Top 10 Dental Assistant Schools in Arizona [Update 2024]


Do you know that 58% of people in the US visit the dentist at least once per year? Dental assisting school is a healthcare center dedicated to accompanying dentists and nurse practitioners in providing dental care to patients.

These schools train students to be professional dentists or nurses. For many students, dental assisting could be a particularly rewarding career choice. It is a very noble and respective profession.

Dental assistant schools in Arizona are very professional, and have a remarkable reputation. This Institution has a special program in their school to train the students to be dentists or professional nurses or caregivers.

There is a list of the top dental assistant schools in Arizona:

1. Arizona School of Dental Assisting

Arizona School of Dental Assisting is one ofthe top dental assistant schools in Arizona

Since 2001, the Arizona School of Dental Assisting (ASDA) has been a post-secondary institution. This school has trained dental assistants for over 20 years. Arizona School of Dental Assisting ranked #25 on the list of the Best Health Care Support Jobs. It’s a professional path that’s full of potential and progress. They uphold good expectations and establish strict standards.

Students who graduate from the Arizona School of Dental Assisting are preparing for entry-level jobs as dental implant assistants in dental clinics. Students are taught by implementing their procedural skills, dentistry front office administration, infection control, and patient education into practice.

In the dentistry industry, well-trained professionals have a wide range of options. Their goal is to teach implanting dental assistants to fill the numerous openings in and around Scottsdale.

2. A-Z School of Dental Assisting

This Dental assistant school is Licensed By the Arizona Board of Private Post Secondary Education. Dr. Eldon Hastings, the school’s owner and director, designed this one-of-a-kind program to optimize learning and focus solely on the knowledge and abilities required to work in the dentistry industry. If you want to learn more about a career as a dental assistant, then Phoenix Dental Assistant School is perfect for you.

Dental Assistant training is about ensuring a promising future, not just a degree to be displayed on the wall. As an undergraduate or postgraduate, you will have access to a specialized team of academic advising aid experts that will assist you in finding work in the dental office and environment that best matches your requirements.

Students receive hands-on training in a genuine dental clinic with real patients, supervised by Arizona State licensed dentists. There are no plastic dental dummies at this school.

3. Altrain Dental Assisting Academy

Altrain Dental Assisting Academy

All throughout the United States, dental assistants are in high demand. Highly qualified technicians are necessary to collect x-rays, imprints, construct temporary crowns, help at the chair side, and perform other valuable and important duties.

However, you do not need to complete a lengthy degree to enter this profitable and in-demand job sector. The small courses allow for one-on-one training from highly qualified instructors. The curriculum will prepare you for a future as a Dental Assistant by providing you with the necessary clinical, technical, and administrative training.

As a Dental Assistant, you’ll have access to competitive starting pay, flexible working hours, and a satisfying and professional work environment, all while working in a sector where your talents will always be in necessity.

4. Dental Assisting School of Arizona

The team of Dental Assisting School of Arizona aims to prepare students for entry-level jobs as dental implant assistants under the supervision of their main instructor and director, Dr Michael Dickerson, DMD.

At this position, the teamwork is hard to ensure that these potential future dental assistants receive all they need to be successful while seeking professional employment and pursuing their education.

The school offers a 13-week program that will help you qualify for a job as a dental assistant. Applicants must be at least 17 years old and present a driver’s license as well as a high school transcript, GED, or recognized equivalent to participate in their curriculum.

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5. Tucson Dental Assistant School

Tucson Dental Assistant School was established to provide students with the knowledge, education, and qualifications they need to enter the dentistry sector without the pressure of student debt or years of study. The institution offers affordable tuition and flexible payment plans to help students graduate debt-free from our Tucson Dental Assistant School.

The digital and combination courses (in-person labs one day a week, conscious virtual lectures the rest of the week) are created to teach students about careers as dental assistants. Tucson Dental Assistant University offers a comprehensive curriculum taught by dedicated and professional teachers that are keen to assist you achieve in the profession to provide you with all the capabilities you’ll need.

6. Desert Dental Assisting Academy

The aim of Desert Dental Assisting Academy is to teach basic dental assisting principles while encouraging each student to achieve their maximum capabilities. Every participant will have a solid foundation in dentistry to help them succeed for the rest of their lives.

The school understands that dental professionals are the foundation of any effective dental practice, and we consider that by offering a hands-on classroom atmosphere, each learner will evolve into a remarkable and professional dental assistant with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the profession.


  • ​13-week hands – on curriculum
  • CPR Certification included in tuition
  • Small class sizes
  • A Learning environment that is both encouraging and joyful
  • Class is only 3 days a week, 4 hours a day.

Fillings, crowns, root canals, sealants, oral surgery, and orthodontics will all be covered, as well as tool identification and hands-on instruction in four-handed dental assistance. A career as a Dental Assistant will allow you to play an important part in a professional setting, avoid monotony, and experience fascinating changes on a daily basis.

7. Arizona Sunset School of Dental Assisting

Drs. Jose Osete and Hiram Cervantes have been practicing general dentistry for over 20 years and have worked with assistants. It is one of the finest dental assistant schools in Arizona.

The Dental Assisting Curriculum is a fifteen-week dental assisting training with 90 hours of lectures and experiments. An extra 65-hour internship with a practicing dentist is required. All students in the Arizona Sunset School of Dental Assisting Course must complete a 15-week curriculum.

Students learn about teeth, gums, jaws, and other regions that dentists work on, as well as the equipment that dentists use, in their program, which involves both classroom and laboratory work.

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8. Phoenix Dental Assistant School

Phoenix Dental Assistant School provides students with the skills, training, and prerequisites they need to enter the local workforce without the burden of student debt or years of study.

Thousands of people have used their dental assistant course to begin a new profession in the dentistry sector for a fraction of the cost of other institutions. The school assists students in graduating from Phoenix Dental Assistant School debt-free by providing reasonable tuition and flexible payment plans.

9. Unity Dental Assisting Program

Unity Dental Assisting School is revolutionizing the traditional education model with years of combined industry expertise. This institution provides students with additional hands-on training, educates them to a range of current dental technology, and prepares them to work as a trained and experienced dental assistant.

The school also provides extra services such as:

  • Flexible Class Schedules
  • Current Cost & Payment Options are extended
  • Financial Aid Option
  • Low Tuition (so everyone can afford it)

10. Chair side Dental Academy

The Dental Academy was founded in 1994. Dr Edward R. Fritz founded it to fulfill a crucial need in Arizona’s dental health care education system. Chair side Dental Academy’s purpose is to educate highly trained dental assistants for use by dental health care providers in Arizona and other states. The chair side dentist provides Saturday sessions so that students may keep working while they learn.

The students should choose the Chair side Dental Academy because:

  • The programs of the school are most cost-effective.
  • Time-efficient
  • Hands-on Learning process
  • Class Size Is minimal

Hands-on training and teaching are provided onsite, online, and in mixed modalities to meet the requirements of students, employers, and communities. Many students want to be dental hygienists and enroll in their courses to meet the prerequisites for entrance to dental hygiene school.

The advanced program is faster and less expensive. The Chair side Dental Academy will be best for you if you’re ready to start a new and exciting career as a dental assistant.

To conclude, dental assisting is one of the most quickly evolving healthcare professions. Indeed, dental assistance is likely to be one of the fastest expanding jobs in the US between 2010 and 2020, with a projected 31 percent growth in job possibilities. The dental assistant schools of Arizona have many duties and are responsible towards their citizens. Furthermore, both full-time and part-time career opportunities for Dental Assistants are expected to be outstanding.

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