Top 10 Biggest Ferris Wheel in the US [Update 2024]

Biggest Ferris Wheel in the US

The history of Ferris Wheels goes a long way back. The first Ferris Wheel was introduced in American. It was made of wood and generally used to attract customers for amusement.

Now, every amusement park has got one at least. They do not serve as tourist attractions but a great form of joy to the people watching them. Hence, this wheel tends to get bigger and bigger with time to catch more attention.

Here is a list of the biggest Ferris Wheels in the US to have a look at:

1. The High Roller

High Roller is one of the Biggest Ferris Wheel in the US

High Roller is the biggest ferris wheel in the US with an astonishing height of 550 feet. This piece of mega entertaining wheel is owned by Caesar’s Entertainment Corporation and located at the Linq Hotel.

Yet, not substance to permit the size to attract riders, they made it numerous strides further with gondolas sufficiently huge to have yoga classes, corporate occasions and obviously since it is situated in Las Vegas, there is a “bar vehicle” that includes a party time with free drinks.

2. Texas Star

Texas Star

Texas Star is a famous Ferris Wheel in the US. It is situated in Dallas, Texas. Its height is 212 feet tall! The Texas Star was established in 1985. It looks very bright at night because of its 16,000 incandescent red, white, and blue turbo lights.

After 2008, the authorities made some changes and the system was replaced with LED. The LED construction makes it more energy efficient. This Ferris Wheel operates in the State Fair of Texas which is considered as the annual fall event.

3. Centennial Wheel

Centennial Wheel

One of the magnificent pieces of Chicago, The Centennial Wheel is the biggest Ferris Wheel in the US with a height of almost 200 feet or approximately 196 feet! It is not a new creation in Chicago and built in 1995.

The Centennial Wheel is named in honor of Lake Michigan landmark’s 100th anniversary. More than 17 million riders have accommodated in this wheel since 1995. Whenever you get a chance to go Chicago, don’t forget to visit the Centennial Wheel.

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4. Myrtle Beach SkyWheel

Myrtle Beach SkyWheel

Myrtle Beach SkyWheel is also another biggest Ferris Wheel in the US. It is situated in Myrtle beach, South Carolina. It is considered in the list of top biggest ferris wheels in the US as it is 187 feet tall!

Myrtle Beach SkyWheel offers an incredible view of the Grand Strand to its tourists. Moreover, the wheel has climate-controlled cabins and three revolutions. Myrtle Beach SkyWheel opened in May 2011.

5. Great Smoky Mountain Wheel

Great Smoky Mountain Wheel

Another well known ferris wheel is Great Smoky Mountain Wheel which is situated in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The wheel is 200 feet tall! It is in the top 5 list of the biggest Ferris Wheels in the US.

The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel looks very colorful at night because of its display of a spectacular 24,000 LED light show. Everyday, thousands of people visit there to witness the beauty at night.

6. Colossus


Starting at 1992, Colossus was lit by 2200 lights which showed a 24-design execution with a starburst finale. It’s appropriately named as it has 32 gondolas that hold up to 10 travelers each, so it might require a significant stretch of time to stack. However, trust me, it merits the stand by.

Complete ride time is an astounding 15 minutes and at 180 feet tall, it gives extraordinary perspectives that reach a long ways past the recreation center itself. During the months that the recreation center was shut, they showed a goliath clock face which was obvious to those passing on close by Interstate 44.

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7. Pacific Wheel

Pacific Wheel

Pacific Wheel is without a doubt the biggest Ferris Wheel in the US. Arranged right on the Santa Monica Pier, on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, it offers a one of a kind encounter from the second you load into one of its gondolas.

Transcending the Pier, its excellent perspective on Santa Monica and the Pacific Ocean blends in with the fresh sea air, as the sound of chuckling from kids messing around at the Park underneath makes an inebriating blend for your faculties.

Ostensibly best of all, Pacific Wheel holds the remarkable differentiation of being the world’s just sun oriented controlled Ferris wheel. Taking into account how hard it is these days to discover things to appreciate that aren’t dangerous to the climate, it feels great to take a ride in the sky with an unmistakable soul.

8. Wonder Wheel

Wonder Wheel

Coney Island is a spot each vacationer appears to have known about. If there were ever a reason to make the hour-long journey by metro to this New York City treasure it’s the Wonder Wheel. Inherent 1920, it is the most established on this rundown, yet do not let its mature age fool you.

Any Ferris Wheel worked by an organization called The Eccentric Ferris Wheel Company will be flighty, and Wonder Wheel doesn’t frustrate. Standing 150 feet tall it has 24 gondolas, of which 16 are “swinging”, while the excess 8 are fixed.

As the wheel turns, the “swinging” gondolas slide on a track toward the focal point of the wheel, before in the long run coasting back toward the periphery as the wheel proceeds with its pivot. It resembles a ride inside a ride, and it is marvelous.

9. Seattle Great Wheel

This is one of the biggest Ferris Wheel in the US situated on Pier 57 on Elliott Bay in Seattle, Washington. The monster wheel has general tallness of 175 feet and was the tallest Ferris wheel on the West Coast when it opened on June 29, 2012.

The wheel is catapulted so near the finish of the dock that it broadens 40 feet over the inlet. To hold the 170,000 lb wheel, the pilings that upheld the dock must be retrofitted, a cycle that took three years.

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10. Capital Wheel

Capital Wheel

The Capital Wheel in National Harbor, Maryland, has a general stature of 180 feet. Sitting on a 770-foot long wharf, the wheel stretches out into the Potomac River.

Four 50-torque variable drive units pivot the wheel at a speed of 1.5 turns every moment, with every traveler ride enduring between 12-15 minutes.

These are some of the biggest Ferris Wheel in the US that serve as must-visit places if you are around.

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