Top 13 Clothing Brands in the USA [Update 2024]


Who doesn’t want to be trendy and fashionable nowadays, right? Wearing branded clothes is a dream for some people of our generation. Speaking of brands, American brands have a lot to work with when it comes to expressing the culture from which they originate.

The concept of America is as wide-ranging thematically as it is physically, from sports to movies to music to food and beyond. It’s all summed up in the phrase “Americana,” which is a continually developing term to describe everything and everything associated with the United States of America’s cultural, historical, and ideological phenomena.

Here is a list of the top clothing brands in the USA:

1. Nike

Nike is one of the best Clothing Brands in the USA.

For American Apparel, Nike is the greatest. Nike spends so much money on endorsement deals than any other firm in the world. As a result of Nike’s marketing initiatives, you are encouraged to believe that wearing their shoes would help you live a better and more fulfilled life.

In addition, Nike is the world’s most popular and well-known sportswear brand. To become the NBA’s official uniform and gear vendor, it just signed a deal estimated to be valued at over $1 billion.

Luxurious clothing and shoes, high-end sportswear for browsing and skateboarding, golf equipment, and high-end soccer gear are all sold through these businesses.

2. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is an American fashion icon. Due to its consistent adherence to its core look and steadfastness in what works, it is consistently one of the major brands in its business year after year.

Ralph Rueben Lifshitz was the original name of the American fashion designer Ralph Lauren, who established one of the biggest and most successful clothing empires on the idea of an upscale American lifestyle. Additionally, in terms of premium brand status, Ralph Lauren falls somewhere in the middle of the two : premium and luxury. To a certain extent, yes.

Their upscale label, Purple Label, has costs even higher than Gucci’s. Blue Label is Ralph Lauren’s most popular and well-known label. Generally speaking, Polo-branded clothing and accessories are of high quality, although in recent years, the brand’s more current items have suffered from a quality decline.

3. Old Navy

The Gap’s parent company, Old Navy, is presently outperforming its younger sibling. It’s more inexpensive and stays true to the brand, so it’s able to attract the proper customers with its budget fashions.

In nations, including Sri Lanka and Cambodia, wherever labor is cheap, clothing is obtained. The corporation generated $8 billion in earnings in the upcoming financial year, according to CNN.

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4. Gap


For more than a century and a half, Gap Inc. has been an American apparel and accessories shop that operates in over 100 countries across the world. Established in 1969 by Donald Fisher  as Doris F. Fisher, Gap is based in San Francisco.

Despite the fact that Gap generates a lot of money, the firm is having serious financial problems. It has seen its revenues fall for 13 months in a row as a result of store closings and layoffs.

The company’s collapse has been attributed by some to the company’s inability to capitalize on its major goods, while others attribute it to the company’s Instagram and other social media activities.

5. Levi Strauss & Co.

In 1873, the first Levi Strauss factory in the United States was established in San Francisco. At its peak in the 1980s, Levi Strauss operated 63 factories in the United States. There are now no Levi’s apparel products made in the United States.

In recent years, Levi’s jeans have experienced a renaissance. An increasing number of customers are turning to the tried-and-true classics from one of the world’s most renowned denim stores.

6. Michael Kors

With its headquarters in New York City, Michael Kors is one of the world’s premier luxury brands. Founded in 1981 by Michael Kors, a well-known American sportswear designer, the company began selling its products to the public in 2006.

It is one of the world’s most recognizable luxury clothing brands in the USA today. A wide variety of luxury goods are produced by American designer Michael Kors, including jewelry, watches, ready-to-wear and eyeglasses, apparel, and perfume.

Like Coach, Michael Kors is feeling the pinch from millennials’ disinterest in luxury goods. Since it became too successful and its name no longer carries as much weight, many people say that Michael Kors’ time is over and that the brand’s name is no longer as valuable.

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7. Coach

Coach was founded in 1941 and has a long and distinguished history of innovative design and fashion. Coach is a well-known high-end fashion label whose emblem can be seen by even the most casual of fashion observers.

This high-end fashion firm recently reported weak sales, which some attribute to its decision to create an excessive number of outlet locations. As a result, premium clothing companies like Coach are suffering since millennials are less likely to pay more money for their clothes.

8. Tommy Hilfiger

In the United States and industrialized countries, Tommy Hilfiger is a mid-range brand, but in underdeveloped countries it is a high-end brand. American chic with a preppy twist: Tommy Hilfiger, our hallmark brand, epitomizes this. Elevated city street wear meets bright hues.

After launching his first men’s athletic line in 1985, Tommy Hilfiger has grown to embrace a whole high-end lifestyle around the globe. After 30 years in business, this venerable American company shows no signs of waning.

In even the most recent quarterly report, the corporation posted its fourth straight profits beat. Including a conference teleconference, revenue jumped 3% and profits per share grew 20%.

9. American Eagle

Incorporated under the name American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. As the name suggests, American Eagle is an American retailer of apparel and accessories with its main office in Pittsburgh’s South-side Works.

After a 5 percent drop in comparable sales in fiscal 2014, American Eagle, one of the popular clothing brands in the USA, explored new strategies to improve its business. Don’t Ask Why was created as a one-size-fits-all brand to appeal to a younger demographic.

10. Under Armour

US-based company Under Armour (USA) Inc. Under Armour, Inc. is a sportswear and footwear manufacturer. Last year, the company’s revenue topped $3 billion. While it hasn’t yet overtaken Nike’s worldwide dominance, the company is still expanding and signing high-profile sportsmen like Stephen Curry and Jordan Spieth to huge endorsement agreements.

“Made in America” is being added to certain of Under Armour’s clothing. Moreover, sportswear made at a new Baltimore innovation center was unveiled on Monday by the country’s second-largest sports brand.

11. American Giant

American Giant, the manufacturer of what is frequently referred to as “the finest hoodie ever,” places a strong emphasis on providing outstanding quality materials and service to its customers. The company does not use conventional marketing strategies such as billboards or the allure of brick-and-mortar stores to promote its products. Instead, it puts its money into selling to individual customers in the United States and focusing on offering superior customer service to those customers.

When you put on one of these sweatshirts, which are made with cotton that is farmed and sewed in the Carolinas, painstaking attention to detail, premium fabrics, and unique hardware, you will not only feel extremely comfortable, but also extremely proud.

12. MATE the Label

MATE the Label always guarantees a clean product, beginning from the seed and continuing through the finished product. Produced in a manner that is environmentally friendly in Los Angeles, the brand makes use of nothing but non-hazardous, all-natural, and organic components, such as organic cotton and linen.

There is literally something for anyone, including customizable sets, warm necessities, seasonal hues, kids’ and extended sizing, and extended sizing options. (And when you’re done, there is a take-back scheme available through MATE!) Everything is created in the area, within 15 miles of the LA office.

13. Hackwith Design House

It can be challenging to find clothing that is both comfortable and stylish, and it can be even more challenging to discover designs that are truly distinctive. Here is where Hackwith Design House, located in Minnesota, steps in to help. This range of clothing offers essentials, swimwear, and clothing for inclusive sizes. In addition, the brand unveils a new limited edition piece every week that is only accessible for a short period of time, and it also features a secondhand shop that accepts returns and sample sizes.

Fashion is a choice which also has the ability to shape our lives. In our monotonous life, fashion adds a variety of colors. Most people around the world use famous clothing brands to express themselves. Which brand will you choose?

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