12 Best Psychiatric Hospitals in the US [Ranked in 2024]

Best Psychiatric Hospitals in the US

“Health Issue” never discusses mental health. Mental difficulties are hidden. Society treats them poorly because they feel ashamed. Some people committed suicide due of this, yet it was ignored. This societal norm is no longer accepted. Mental health disorders are treated. People can live better with professional aid.

NAMI researched US mental health issues. One in five Americans have mental illness each year, they say. About 10% have a life-altering mental illness. Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and PTSD make daily life difficult.

Many Americans commit suicide due to anxiety or depression. 18% of Americans have PTSD or specific phobias, and 20 million have multiple mental illnesses, according to NAMI.

I have listed the best psychiatric hospitals in the US.

1. Johns Hopkins Hospital, MA

Johns Hopkins Hospital is one of the Best Psychiatric Hospitals in the US

The John Hopkins Hospital is the best psychiatry hospital in the US which was founded in 1889. It also has the highest psychiatry score of 22.6% among all the psychiatry hospitals.It has many individual programs that help its patients to get back to their normal life. They mainly treat adult patients; however, they have many programs for young adults, adolescents, and children.

Contact Info: 410-955-5000

2. McLean Hospital, MA

McLean Hospital

The second best psychiatrist hospital in the US is McLean Hospitals, with a psychiatry score of 21.7%. Like every other psychiatry hospitals, McLean Hospital looks after its patients with various programs and help them move back to their normal life. They create a customized treatment plan for every patient that focuses on their individual problems. This helps the patient to move easily in their life.

Contact Info: 617-855-3141

3. Massachusetts General Hospital, MA

Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston ranked sixth in the best psychiatry hospital in the US with a score of 21.6%. It is mainly a teaching hospital. For more than 85 years, this hospital is providing the highest quality patient care and pioneering researches. They offer more than 60 special programs that help adults, adolescents, and children in their needs. They mainly treated patients for psychiatric disorders, geriatrics, and psychosomatic illnesses. 

Contact Info: 617-726-2000

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4. NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, NY

The New York-Presbyterian Hospital ranked fourth among the best psychiatry hospital in the US. It scored 14.9% in the psychiatry score. They offer their services to patients of all ages. They have both outpatient care to partial and specialized inpatient programs. The psychiatrist and behavioral health professionals are the experts in the following areas like autism, depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorder, PTSD, schizophrenia, and so on. They also have research facilities and an educational institute.

Contact Info: 646-697-2273, 212-932-4000

For doctor: 866-697-2553

5. Mayo Clinic, MN

The fifth best psychiatric hospital, Mayo Clinic in the US is a nonprofit American academic medical center focused on public health care, education, and research. It scored 9.3% in psychiatry score. It has both psychiatry and psychology services with the care of physicians and nurses. There are several programs for both inpatient and outpatient care. They have adult, children, and adolescent programs.

Contact Info: 507-284-2511, 844-217-9591

For international callers: 507-266-0909

6. Sheppard Pratt Hospital, MD

The sixth best psychiatric hospital in the US is Sheppard Pratt Hospital. It scored 9.3% in the psychiatry score. It was founded in 1853. It offers a high level of care for the specific mental need of both adults and adolescents. It also has a child and adolescent neuropsychiatric unit. They are the largest nonprofit provider of mental health, special education, and social services.

It has been ranked in the top 10 by US News and World Report.

Contact Info: 410-938-3000, 410-938-3075

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7. Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA, CA

Ranked seventh in the national ranking, Stewart and Lynda Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA is a psychiatric facility for adults, adolescents, and children. The psychiatric score is 8.7%.

They have a variety of treatments and a wide area of care and also looking for answers to prevent others from suffering. Comprehensive care for adults offers by geriatric programs and adult psychiatry in both inpatient and outpatient settings. For children and adolescents mainly give care programs like autism, schizophrenia, and eating disorders.

The physician teams include specialists in psychology, neurology, medicine, and pediatrics along with occupational therapy, recreational and speech therapy, social work, and special education. The Child and Adolescent Partial Hospital Programs delivers daytime serious care service in an outpatient setting for both children and adolescents.

Contact Info: 800-825-2631

8.UCSF Medical Center, CA

The University of California and San Francisco Medical Center(UCSF) is a teaching and research hospital. It was ranked eighth best hospital in the US. The department of UCSF weill Institute for Neurosciences mainly focused on psychiatry research, teaching, and patient care. It received an 8.4% psychiatry score.

Contact Info: 415-476-7000

9. Menninger Clinic, TX

The ninth-best psychiatric hospital in the US is Menninger Clinic. It was founded in 1920 by the Menninger family to give better treatment and facilities to mentally ill patients. The clinic fostered a school that has a treatment program for children and adolescents. 

The Menninger Clinic provides treatment for many severe mental illnesses like – anxiety, depression, trauma, personality disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Women’s mental health, suicide attempts and self-harm, and so on.

The psychiatry score for this hospital is 8.2%. They are giving the best services for their inpatient and outdoor patient programs. 

Contact Info: 713-275-5400, 713-275-5107 (fax)

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10. Yale New Haven Hospital, CT

The number tenth best psychiatric hospital in the US is Yale New Haven Hospital. The Yale New Haven Psychiatric Hospital is the wings of the main hospital. The hospital is mainly for adult and adolescent psychiatric services.

It offers inpatient facilities. It specializes in the rapid assessment and treatment of critical and serious psychiatric features along with a full spectrum of advanced treatments. The hospital also focuses on electroconvulsive therapy and intensive outpatient programs for general adults and adolescents. 

For Inquiry: 203-688-4242 (York St.), 203-789-3000 (Chapel St.)

11. Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center

New York City is home to the Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center, a forensic psychiatric facility that features the highest level of security possible. The majority of Kirby’s patients are referred to him by the courts in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Law (CPL). There may be some that come through the office of the OMH Commissioner via the New York State Code of Rules and Regulations (NYSCRR) concerning the hospitalization of those who are mentally ill.

Contact: (646) 672-6767

12. South Beach Psychiatric Center

The mental health care system in the state of New York is extensive and multi-faceted, and it provides assistance to over 700,000 people annually. Psychiatric centers can be found all around the state, and they are supervised by the Office of Mental Health (OMH). Additionally, OMH is responsible for the regulation, certification, and oversight of more than 4,500 programs that are run by local governments and nonprofit organizations.

Contact: 1-800-597-8481

Mental illness is a severe issue. This issue should not be ignored. Glenn Close once said, “What mental health needs are more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.” Health is wealth. So, you must take care of your physical and mental health altogether. Social awareness can help every person to move forward and get help rather than being ashamed of this. 

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