Top 12 American Snowboarding Brands [Update 2024]


Searching for the finest snowboard is a wonderful experience itself. Though searching through all the possibilities might seem like a challenge, especially with so many alternatives available.

In this article, I’ll go over a few of my go-to American snowboarding brands, so you can make an informed decision about which one to go with.

1. Never Summer

Never Summer is one of the best American Snowboarding Brands

This Colorado-based company is noted for its sturdiness and hybrid approach to parkland and free riding. Since its inception in 1983, Never Summer has remained the most popular American snowboarding brand, thanks to a continually evolving product range. While maintaining a constant appearance, the Denver CO firm has carved a thriving niche by focusing on quality above marketing.

2. Weston


Weston is creating a footprint on the wilderness routes and ski slopes around Colorado by being one of the best American snowboarding brands. Stop in the area to purchase their full lineup of snowboards. As of this writing, Weston’s headquarters are in Denver, Colorado.

3. Mervin MFG

Mervin has had a significant impact on several aspects of snowboarding, including LibTech, GNU, and now Roxy, since 1997. Mervin always has something new, whether it is the development of banana technology and Magne-traction or the construction of basalt surfboards for the unpredictable waves of the Northwest.

In fact, Mervin has been concerned about the environment from the very beginning. The company operates the world’s most environMENTAL snowboard facility, which is continually developing and producing some of the most ecologically aware boards on the globe.

Take your snowboard and enjoy at the largest ski resorts in the US.

4. TahoeLab


The fourth-best American snowboarding brand, TahoeLab’s Abe and Lee, came up with the idea of making boards that could take the damage from rough alpine terrain. Fully constructed from beginning to end with hand contoured wood cores and complete synthetic fibers, these boards’ precision and finishing adjustment ensure durability from the start.

Moreover, a highly refined form with exceptional all-around properties was achieved by concentrating on many well-proven designs that work well in both split and solid configurations.

5. Signal Snowboards

Signal Snowboards, based in southern California, has been adopting a novel strategy within the snowboarding business by emphasizing the aesthetic side of the snowboard manufacturing process and the snowboarding community.

Signal, a small company, runs special programs like Every Third Thursday and a six-month repayment package that involves free snowboarding gear to maintain relationships with its customers. Ideas like this have held Signal inventive in the marketing team, working to develop into a dedicated snowboarding fan base.

6. Ride

By creating less waste but at the same time making quality snowboards, Ride promises that you will be able to use their snowboards for a long time. The Ride Berzerker snowboards are among the finest boards available from Ride since they can handle every condition imaginable. The all-mountain freestyle snowboard, designed by Jake Blauvelt in collaboration with Ride, is a directional stick that thrashes wherever you aim it.

We enjoy the Berzerker since it clocks in with a possible price, particularly for a snowboard aimed towards expert riders who need a strong reaction. Moreover, the Ride Berzerker Snowboard allows you to go big and fast.

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7. Lib Tech

The Lib Tech, one of the best innovative American snowboard manufacturers, are here to make snowboarding more enjoyable. There are so many snowboards available from them – Box Scratcher, Skate Banana, Terrain Wrecker, but if you’re looking to have some fun with a board, Skate Banana is recommended for you. 

8. GNU

GNU is a welcoming place for eccentricity. Their designs are quirky, and their designers are quality-obsessed. As a result, they’ve become one of the top American snowboarding brands since 1977.

Aside from the fact that they build all of their boards utilizing wind and water power, GNU also prides itself on being one of the world’s most ecologically friendly snowboarding businesses. Furthermore, they use reclaimed wood and sidewalls and avoid integrating harmful compounds into their boards.

9. Nitro

By putting their 30-year dream project into action, the makers of the best American snowboarding brands want to launch the industry into high gear. They have amassed an impressive roster of professional snowboarders during this period, including Jeremy Jones, Marcus Kleveland, and Eero Ettala.

Nitro is a board manufacturer that creates various boards, ranging from all-terrain items like the Nitro Cannon to park-oriented boards like the Nitro Eero Ettala Anniversary Edition.

10. Public Snowboards

Public Snowboards completes my list of the finest snowboard brands. Public Snowboards has been working to strengthen the bonds amongst its members since its inception in 2015. They accomplish it by designing a small but devoted range of snowboards. It doesn’t matter if they only have four boards accessible when the boards themselves are this fantastic.

11. Burton

Perhaps the most well-known of all snowboard brands, Burton was founded all the way back in 1977. Bob Marley, Jeremy Jones, Shaun White – they’ve all had deals with Burton.

We highly recommend any Burton boards (or gear) to snowboarders of all ages. While it’s not the most inexpensive stuff, it is of the highest quality.

12. K2

You may know K2 from skis, but they transitioned to snowboarding fairly quickly. K2 also does lots of different styles of boards – perfect for kids, adults, women – it doesn’t matter, there is truly something for everyone.

K2’s gear and boards also just look great – which we love. But they are well-known for a reason – their gear is absolutely top-notch.

Avoid being swayed by materialistic aspirations into making an impulsive purchase. Sometimes you may shop on impulse to fill the void in your heart caused by unfulfilled desires. That is why, read this article till the end to make a constructive decision.

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