17 Best Campgrounds in California [Update 2024]


Camping is one of the most popular outdoor activities in California. The State of California is renowned for its amazing campgrounds and RV parks. Weather it is a tour with friends or some time out with family members, camping remains one of California’s most attractive holiday choices.

Trekking long forests, setting up tents, going surfing or just relaxing and enjoying the awe-inspiring view of the coastline, Californian campgrounds are just perfect for recreational activities and relaxation.

California’s coastlines and mountains are full of some excellent campgrounds. The best campgrounds in California are listed below.

1. Kirk Creek Campground

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Kirk Creek is one of the best campgrounds in California

Kirk Creek Campground, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, is a perfect place for relaxation and recreational activities.

Moreover, there are some beautiful trails from Kirk Creek Campground that lead to the Los Padres National Forest. Located in Big Sur, Kirk Creek Campground is one of the best campgrounds in California.

2. Red Rock Canyon State Park

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Red Rock Canyon State Park

Red Rock Canyon State Park, a campground located in Cantil, offers amazing camping locations, trails and parking facilities.

Furthermore, Red Rock Canyon State Park features excellent rock formations, stunning desert cliffs, and picnic spots. During spring, the parks floral displays are an awe-inspiring sight.

3. South Carlsbad State Beach Campground

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South Carlsbad State Beach Campground

Located in Carlsbad, South Carlsbad State Beach Campground is a camping facility and beach that is protected by the state park of California. Being close to a beach, this camping facility provides all sorts of leisure and entertaining activities.

Some of the most popular activities at South Carlsbad State Beach Campground include scuba diving, swimming, fishing and surfing.

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4. Moro Campground

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Located in the beautiful area of Laguna Beach, Moro Campground is a perfect campground to enjoy stunning views and relax with friends and family.

Moro Campground offers RV parking and camping spots, as well as, tents. Additionally, Moro Campground also provides access to the beach.

5. Mendocino Coast KOA Journey

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Mendocino Coast KOA Journey is a prefect holiday getaway camping destination for the residents of Manchester, California. Each trail from Mendocino Coast KOA Journey leads to the Pacific Ocean, which allows visitors to enjoy hours of beach walking or tide pooling.

Along with the amazing views presented by the stunning Mendocino Coast, there are also two lighthouses present nearby.

6. Dogwood Family Campground

Dogwood Family Campground, located on Lake Arrowhead, is one of the best campgrounds in California. Dogwood Family Campground offers amazing camping and picnic spots for families. Its forest has fire pits, bathrooms, scenic trails and RV parking spots.

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7. Ventura Ranch KOA Holiday

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Ventura Ranch KOA Holiday, is a popular holiday destination, located in the city of Santa Paula. Situated in the hills of California, Ventura Ranch KOA Holiday has an area of 76 acres.

Nestled on top of California’s Topa Topa mountain, Ventura Ranch KOA Holiday offers fantastic views, excellent star-lit nights and wildlife experience.

8. Ponderosa RV Resort

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Ponderosa RV Resort, a waterfront RV campground, is located in Lotus, California. Situated in the mountainous region of Lotus, Ponderosa RV Resort offers an incredible experience close to nature. Ponderosa RV Resort is close to the American River, so activities like fishing, swimming and rafting are very popular in this campground.

9. Ramblin’ Redwoods Campground and RV Park

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Located in Crescent City, Ramblin’ Redwoods Campground and RV Park offers a thrilling camping experience under the tallest trees in the world.

Ramblin’ Redwoods Campground and RV Park provides RV parking, tents for camping and cabins. Ramblin’ is an excellent camp site for those who love to be in touch with nature, offering towering forests and kilometers of awe-inspiring coastline.

10. Kern River KOA

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Located in Weldon, Kern River KOA is one of the most beautiful camping sites in California. Situated in the Sierra Mountains, Kern River KOA is a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Moreover, Kern River KOA offers access to the renowned whitewater river, the Kern River. Some popular activities at the Kern River KOA include rafting and kayaking.

11. Russian River RV Campground

Russian River RV Campground, an RV campground, is located in Cloverdale, California. Near the camp, there are some amazing wineries that can be explored.

Furthermore, the Bay Area’s Golden Bridge is just a short walk away, where there are also gaming zones as well. Some popular activities at Russian River RV Campground include kayaking, rafting, fishing and swimming.

12. LA RV Resort and Action Camp

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Located in Acton, California, LA RV Resort and Action Camp is an RV camp. It is a sensation camping destination for recreation and relaxation.

Along with camping, this camp offers picnic spots, hiking and trails as well. LA RV Resort and Action Camp also offers longer stays at monthly rates of $900.

13. Oakzanita Springs RV Campground

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Oakzanita Springs RV Campground, one of the best RV camps in California, is located in the city of Descanso. With an elevation of up to 4,000 feet, Oakzanita Springs RV Campground offers a sensational view for camping.

Furthermore, this camp also offers swimming pools and breakfasts. Oakzanita Springs RV Campground also provides certain facilities specified for different seasons.

14. Sunset State Beach Campground

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Sunset State Beach Campground is a peaceful and relaxing camping destination situated under pines, near a beach.

Offering unmatched scenic views of Monterey Bay, Sunset SB is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful campgrounds in California. Facilities offered at Sunset SB include camping, fishing, park events and picnic spots.

15. South Campground

South Campground, is located in Watsonville, California. South Campground offers camping facilities that include setting up tents and RV parking. Located near Sunset State Beach, South Campground provides some awe-inspiring views of the sunset.

16. Algoma Campground

Free overnight accommodations are available near the Upper McCloud River, where you can thoroughly explore the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. This location is perfect if you’re looking for some peace & quiet because it gets less traffic.

17. Wawona – Yosemite NP

Wawona, which lies 45 minutes south of Yosemite Valley, is the ideal location for a more sedate camping trip. There are picnic tables, food lockers, and fire pits at this location. Enjoy some peace and quiet by the Merced River, which is close to most campsites. Wonderful trekking options can also be found nearby and in Yosemite Valley’s surroundings.

Along with offering camping sites, these campgrounds also offer stunning views of the coastline and sensations backdrop of beautiful mountains. Whether it is enjoying beach activities like surfing or kayaking with friends, or setting up an RV camp to spend quality time with your family, these campgrounds can offer all that and more.

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