7 Awesome Dairy Farms in Delaware [Update 2024]


Delaware is well known for the finest homemade ice cream and people love their consistent superior quality. And you wonder why?

The credit goes to Delaware’s dairy farms from where the best quality of milk is collected from the cows. If you are fascinated by the excellent consistency of the dairy farms, you should definitely visit and see for yourself how they maintain such excellence.

So here is a list of the awesome dairy farms in Delaware.

1. Hy-Point Dairy Farms

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Hy-Point Dairy Farms is one of the most Awesome Dairy Farms in Delaware

For 120 years, Hy-Point Dairy Farms has been producing milk, bottling and distributing it throughout the state. The produced milk is also distributed in the local farms, restaurants and stores. At the moment, over 200 family farms are operated under this dairy farm. Above all, this farm has integrated itself into Delaware’s most cherished customs.

2. Lewes Dairy Inc

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Since 1920, Lewes Dairy Inc has been consistent with their top quality dairy production. Encompassing a couple of hundred acres, the farm updated the operating system, and currently they produce and distribute tons of milk annually.

To enrich the quality of the milk, the unprocessed milk is purified and cooled before supply. Considering everything, this dairy farm has become popular among local customers.

3. Vanderwende Farm Creamery

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Vanderwende Farm Creamery

To make the most delicious dairy products, Vanderwende Farm Creamery produces fresh and quality milk. Established in 1954, this farm is located in Bridgeville, Delaware.

Because of the consistency and quality of the milk, the farm thrives. Presently, there are over 300 cows in the farm. Moreover, the ice cream produced by the Creamery is loved by the locals as well.

You might also enjoy visiting the popular farmers markets in Delaware.

4. Hopkins Farm Creamery

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Hopkins Farm Creamery

Hopkins Farm Creamery open-heartedly invites visitors to come and explore the farm. They promise to show the authentic dairy farming environment to make sure that their great quality milk is trusted. The dairy products produced by the milk from this farm taste delicious and are loved by the consumers.

5. UD Dairy farm

Right in Newark, UD Dairy farm is a huge dairy farm encompassing over 350 acres of land. The herd of cows on the farm are well maintained and are not fed artificial boosters. The farm also has a creamery, UDairy Creamery, to produce the tastiest and freshest ice cream in the town.

6. Woodside Farm Creamery

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Family-oriented and operated, Woodside Farm Creamery at Hockessin is one of the classic dairy farms. Since 1998, they have been operating a top-notch milk production system. The ice cream produced by the mill from the farm is available in funky flavors and the customers savor it wholeheartedly.

7. Somerset Farms

Somerset Farm is a local family business that sells over 30 flavors of Woodside Farm Creamery Ice cream. It is one of the best dairy farms in Delaware right now.

The legacy of the dairy farms has contributed to the production of premium quality dairy products over the years. Visiting the dairy farms in Delaware will allow you to see it for yourself how this mega industry works.

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