11 Best Beaches in Indiana [Update 2024]


Are you looking for a beach in Indiana to spend your summer vacation, or just a lovely weekend getaway? Then, you’ll be glad to know that I have compiled the perfect list for you.

Indiana, a stunning Midwestern state that has unmatched natural beauty, which includes wonderfully designed landscapes, beautiful landmarks and fabulous coastal delights. One of the most commonly visited coastal spots are beaches, and Indiana is home to some stunning ones.

The best beaches in Indiana are listed below.

1. Indiana Beach

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Indiana Beach has beachfront lounges for a pleasant day of sunbathing, smooth sand for building sandcastles, and a gated swimming zone that’s ideal for kids.

In fact, this beach is one of the top beaches in the state for children, and is situated inside a theme park. The nearby area around the beach also consists of joyrides and fun obstacles like swings, slides and roller coasters.

2. Pike Lake Beach

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Pike Lake Beach is one of the two summer beaches in Warsaw, and is highly popular among locals because of its kid-friendly features. This family-friendly beach has a resort, and is a great spot for the amusement of your children. Build sandcastles on this beach with your kids, or just observe them while they’re playing on the nearby playground.

3. Indiana Dunes West Beach

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Indiana Dunes West Beach is one of the Best Beaches in Indiana

Indiana Dunes West Beach is a gorgeous beach with a large seashore that allows people to play beach-games, make sandcastles, fly kites and much more. It is conveniently located and offers breathtaking views that match those of any beachfront location. A boardwalk and oceanfront strolls are two activities available at this beach.

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4. Fairfax Beach

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Fairfax Beach

Fairfax Beach is a delightful stretch of shoreline with spectacular views of the surroundings that is tucked away on Lake Monroe. This beach offers families a peaceful break and is conveniently located.

The perfect time to visit Fairfax Beach is during the sweltering summer, as the beach area will be entirely flooded during the monsoon when the sea levels rise. It is one of the best beaches in Indiana.

5. Pot Inn Beach

Pot Inn Beach

Pot Inn Beach, also known as Potawatomi Inn Beach, is the second of the 2 beaches that can be seen at Pokagon State Park, which is located on the banks of Lake James in Indiana. It has a fenced section for added protection, deep water with few to no waves and pebbles that kids use to play with.

6. Deam Lake State Recreation Beach

One of the major outdoor destinations in Indiana is Deam Lake State Recreation Beach, which consists of the name of the first-ever forester in the state. Families can enjoy several fun amenities while on holiday here, including fishing, boating, water sports, canoeing and rowing. Along its shoreline, there are conveniences that make travelling here easier and enjoyable.

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7. Kemil Beach

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Wonderful panoramic views of Lake Michigan may be seen from this pleasant section of the coastline, which also boasts a backdrop of rich vegetation. There aren’t any vendors present, and this beach rarely gets too busy. You should visit Kemil Beach early in the morning to find a nice parking location because the number of parking spaces are also restricted here.

8. Whihala Beach

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Whihala Beach is the perfect destination for families to enjoy an excellent vacation in Indiana. The family-friendly activities along this shoreline include fishing, kayaking, canoeing, paddling and playing beach volleyball. Moreover, the WhoaZone, which features trampolines and monkey bars, is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Whihala Beach.

9. Washington Park Beach

There are many activities for the entire family to enjoy at this magnificent, 2-mile-long municipal beach that is located in Washington Park, which spans over 140 acres in size.

Moreover, Washington Park Beach offers handy facilities in case you require them. Climbable sand dunes for kids and picnic tables large enough for your whole family to dine in are also available.

10. Pokagon Beach

As stunning as Indiana’s Lake Michigan beaches may be, they’re not all the state has to offer — not by a long shot! Pokagon Beach, located inside Pokagon State Park, is located in the far northeastern corner of the state, close to its border with Michigan and Ohio. The park is tucked alongside beautiful and sprawling Snow Lake, whose unique shape means it’s separated out into Upper, Middle, and Lower Basins. Although the sandy shoreline here is small, it is scenic and kid-friendly, and is usually well-populated during the warm summer months. The park also has plenty of other outdoor recreational opportunities on offer, including an informative and entertaining Nature Center as well as the Pokagon State Park Toboggan Run, a popular place to take to the slopes in the winter.

11. Pike Lake Beach

A stunning lakeshore well worth traveling for nestled into the small-ish town of Warsaw, Indiana, Pike Lake Beach is known among Hoosiers as a bit of a hidden gem to out-of-towners, especially if you’re looking for a family-friendly beach option. Interactive playgrounds line the shoreline park, and the beach itself is also often populated by families making sandcastles together or suiting up in floaties to make for a watery adventure that’s safe and secure while also being exciting.

Clean restrooms are available on-site, as are vending machines to quiet hungry mouths. A boat launch is also available if you’re looking for a place to put in your kayak, canoe, or paddleboard.

There are primarily two varieties of beaches which stand out as tourist spots in Indiana: kid-friendly beaches and thrill-seeking beaches. Choose beaches like Pike Lake Beach or Indiana Beach with your kids, and go for beaches like Whihala Beach or Deam Lake State Recreation Beach if you are seeking some thrills.

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