Top 15 Coldest Cities in the US [Update 2024]


The typical image of winter comprises snow-covered streets, chimney fumes drifting from houses, and family gathering together to enjoy the anticipated winter holidays with Christmas.

However, in a vast nation like the United States, where the weather varies greatly across areas, it may be difficult to get hold of weather trends around December – February, especially since many people expect a wonderful winter!

Today, I am presenting you with a detailed list of the coldest cities in the US. 

1. Fairbanks, AK

Fairbanks, Alaska is one of the most Coldest Cities in the US.

It should be unsurprising that Alaska, America’s northern province, is one of the coldest cities in the US. In January, the typical low temperature in Fairbanks was a bone-chilling -16 °F, with an overall average of 3 °F. The mean temperature in January was just -7 °F, thanks to some bitterly cold days and nights.

If you’re into statistics, you might be interested to know that the lowest temperature ever recorded is -66 °F.

2. Williston, ND

Williston, North Dakota

In the USDA Plants Hardiness Region, the city has a medium environment with extreme cold from September to May.

Like its predecessors in one of the oldest cities in the US, Williston has a tough winter season, with the second-lowest temperature of -50 °F, the second-coldest city in the US.

3. Aberdeen, SD

The city, situated in Brown County, is classified as a USDA Plants Hardiness Zone 4, indicating that it experiences harsh weather among the 3rd coldest cities in the US. Due to its location, the city faces lengthy periods of frigid weather, with the minimum average temperature dipping to -16 °C in the winter.

The lowest recorded temperature is -46 °F and the annual average snowfall is 38.4°. The lack of mountains and forests allows the chilly winds from Canada to travel since they are not blocked.

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4. Bismarck, ND

Bismarck, North Dakota

Bismarck, situated in Burleigh County, lies in North Dakota, the coolest county in the mainland US during the winters and fall. North Dakota has particularly severe winters because of its position at the far northern end of the Midwest. Further, temperatures as low as -44 °F have been recorded.

5. Grand Forks, ND

Grand Forks is the 5th coldest city in the US, situated on the west bank of the Red River. Despite the chilly weather, this city boasts a population of 55,950 people and a well-established economy.

The town boasts one of the third-lowest temperatures of -43 °F, making it the coolest in North Dakota or the fifth-coldest city in the US.

6. Huron, SD

There are no mountains or forests to hinder the chilly winds coming down from Canada; the winters are harsher, making it the 6th coldest city in the US. In the winter, the lowest recorded temperature was -43°F.

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7. Rochester, MN

Rochester, Minnesota, is located to the prestigious Mayo Clinic and a large IBM Global Business Computers Corporation site. It is the coldest city in the US. Rochester is the second rainiest US with a mean snowfall of 44.8 inches and a historic low temperature of -40° F with its somewhat higher altitude.

8. Fargo, ND

Fargo, situated in the state that is house to four of America’s coolest cities, is subjected to the same harsh winters as its counterparts due to its geographic location. This town is the 8th coldest city in the US, with temperatures as low as -39° F.

9. Duluth, MN

On the north side of Lake Geneva, Duluth is the beginning for car tours of the lake’s north shore, continuing to Ontario, Canada. This city has long winters from November to late March, resulting in persistent snow cover with moist weather.

Due to Lake Superior’s cooling influence, even in the summers, the city has also been dubbed the “air-conditioned city.” The minimum temperature ever recorded in this town is -39° F.

10. La Crosse, WI

La Crosse is a large city with approximately 200,00 people and is a technological, medical, entertainment, and manufacturing center. Annual Average: -37° F; The Lowest Reported Temperature: -37° F and 42.4 inches of snowfall. The location is bike-friendly, with tough routes and paddling excursions. It is the tenth coldest city in the US.

11. Sault Ste. Marie, MI

One of the coldest in the US, this city is also the coldest in the Midwest. There are around 177.2 days every year when the low temperature at night goes below freeze, with January – December being the most difficult months due to the harsh weather.

With a populace of 14,048 people and an average yearly snowfall of 118.3 inches, Salut Ste is unquestionably one of the coldest cities in the US, with a low temperature of -36° F.

12. Sheridan, WY

The city of Sheridan is situated between Central Park and the world-famous Mount Rushmore. The city does have a semi-arid environment with frigid winters and an average yearly snowfall of 73.1 inches, with the lowest recorded temp of -35° F.

13. Anchorage, AK

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This city has its own beauty, including the Chugach County Park, a combined military base, and the Teddy Stevens Juneau International Airport, a well-known refueling facility for international freight planes. This coldest city in the US has a temperature record of -34° F. Also, the average for the entire year is 73.7 inches of snowfall.

14. Marquette, MI

This city will be in the USDA Plants Temperate Zone and is located on the coast of Lake Superior. Long, frigid winters (the city’s coldest value recorded is -34° F and a quantity of snow each year make a living a bit tough, as indicated by the population of just 21,697 people.

15. Waterloo, IA

Waterloo, Iowa, is one of the Coldest Cities in the US. It is situated in the Black Hawk State. Waterloo, which has a community of 68432, has its lowest nighttime temperatures in January, colder than other towns in Iowa.

Not only that, but the average annual snowpack is 33.3 inches with -11° F on average, with the yearly precipitation spanning 112 days.

To withstand the winter shocks with as much vigor as possible, each of these communities has developed its unique set of practices because who knows what might be waiting for you tomorrow.

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