12 Best Water Parks in California [Update 2024]


Water sports activities nowadays contain everything from enormous rides to flat fields and wandering streams. Both travelers and sensation-seekers will find something to their liking among them.

Bring sunscreen and bathing suits for a great day at the finest water parks in California, and don’t forget to take advantage of the joyful time. 

1. Great Wolf Lodge, Garden Grove

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Great Wolf Lodge in Garden Grove is one of the best water parks in California

In 2016, the Great Wolf Lodge in Southern California initially opened for business to the public for the first time. Since then, the resort has been busy entertaining families with its remarkable array of water slides, thrill spins, activity pools, and more!

The 84-degree most elegant water park in California, located in Garden Grove, offers a variety of activities, including six-story slides and leisurely rides down the lazy river. Kids day spa, a bowling lane, an arcade, and different other features and attractions are also available on the premises.

2. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Concord

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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Concord

There is something different at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord, which has family adventures, thrilling rollercoasters, and other activities for visitors of all ages, making it one of the best water parks in California.

What more could you likely need from a California water park than that? In addition, there is an area where the Kooler Lazy River has been built, which is very appealing to people who want to relax rather than ride their bicycles.

You may grab a quick bite to eat at any of the three restaurants available on the campus.

3. California’s Great America, Santa Clara

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California's Great America, Santa Clara

Theme parks like California’s Great America provide family fun. In addition, it is a California water park. In addition, there’s a holiday-themed play area (during December). It’s a year-round destination since it offers something for everyone.

You can relax, see Santa, or just enjoy yourself with your loved ones if you want to! A 45-foot drop tube ride is among the park’s thrill rides, also referred to as Boomerang Bay. At the Santa Clara site, guests may get a sense of theater while they’re splashing about in the pool.

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4. Knott’s Berry Farm, Buena Park

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Contrary to popular belief, this area lacks any fruit. The Orange Province’s biggest water park is located outside of Lakewood on a 15-acre plot of land. There is a hotel, amusement park, and water park near Knott’s Berry Farm.

Tidal Wave Bay is a 750,000-gallon wave pool at Knott’s Soak City, with 23 speed, tube, and body slides. There’s also Gremmie Lagoon, a kiddie pool geared for families with younger children.

5. Raging Waters, San Dimas

Many California water parks to explore when visiting Los Angeles, but Raging Waters-San Dimas should be on your list of must-see attractions.

At the 60-acre water park, guests may enjoy more than 50 “world-class” rides, slides, and interests. In addition, it is home to the only micropolar water coaster in the state of California!

You’ll just need to bring along some sunblock, sunglasses, and additional clothing. Furthermore, don’t be worried about missing anything. There are three shops on the premises, each of which has all you could need.

6. Legoland Water Park, Carlsbad

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That’s the kind of Legoland you’ll find here, and it is one of the most wanted water parks in California. Situated south of San Diego, this water park is oriented. It includes seven slides as well as a water park, pristine beaches, and a fun built-a-raft element.

Visitors must first design and construct their own LEGO raft before proceeding with the trip down the river.

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7. Aquatica, San Diego

In this 500,000-gallon pool, which is maintained at a comfortable 82 degrees Fahrenheit, waves of up to five feet are sometimes seen. Guests may also relax on a 43,000-foot length of white sand beach offered by the resort.

Among the attractions are a 75-foot aquatic plunge and a stroll along the lazy river. So, enjoy yourself in one of the biggest wave pools in all of Southern California.

8. Waterworks Park, Redding

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There are a variety of exciting rides available at this California water park, including The Dragon, The Cyclone, The Lazy Lake, and The Kiddie Playground, to name a few. Grab a one-day pass at the most exciting water park in California!

You may rent a locker to store your things as well as tubes to help you go down the slides more easily. You may also rent a cabana for your use. The additional facilities shown in the VIP plan are a fan, a loudspeaker, patio seats, a television, and other conveniences.

9. Wild Water Adventure Park, Clovis

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Visit the Wild Water Adventure Park and have some fun in the sun and water! Located around the north of Los Angeles, this amusement park is California’s biggest, spanning 52 shady acres of ground.

This destination may be found near Clovis, California, at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. More than 20 thrills, 38 water activities, and numerous splash lakes keep you amused throughout the day at this water park.

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10. Splash Kingdom Waterpark, Redlands

The world’s highest free-standing waterslide tower may be found at the Splash Kingdom Waterpark. The Tower of Kings is 745 feet long and culminates in a thrilling 31-foot plunge.As a result, the park has earned the moniker “ultimate paradise” among thrill-seekers.

The park also houses the world’s highest completely enclosed body slide, which rises at 90 feet tall. It’s no surprise that it’s referred to as a California kingdom.

11. Island Waterpark, Fresno

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The Island Waterpark is about a 2-hour drive from either Santa Clara or San Jose. It has all of the typical water park attractions. Free-fall plunges, kid zones, adrenaline slides, and more are all available. Every year, the park welcomes an estimated 240,000 visitors. 

Unfortunately, this location is only available during the summer months, so you’ll have to wait till then to visit.

12. The Wave Waterpark, Vista

Even though there aren’t many rides at this delightful place, there are lots of other enjoyable activities to participate in.

Swimming lessons, flow rider practice, water polo coaching, splash camps, as well as other sports are available at this park. Learning to swim, participating in water sports, and sharing time with the family are all made possible via this program.

As soon as you enter one of these water parks, you may get bewildered about what to do and what not! There are a lot of theme parks out there, and most of them attempt to cater to a wide range of visitors. So prepare yourself if you are going to have a wonderful day splashing about in California.

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