11 Fascinating Caves in Illinois You Can Explore [Update 2024]


Are you a fan of Batman movies or comics? Or do bats intrigue you? If either one of these things is true, then you are most likely fascinated with caves. Although caves are viewed as these terrifying, secluded dark places, they are so much more than that.

There are caves in Illinois that are part of historic landmarks, parks or natural reserves, which have been turned into tourist attractions. These caves offer a number of natural amenities, and are popular among people who love an adventure.

To satisfy your curiosity, here is a list of the most fascinating caves in Illinois.

1. Cave-in-Rock

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Cave-in-Rock is one of the most Fascinating Caves in Illinois You Can Explore

The main attraction in the Cave-in-Rock State Park is the cave inside a sandstone cliff. This cave has a fascinating past since the Native Americans lived there for almost one thousand years. Additionally, thugs, pirates, exiles and thieves exploited this cave for criminal acts throughout the 18th century.

2. Ox Lot Cave

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The Ox Lot Cave is an overhead refuge where settlers from Europe and Native Americans used to frequently keep their animals. The route to this cave is through a 2.3-mile scenic trail called the Rim Rock Recreational Trail.

Recreational facilities including picnic tables and pedestal barbecues are accessible here, which is why picnicking is one of its most popular features.

3. Indian Caves

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Indian Caves

Visit the Indian Caves in Illinois if you’re looking for a thrilling but challenging experience. These are a collection of little caverns on the Kankakee River in the town of Bourbonnais. The Indian Caves are best suited for seasoned urban explorers since one must navigate through their small canyons while avoiding slick rocks.

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4. St. Louis Canyon Cave

Louis Canyon’s granite boulders have a small cave cut out of them as a result of degradation over time. To see this cave, visitors must travel a mile-long route in Starved Rock State Park in Illinois. Moreover, guests can also access stunning waterfalls that are close to the St. Louis Canyon Cave. Alongside waterfalls, there are also canyons nearby.

5. Stemler Cave

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This is a cave that is situated in Stemler Cave Woods Nature Preserve, a natural preserve and park in Colombia, Illinois. This cave is perfect for those who are looking for a nice walk in a secluded, but intriguing area.

6. Devil’s Cave

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Red Oak Nature Center is famed for having scenic trails and a small-mouth cave along with many other natural features. The cave, Devil’s Cave, is a big tourist attraction in this park and also inhabits animal life inside it, including different species of bats. Besides caves, this rustic park, the Red Oak Nature Center, is home to trails and campsites, giving you a complete experience.

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7. Sand Cave

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Sand Cave

Sand Cave is a large-mouth cave in a secluded area that is perfect for camping or trekking. The cave is located in a designated historic landmark in Simpson, Illinois. Sand Cave is one of the most spacious caves in the state, so if you are looking for a cave with a massive entrance and space inside, then this is the cave for you to visit.

8. Rock Cave

Rock Cave is a unique cave situated inside Rock Cave Natural Preserve. It is a very popular natural preserve where people can go hiking and walking inside the cave. Ravine forests, streams and amazing rock formations are found around this cave in Altamont, Illinois.

9. Blackball Mine Cave

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Blackball Mine Cave in Illinois is part of the Pecumsaugan Creek Blackball Mines Nature Preserve and was once used for marble mining. Interestingly, 5 different species of bats currently use this cave as a site to hibernate, including the nearly extinct Indiana Bat.

Blackball Mine Cave also has quite a few restrictions that visitors must abide by, for the safety of these bats and the guests themselves.

10. Illinois Caverns

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Renowned for being the second-largest cave in Illinois, Illinois Caverns is situated inside a natural reserve in Waterloo. Touring this cavern takes a long time, which features tiring walks across ankle-deep streams. But the crystallites, rock formations, flow stones and soda streamers that cover these cave walls will leave you in complete awe. Also, don’t forget to pack additional clothing.

11. Fogelpole Cave

Fogelpole Cave is situated inside a natural preserve area known as the Fogelpole Cave Nature Preserve in Prairie Du Rocher town. This is one of Illinois’s biggest and most peaceful caves that supports a wide range of bat species. The nearly extinct and highly popular Indiana Bat also lives inside this cave.

Choose the cave you want to visit in Illinois from this list based on what preferences you have. If you like caves with stunning waterfalls nearby, then St. Louis Canyon Cave is the obvious choice. However, if you want to visit a spacious cave with a large entrance, then Sand Cave is the best option for you.

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