Top 12 Water Parks in Colorado [Update 2024]


No matter the season, water parks are a great way to cool down. Getting tickets may be a challenge in Colorado during the summer because of the high demand because some of the country’s most beautiful lakes, reservoirs, and bays may be found in the state of Colorado.

For the most part, Colorado does boast some of the most spectacular water parks in the country. For additional information, you can have a look at my list of the best water parks in Colorado for your next trip. 

1. Elitch Gardens

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Elitch Gardens is one of the top water parks in Colorado

The Elitch Gardens Water Park in Denver, Colorado, is only available on weekends only. All-day theme park passes offer access to both the water park and theme park. Both parks provide a broad range of thrills and activities to appeal to visitors of all ages.

Thrill-seekers will enjoy the honorable Tube Top, which offers a lot of whirling excitement. At the same time, Gangplanks has two creek, continuous tube slides.

Tourists at Cannonball Falls may get soaked as they slide down one of two enclosed tube slides at the waterfall. RipQurl is a two-person high-speed bowl attraction that takes place in a bowl.

2. Great Wolf Lodge Colorado Springs

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Great Wolf Lodge Colorado Springs

Great Wolf Lodge Colorado Springs is a tourist hotspot featuring a water park, many seasonal events, various dining choices, and exciting offers. This giant water park in Colorado has an amusement park and an indoor water park available to tourists at this renowned hotel to enjoy family time together.

The indoor water park is conveniently kept at a comfortable 84 degrees all year round. You can try the Howlin’ Tornado slide, the zero-depth Cub Paw Pool, Chinook Cove’s basketball court, or Slap Tail Pond’s giant surges if you’re a proactive person. 

3. Water World

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Water World

There’s a prominent place to visit in Federal Heights, which is Water World, one of the best water parks in Colorado. While it’s difficult to accomplish them all, there are plenty of enjoyable activities to partake in while you’re here.

There are over 50 attractions and rides for people of all ages on more than 70 acres of excitement! Water slides and pools, dark river rides, and more can be found at the outdoor water park. 

There’s also a water coaster here for the first time in Colorado. Water World offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking for excitement or a relaxing day on the Lazy River or in the huge wave pool.   There are wave pools, group river rides, kids’ sections, racing slides, and more at this waterpark, the first of its kind in the state.

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4. The Ralston-Central Park

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Ralston Central Park is growing in popularity due to the great things to offer its visitors. A 20-acre Park and Bridge/Trail with hiking pathways, two recreational spaces, a huge splash pad, indoor bathrooms, a volleyball court, and seats all over the park, as well as the Hernor Family Memorial Garden.

5. Confluence Park

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Located where Cherry Creek and the South Platte River meet, Colorado’s Confluence Park is a great spot to go for a weekend away. It’s one of Denver’s modern parks, located just outside the city itself. A dog park, baseball and soccer grounds, and riverfront paths round out the park’s sports offerings. 

The prime place of Confluence Park, despite its small size compared to other Denver urban parks, attracts a great number of people who would like to relax by the river or pop through Cherry Creek, have fun in the sunshine, float down the South Platte River, or attend events during the summertime and all Broncos games.

6. Pirates Cove Water Park

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Pirates Cove Water Park, Lorton’s largest pirate-themed waterpark, is the perfect place to cool down! To top it all off, Pirate’s Cove has a massive pirate-themed playground complete with an oversized 300-gallon trash can. It is a very renowned water park in Colorado. 

Pirate’s Cove also has two thrilling waterslides. This attraction has a variety of fun features for visitors of all ages. With kid-friendly waterslides, palm trees that shoot water into the air, and an enormous tot pond with a clamshell fall, the entire family will have plenty of fun!

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7. The Splash at Fossil Trace

The Splash at Fossil Trace is the largest water park in Jefferson County, but it is not open year-round. The water park’s operation generally lasts between May to August.

Moreover, there is an enormous 25-meter lap pool with eight lanes for lap diving and a 500-gallon waste box, and smaller water rides. Two huge tubes and water rides may be seen at the water park. For 180 feet of fun in a line, take your kid or yourself through the tube ride. As a single person, you have the option to glide 151 feet. The beach-like sandy field is suitable for people of all ages.

8. The Hotel Glenwood Springs

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As the only indoor water park in town, the Hotel Glenwood Springs is ideal for family vacations. As a bonus, the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is just a short distance from Glenwood Springs. The hotel provides family-friendly accommodations with lots of space.

The indoor Splash Pool has a huge indoor swimming pool, leisure space, jacuzzi, and more. The water park features a small play area for kids with a zero-depth entry and a Rain Tree water tower.

9. Old Town Hot Springs

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Old Town Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs offers a different water park adventure by being one of the most thrilling water parks in Colorado. The outdoor pools are available throughout the year. A kiddie pool and water sports are available all summer. There are eight outdoor pools here, each with hot mineral water.

Depending on the species, they are between 98 and 103°F.  During the winter and summer, visitors may enjoy two 230-foot water sports. A 25-yard pool with a diving board is outside. It’s maintained at a pleasant 27°C all year. It has its own children’s section with a pool during the summer months.

10. Acacia Park

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Acacia Park was donated to Colorado Springs in 1871 by General William Jackson Palmer. For nearly a century, it’s been a city mainstay. There’s no better place to spend a few hours or the whole day than Acacia Park because of its strategic location at the intersections of Bijou and Tejon, Platte, and Nevada.

During the warmer months of the year, finding a location to cool off may be difficult, particularly for children. But they may splash about at Acacia Park’s southwest corner at Uncle Wilber’s Fountain, which also serves as a splash pad. At least one jazz tune is performed every quarter-hour by a tuba player and his pet monkey. The adjacent playground will be a hit with the youngsters once they’ve cooled down in the fountain.

11. Brighton Oasis Family Aquatic Park

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The Brighton Oasis Family Aquatic Park offers a variety of water-based activities for residents of the community of Brighton, Colorado. In this tiny water park, you’ll find a variety of fun activities such as a wave generator and lazy river, as well as a water basketball arena and two exhilarating water rides. 

The Brighton Oasis Family Aquatic Park has locker rentals, a complete snack bar, and canopy and event bookings. Additionally, visitors are allowed to bring their beverages and snacks.

12. Walsenburg Wild Waters

Located in Walsenburg, Pennsylvania, the Walsenburg Wild Waters is a popular destination for residents and tourists alike because of the many unusual activities. It has three swimming pools, two big water rides, and a variety of active water elements such as trash bins, shower nozzles, and fountains.

The zero-depth entry pool is ideal for families with young children who don’t want to get into trouble at the deep. The park’s huge swings are over thirty feet tall, one covered and one uncovered. Both water slides offer a thrilling journey that finishes with a splash. 

There are many water parks in Colorado, ranging from smaller to larger, suitable deals for both summer and winter fun. You will never get bored at these water parks, no matter what time of year it is. There is always something fresh for you and your family to do at these exciting parks.

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