractions in Colorado

No trip to the Centennial State (a nickname for Colorado) is complete with a trip to the iconic Rocky Mountain National Park, which ranks among the top tourist destinations in the country, drawing millions of visitors every year.

The park features some stunning views that incorporate snow-capped peaks, lakes, wildlife, woodlands, and even tundra as you get higher up. With hundreds of miles of trails, no shortage of waterways, and guaranteed animal viewings, a trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park is an outdoor lovers’ paradise and ideal for both families and serious climbers.

2. Denver

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Colorado is home to some excellent and culturally diverse cities. Among them is the largest urban population center, the city of Denver. Denver is home to countless attractions, including museums, sports arenas, outdoor parks, restaurants/breweries, and interesting neighborhoods.

3. Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

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Royal Gorge’s suspension bridge crosses high above the Arkansas River, giving you amazing views of the canyon if you’re brave enough to cross.

There’s also an adventure park at the Royal Gorge, featuring the highest zipline in the country, a roller-coaster, and aerial gondolas that carry you over the canyon. It’s a one-of-a-kind place to visit in Colorado and a great option for families.

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4. Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve

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Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve

National parks are some of the best places to visit in Colorado. Each one will give you a quick history and science lesson about various regions, and Great Sand Dunes National Park is no exception. The sand dunes at Great Sand Dunes National Park are actually the tallest dunes in North America, and visitors can hike, splash in the river (in certain seasons), and even sled down the dunes.

All the while, you will be surrounded by amazing views of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains just beyond the dunes. It’s definitely one of the most mesmerizing places in Colorado!

5. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

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Visit the canyon of the Gunnison for hiking, fishing, or admiring the views carved out by the Gunnison River. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is one of the four national parks in Colorado and is in a less-developed area of the state, with the small Colorado town of Crawford about half an hour away.

If you’re looking for quiet and a chance to appreciate nature, Gunnison National Park is one of the best destinations in Colorado.

6. Snowmass Village

Lots of people only think of Colorado ski towns in winter, but they offer plenty to do year-round! Even though Snowmass is a popular ski resort in Colorado, in summer you can also hit the biking trails, or do activities like hiking and fishing. Kids will also love the activities at the Lost Forest, which include an alpine coaster, a treetop challenge course, and a climbing wall. 

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7. Breckenridge

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For those who love skiing and the mountains, Breckenridge is one of the most popular places to visit. The old mining town has a rich history concerning the Gold Rush and has maintained some old-style Victorian houses and boutique shops that you can admire.

8. Maroon Bells

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Maroon Bells is situated near Aspen. Truly speaking, this place is meant for photography. The awe-striking beauty of this area makes it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Colorado.

Moreover, the place is filled with rich history, stunning beauty and pleasant atmosphere. It is also highly ranked by locals and tourists.

9. Silverton

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Do you want to explore a traditional former mining town? Then Silverton is the right place for you. The town of Silverton is also one of the National Historic Landmarks.

Just by traveling by the narrow gauge train from Durango, you will reach this town. You can find different souvenir shops, restaurants to grab a bite or go for a unique hiking experience when you visit the town. 

10. Glenwood Springs

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After only a six-hour drive to the east of Denver, you will find Glenwood Springs. It sits perched in the mountains, and you can explore the endless beauty of it.

The large swimming pools that are created with the waters from the hot springs in the area make it a great place to swim. You can enjoy swimming in the pools any time of the year. Also, the ATV tour is one of the ways you can explore the adventure park near the springs. 

11. Grand Junction

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Grand Junction is located near Utah and is an amazing spot to visit in Colorado. With its unique vibe, this junction provides plenty of options for hiking and biking with its incredible trails.

Also, you can enjoy different outdoor activities like rock climbing, rafting, strolling and more in the area. Above all, exploring the junction is one of a kind experience itself that you should not miss. 

12. Garden of the Gods

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For those who love visiting parks, in Colorado the Garden of the Gods park is the ideal area. With its red rocks and gorgeous scenic beauty, this park is one of a kind. Moreover, the Rocky Mountains behind the park give the best views.

One of the great features of the park is that it is accessible for strollers and wheelchairs. While you walk through the park, you can enjoy exploring the formations like the Kissing Camels and Sleeping Giant. 

13. Hanging Lake

Just after a short drive from the beautiful Glenwood Springs, you will find the Hanging Lake. You can even choose to hike but be aware that the hike is quite steep even if it is short.

The unusual bluish green shade of the lake is magnificent. Because of the dissolved minerals, the lake gains such a unique color. Remember that swimming or wading in the lake is forbidden. 

14. Dinosaur National Monument

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Right on the western edge of Colorado, Dinosaur National Monument stands with its amazing beauty. For dinosaur lovers, this place is legendary. You can view the petroglyphs from early people.

The area also tells stories of settlers and outlaws that occupied the area of Utah and Colorado. As a result, in this rocky barren region, you will get to learn about the beings that lived before us. 

15. Colorado National Monument

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In Fruita, Colorado National Monument is a wonderful attraction that you just cannot miss. It preserves a beautiful Western-looking landscape that is so picturesque.

You can enjoy hiking and mountain biking in the park of the monument. While doing so, you can catch a glimpse of eagles soaring up high above the canyon or bighorn sheep grazing.

16. Chatfield State Park

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One of the famous landmarks as well as one of the most liked tourist attractions is Chatfield State Park. The park is home to the Chatfield Reservoir. It is best to visit the park in the summer seasons as the water sources will cool you down and relax you.

The enchanting views of the surrounding areas add to why people enjoy exploring the place so much. For those who want to enjoy a fishing trip, you will find perch, catfish, walleye and rainbow trout in the park waters. So remember to take your fishing rod when you visit this gorgeous landmark.

17. Mount Sopris

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Part of the Elk Mountains, Mount Sopris is a magnificent landmark where you will find rock formations of 30 million years ago. There are two summits of the landmark – West Sopris and East Sopris. The contrasts of the rocks will enchant you, and you can even observe the lush green vegetation of the area.

18. United States Air Force Academy

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A landmark which is beautiful as well as a part of the pride of Colorado is the United States Air Force Academy. It is situated in Colorado Springs and the campus is elevated in a range of 2,500 feet to 9,000 feet.

Here, you can witness the awesome view of clouds floating. By visiting the visitor center, you can join a guided tour which is directed through the nature trails.

You won’t run out of places to visit in Colorado, but you can’t cover all the places, right? So my recommendation would be to select among the listed tourist attractions in Colorado to visit so that you can make the most of your vacation.

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