15 Wonderful Amusement Parks in Florida [Update 2022]

Travelers from all over the entire planet go to Florida’s amusement parks, where their sharp ears catch up on the noises made by the crowds.

Enjoying life is shared fun, and the wonderful amusement parks in Florida, which I’ve highlighted below, show just how widespread that context is. So, Let’s get this lighted!

1. Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista

Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista is one of the best amusement parks in Florida

Of course, Walt Disney World in Florida has expanded and risen in popularity to surpass the old Disneyland. There are four amusement parks, two water parks, the Disney Springs eating, shopping, and entertainment area, and thousands of hotel rooms in the complex.

It might be daunting since it is so large. If you’ve never gone or haven’t been in a while, you might want to familiarize yourself with the finest things to do at Disney Land so you can plan your trip.

2. Magic Kingdom, Lake Buena Vista

The Magic Kingdom is the east coast equivalent of Walt Disney’s inspiration, Disneyland. It is still the most popular amusement park in Florida, if not the most lovely, of Walt Disney Worlds’ largest four parks.

Classics like Knights of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion, and It’s a Small Place, as well as more current attractions like the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, are among the highlights.

3. Universal Orlando Resort, Orlando

Universal Orlando Resort, Orlando

There is a lot to do and see at Universal Orlando Resort, including buying and eating. The expanding resort includes two amusement parks and a water park (Volcano Bay), an eating, retail, entertainment center (CityWalk), and several hotels.

Its popularity skyrocketed once the Wizarding World of Harry Potter debuted in 2010. It currently has two Potter-themed areas, one in each park, and the Hogwarts Express train that runs between them.

4. Epcot, Lake Buena Vista

Epcot, Lake Buena Vista

It’s impossible to visit Walt Disney World without seeing Epcot. It’s a theme park that honors success, creativity, exploration, and history via its exhibits. Future World, which specializes in new technology, and World Showcase, which comprises pavilions dedicated to a rainbow of nations, are among the attractions of Walt Disney World’s world-fair-like amusement park in Florida.

Mission: Space, Soarin’, and Test Track are some highlights. Many of Disney World’s greatest restaurants are also located here. Harmonious, a new nightly entertainment at the park, was also unveiled.

5. Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Lake Buena Vista

Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly named Disney-MGM Studios) is a busy tribute to the Hollywood of your desires. It is the shortest of the four Walt Disney World amusement parks in Florida. It is housing to Disney World’s most thrilling rides, including the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.

Toy Story Land and, in particular, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, two of the most recent additions to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, have significantly increased the park’s popularity. Mickey & Minnie’s Railway Train, the park’s first bicycle attraction starring Mickey Mouse, debuted in 2020.

6. SeaWorld, Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando park has grown bigger with its marine life presentations. It now features some ambitious rides, including Mako (which we think is Florida’s greatest roller coaster) and Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin.

SeaWorld has stated that it will no longer breed orcas. Their killer whale displays will be phased out to favor more educative presentations.

7. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Tampa

Busch Gardens is an amusement park in Florida with thrilling rides. It’s like being in a zoo. It’s like having two parks in one! It’s also worth the one-hour or so drives south from Orlando.

Busch Gardens world-class coasters are the spectacular inverted ride Montu, the crazy monster SheiKra, and the exciting coaster Cheetah Hunt. Iron Gwazi, the park’s newest ride, was planned to launch in 2020 but will instead open in March 2022 owing to COVID.

The wooden-steel hybrid track will be Florida’s fastest and tallest thrill ride, and it will almost certainly make the list of the top roller coasters in the state. Discover the top ten things to do in Busch Gardens Tampa.

8. Islands of Adventure, Orlando

The original World of Harry Potter Marvel Super Island with the groundbreaking Exciting Adventures of Caterpillar ride and other fantastic attractions like Skull Island Reign of Kong is part of Universal Orlando’s government theme and thrill ride park.

In 2021, Islands of Adventure unveiled the high-concept and greater The Fantastic Beasts VelociCoaster, after the fantastic themed roller coaster Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbikes.

9. Skyplex, Orlando

For years, the grandiose Skyplex has been postponed. It’s probably safe to say that it won’t be built at this time. However, contemplating the projected project’s chutzpah is interesting.

The Skyscraper, a “Rollercoaster” that was supposed to be the world’s highest roller coaster, was part of the entertainment/dining/retail zone. Additional plans for more crazy-high thrill coasters and a surfing attraction, restaurants, a casino, and shopping areas are available in Amusement parks in Florida.

10. Icon Park, Orlando

Icon Park is located just off the city’s famous International Drive (or “I-Drive”) tourist corridor and is home to The Wheel (previously the Orlando Eye), Madame Tussauds Florida, and Ocean Life Orlando.

Other attractions are the 450-foot-tall swing coaster, the Orlando StarFlyer, a massive arcade, a 7D Dark Ride Exploration, and a child’s train. Shopping and eating are also accessible. The park is set to unveil two additional attractions in late 2021: the world’s biggest drop tower ride and the second-longest Slingshot ride.

11. Legoland Florida, Winter Haven

The fascinating Legoland park in Florida is geared toward children aged 12 and under. Lego Ninjago The Ride, Miniland USA (which features displays of famous sites constructed out of Lego bricks), the hilarious Lego Movie 4D, and the picturesque Cypress Gardens, which is a tribute to the park that formerly stood on the site, are among the top things to do at Legoland Florida.

In 2021, the park will debut “Journey to Mythica,” a new 4-D film. In Legoland’s theater, it is shown in rotation with other films. A Lego Mythica augmented reality scavenger hunt was also unveiled at the attraction in this amusement park in Florida.

12. International Drive Rides and Attractions, Orlando

Aside from Icon Park and its massive wheels (mentioned above), International Drive is home to various additional rides and attractions managed by multiple vendors. I-Drive NASCAR Kart Driving, Magical Midway, a tiny thrill park, and the upward WonderWorks are among them.

13. Fun Spot America ,Orlando and Kissimmee

White Lightning and Mine Blower are two amazing wooden amusement rides at Florida’s Fun Spot America. They also have several spinning rides and one of the world’s highest Skycoasters, go-karts, and other activities.

Sky Hawk, a 90-foot-tall swing ride, launched in 2021 at Orlando Pleasure Spot America. Passengers can choose to sit in two-passenger swing cars or lie horizontally, “flying” in a horizontal posture.

14. The Holy Land Experience, Orlando

The Holy Land Experience was not a standard amusement park in Florida. The Holy Ferris Wheel would not be found here (although it would not have been a terrible idea!) Neither would you find any regular park rides, nor would you find houses of worship, theatrical shows, or other attractions.

15. FasTrax, Fort Myers

FasTrax is more of an interior family entertainment center than an amusement park in Florida, including go-karts. Storm Duo for families and children to ride combined, Storm EFD for the most speed and thrills, and Junior for new drivers are the three varieties of karts available.

Duckpin bowling (which employs small balls and short, squat pins), a huge game area, and a pub are all open at the center.

Amusement parks in Florida appeal to visitors of all ages. Anyone, regardless of their age, appears to like putting crazy hats on their head, enjoying thrill rides, and getting crazy. Florida is, without a doubt, an amusement park lover’s paradise.

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