Top 10 AC Brands in USA that You Can Rely On [Update 2024]


The purchase of a new air conditioner may be a significant investment since no owner wants to choose a brand that may not last for years to come.

There are many factors to consider when trying to filter through the many AC manufacturers and choose the best one.

As a result, I created this guide to assist you in making well-informed decisions on the top ac brands in USA.

1. American Standard

American Standard is one of the best AC Brands in USA that You Can Rely On.

As far as central air conditioners go, I think American Standard is the best AC brand in USA. in terms of quality and service. One of the most trusted names in air conditioning is American Standard. On the other hand, American Standard and Trane are made on the same production line.

Consumer reports place American Standard’s air conditioner slightly ahead of Trane’s, which is why it has an advantage over the latter. Trane and American Standard are both excellent options.

However, if you’re still undecided between Trane and American Standard, I’d focus more on the firm for the installation than the equipment itself.

2. Trane


Homeowners in the United States rely on Trane as one of the reliable AC brands in USA. and their go-to air conditioner brands. Is it because they have the finest air conditioner or because they have an excellent marketing team? Actually, it’s a combination of the two.

Trane is known for making some of the greatest equipment in the business, contributing to the company’s success. Ingersoll Rand, the company that owns Trane, also owns several lesser-known air conditioning brands.

So, if you’re wondering, “Is Trane a decent brand?” When it comes to purchasing a Trane, there is no downside.

3. Comfortmaker

How can Comfortmaker be more dependable than Carrier, even though the same company manufactures both of them? Even though Comfortmaker is a far less well-known brand of air conditioner, there is one key difference between it and a Carrier model.

Carrier and Comfortmaker are the same product; however, it is initially trained under the Carrier label when new technology is introduced. Any flaws are sorted out within the first few years of its release.

Once the bugs have been ironed out, the Comfortmaker name will be adopted. But there are no faults to be ironed out with Comfortmaker since the Carrier name already has.

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4. Carrier

In terms of what homeowners are searching for, Carrier is directly behind Trane. Founded in 1915, the Carrier Global Corporation is the current owner and operator of the Carrier brand. For one thing, they have a lot more experience than most other AC brands in USA.

Air conditioning has many bugs and defects, but with more than a century’s worth of expertise, they’ve worked out the majority of these issues, making them one of the most trustworthy AC companies in the United States. United Technologies, which makes lesser-known, but related brands like Bryant and Payne, owns them.

You may be wondering, “Is Carrier AC a good company?” As far as air conditioners go, Carrier is unquestionably a top contender. When looking for the greatest HVAC system, you can include Carrier in your list of top air conditioner brands.

5. Goodman


Goodman’s popularity has lately soared. They have made a huge return as an affordable air conditioning option in the past 10 years. Daikin purchased Goodman in 2012 after the company had been mishandled for several years.

Turning over the Goodman brand was a major undertaking for Daikin. Goodman has made it a priority to lower the price of its air conditioners without sacrificing the brand’s high standards of construction and materials.

It’s natural to have questions like, is Goodman an AC company worth considering? To answer, many people think they’re the greatest value for money brand out there, so Goodman might be your first choice if you’re on a tight budget.

6. Lennox

Lennox is a popular choice for anyone seeking a top-of-the-line AC brand in USA. San Antonio and Austin, Texas, are costly places to buy and maintain Lennox systems. Many people think of Lennox as a Mercedes of air conditioning, which means that the price and upkeep are inevitable.

Lennox is a decent choice for an air conditioner. I’m not sure whether they’d perform well in Texas heat, but you may check with your local HVAC company to find out for sure.

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7. Rheem

Rheem comes in at number seven on the most sought-after AC brands in USA. Rheem is one of the world’s leading water heating and HVAC systems producers. This brand is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a good AC company.

In 1925, the company’s doors were initially opened to the public. Paloma Industries is Rheem’s mother company. To have a new Rheem AC installed, contact a Rheem dealer. The manufacturing process for a Rheem AC heat pump differs from that of other manufacturers, which might cause problems for an installation crew that isn’t acquainted with the brand.

How dependable is Rheem? Rheem is a terrific brand, and you won’t be disappointed with Rheem HVAC. Personally, I prefer the Carrier or Trane.

8. York

York is one of the significant AC brands in USA that homebuyers are searching for. Because Johnson Controls is the company’s parent, York has a major presence in the commercial sector. With few complaints, York is a solid air conditioning system.

York AC systems are not very popular; thus, customer service is lacking. Make sure that York is present in your region to guarantee that they can fully support your installation. However, York is a solid system, and we haven’t had any issues with them in the past.

9. Daikin

As a result of their lack of familiarity, Daikin air conditioners are among the most underappreciated in the country. Goodman is also made by Daikin, although the Daikin brand is the superior one. Because Daikin is largely known for its business products, most homes are unfamiliar with this company.

Equipment designed for commercial use must operate for longer periods and with more vigor. If you compare Daikin to the other two air conditioner manufacturers on our list, you’ll find that it is a significantly superior product. A Daikin air conditioner can be worth considering if you’re on the hunt for a high-quality air conditioner.

10. Payne

Carrier’s Payne series of air conditioners is marketed as a low-cost option. Carrier-like in design, Payne is an excellent air conditioning system. Payne’s local support is one of the few drawbacks, not the equipment.

As a less-known among the AC brands in USA, Payne may not have as many providers or installers in your region, which might result in bad assistance when you need it. You’ll be in excellent hands if you can locate a licensed contractor that only sells Payne air conditioners.

These are the most popular AC brands bought by homes in the United States, according to my observations. Decided on your favorite now?

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